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Third Quarter 2006
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“i just wanted to tell u thanks”
The following is a recent Instant Message (IM) conversation
that took place at Option Line:
Answers at OL1 (10:46:38 PM): hi, how can i help
The message is simply amazing. The spelling and grammar,
typical of IM communication among the younger generation,
would hardly pass the spellcheck on our word processors. Yet,
the heart of the matter is communicated so very clearly: A
witness to a life saved is thanking those that helped make that
well i just wanted to tell u thanks
cuz i took my friend to one of ur clinics today
and they talked her out of an abortion
Answers at OL1 (10:47:43 PM): well good, i’m
glad they could help!
ya me 2
they actually helped lead her to Christ too
Answers at OL1 (10:48:46 PM): that’s
i kno
i was praying so hard for it and ur center
Instant Message is just the latest technological tool Option
Line® is using to reach potential clients. Originally envisioned
as a national hotline (800-395-HELP), online opportunities
now make e-mail and instant messaging increasingly popular
ways to initiate conversations with individuals who are looking
for a center near them.
Option Line, a joint venture of Heartbeat International and
Care Net, has been reaching out through keyword advertising,
along with local media broadcast and print partnerships. As a
result, Option Line has nearly 20,000 contacts each month.
Each consultant, ranging from college age to…well, older than
college age, extends the good work of pregnancy centers to
those with whom they are privileged to interact.
In time, we’re sure to hear many stories like the one above,
because we know lives are being touched and changed through
the work of Option Line and local centers.
A Time of Transition
Heartbeat History Part III
By Peggy Hartshorn, President
In 1992, twenty-one years after our founding, several factors
led to major changes for Alternatives to Abortion International
(AAI), now Heartbeat International. First, some of our
founding leaders who had served for two decades as
volunteers began to resign. Two shocks also came from
Washington: the Supreme Court’s “Casey Decision,” which reaffirmed Roe v. Wade, and the election of a strongly proabortion president, Bill Clinton.
Pro-life people were discouraged, but determined to try to
reduce abortion and help women wherever they were still able
to do so. The AAI Board had a scheduled meeting two days
after the November 1992 election. There they voted to re-
organize and move from a volunteer model to a “professional”
model at the top levels, and to become even more effective in
starting and strengthening pregnancy centers. I was Chairman
of the Board and, in
1993, took the
position of AAI’s
first paid, professional Executive Leadership .................................2
Director/ President. Affiliate Focus ...........................4
Inside Pulse
We soon changed
our name to Heart(continued on page 5)
Summer Scrapbook ...................6
News from Affiliates .................7
Resources and Training Dates...8
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Heartbeat Encourages
Registration & Participation
in November 7 Elections
Heartbeat Institute:
By Jor-El Godsey, Vice President of Affiliate Services
“Knowledge has to be
improved, challenged,
and increased constantly,
or it vanishes.”
Peter Drucker
The good-hearted people who work and volunteer in
life-affirming pregnancy centers display an unwavering commitment to the sanctity of human life. By
counseling and assisting families facing unexpected
pregnancies, you make a difference for life in the
most effective way possible.
Another way to assist the pro-life movement in
America is to vote your values. We are blessed to live
in a country that allows each and every one of us to
play an integral role in the political process. The
freedom to vote is a treasured privilege of American
life and an act of responsible citizenship. Sadly,
millions of eligible Americans are not even registered
to vote, and millions more who are registered fail to
express their values through the elections process.
On November 7, voters across the country will elect
U.S. Senators, members of Congress, governors, and
various other state and local officials. The outcome of
these elections will have a dramatic impact on the
issues we care about, including abortion policies. The
stakes are high and Heartbeat International strongly
encourages your participation in the upcoming
How can your center be
involved? You can start
by making sure your
staff and volunteers
are registered to vote.
You can also reach
out to supporters in
your community and
encourage their registration and participation.
provides a variety of election resources, including
online voter registration, state-by-state registration
deadlines, and legal guidelines for non-profit voter
registration efforts, at www.heartbeatinternational.
We can build upon our service for life by registering,
educating ourselves on the issues and candidates, and
voting our values on November 7.
For additional information on Heartbeat
International’s Voter Registration Drive, contact
Nathan Burd at [email protected]
Investing in Leading
This Fall Heartbeat
International is partnering with the professional leadership trainers and executive
coaches from Built to Lead. They will explore the 12 Essentials of
Excellence and examine the key elements of excellent leadership
including: self-evaluation, inspiration, courage, discipline,
optimism, wisdom, communication skills, and so much more!
Developing Professionals
Increasing skills, capability, and knowledge is only a portion of true
professional development. This intense week-long learning
environment will delve deeply to produce a lasting, powerful
impact for your future leadership adventure and the team you lead.
Positive change is a condition good leaders strive for constantly.
This training can help uncover detrimental “blind spots,” which
inhibit the ability to lead with excellence. The Heartbeat Institute:
Leadership will provide a tremendous opportunity for good leaders
to experience positive change for themselves and their ministries.
A Value for Ministry
The 2006 Heartbeat Institute will be held November 6-10, at the
executive training Conference Center at NorthPointe of
Columbus-based Nationwide Insurance. A $3,000 value, the cost is
as low as $875* and includes 4–nights lodging, meals, executive
coaching and the full Institute experience!
“Now for this very reason also, applying all diligence, in your faith
supply moral excellence, and in your moral excellence, knowledge.”
(2 Peter 1:5)
Who should attend? Key leaders in a pregnancy support
environment—executive directors, heads of departments, board
members, and others with significant leadership responsibility.
More details are available on our website at www.heartbeat
*Early registration and double-occupancy rate. (Room sharing can be
coordinated by Heartbeat International.) Single occupancy rates are available.
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Introducing—Chris Holmberg, RN
Heartbeat welcomes Chris Holmberg, RN, who has recently joined Heartbeat’s Affiliate Services department to help our pregnancy centers through the process of adding medical services and to assist Heartbeat
affiliates in Focus on the Family’s Option Ultrasound™ Program.
Chris, an alumna of Thomas Jefferson School of Nursing in Philadelphia, comes to Heartbeat with a wealth
of experience. In 1976, she joined the Lamaze Childbirth Association in Columbus, Ohio, where she developed and implemented prenatal and parenting classes for pregnant and parenting teens. In conjunction with
the Ohio State University Nisonger Center, she developed and piloted Childbirth Education for the
Mentally Retarded/Developmentally Disabled client.
For the past 13 years, Chris has worked for Pregnancy Decisions Health Centers in Columbus, where she
initially served as the director of a comprehensive prenatal, parenting and life-skills program. Presently,
Chris continues to manage client care for PDHC while working part-time for Heartbeat International.
Chris Holmberg, RN, is
Heartbeat’s new Medical
Clinic Specialist.
Choose Life License Plates Coming to Your State
Choose Life license plates are now available in
Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii,
Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi,
Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.
The plates have also been approved and will soon
be available to the public in Georgia, Indiana, and
Learn how you can help make Choose Life license plates
available in your state at www.choose-life.org/newsletter.html.
Choose Life, Inc., is currently assisting efforts to make the
plates available in 30 states across the country. Learn who is
working on the plate in your state at www.chooselife.org/states.htm.
New Affiliates. . .
If there is not a Choose Life committee in your
state, but you would like to help create one,
Choose Life, Inc., will assist you in any way possible. This grassroots volunteer effort is having
tremendous success across the country. Nationally,
the Choose Life plates have raised over $6 million
to support adoption efforts at life-affirming agencies, such as
pregnancy care centers, maternity homes, and non-profit adoption agencies.
For more information, e-mail Russ and Jill Amerling at
[email protected]; call them toll-free at 877-454-1203, or
write to them at P.O. Box 830152, Ocala, FL, 34483.
joining the Heartbeat family in the 2nd quarter of 2006.
Options Pregnancy Center • Florence, AZ
International Affiliates
Fallbrook Women’s Resource Center • Fallbrook, CA
St. Patrick’s Counselling Centre • Singida, TANZANIA
Family Life Services • Colorado Springs, CO
Fordjour’s Counseling Center • Mamprobi-Accra, GHANA
Carolyn’s Place • Waterbury, CT
Uxbridge Pregnancy Centre • Uxbridge, ON, CANADA
Adoption House • Wilmington, DE
Christian Adoption Services • Calgary, AB, CANADA
A Safe Harbor Women’s Resource Center • Orlando, FL
Community Advocacy Society of Greater Vancouver • Burnaby,
Life Choices Pregnancy Resource Center • Jackson, GA
Catholic Charities • Des Moines, IA
The Answer for Pregnancy Aid • Hobart, IN
The New Life Center • Bardstown, KY
Rolla Pregnancy Resource Center • Rolla, MO
High Level Woman’s Support Centre • High Level, AB, CANADA
Highlands Community Pregnancy Care Centre • Haliburton, ON,
Nelson Crisis Pregnancy Centre • Nelson, BC, CANADA
Sarah’s Daughters Enrichment & PRC • Lumberton, NC
Outreach for Life Association of Edmonton • Edmonton, AB,
New Beginnings Centers of Hope • Valley Stream, NY
Post-Abortion Community Services • Burnaby, BC, CANADA
Front Royal Pregnancy Center • Front Royal, VA
Real Choices Crisis Pregnancy Centre • Saskatoon, SK, CANADA
Stratford House of Blessing • Stratford, ON, CANADA
Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre • Kelowna, BC,
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Focus on an Affiliate
Creating Community Impact
By Pat Lassen
Cindi Boston, executive director of Pregnancy
Care Center (PCC) in Aurora and Springfield,
Missouri, is a tremendously capable pro-life
leader filled with contagious enthusiasm.
Cindi originally came on board at PCC in
2000 to assist with the start-up of PCC’s
Springfield center. Under her leadership, both
of PCC’s center locations have enjoyed
notable growth and achievement. Cindi
credits the Board, staff, and volunteers who
have worked for PCC with its successful
ministry outreach.
of attending Lamaze classes with couples.
Nurses from St. John’s now volunteer at PCC
to lead Lamaze classes specially tailored for
single women in a less daunting environment.
Cindi Boston with
Until recently, there were 1,100 abortions
annually in the area that PCC serves. That
number dropped to 700 when the only
Govenernor Matt
abortion provider in the Ozarks closed its
doors. The abortion clinic was unable to find
a doctor with local hospital privileges to perform abortions
there. PCC’s influence in the community, along with 22years-worth of prayers coming from one special woman, is
likely to have played a critical role in these events. Since the
abortion facility’s closing, PCC has experienced a 70 percent
increase in calls from women in need.
In addition to the efforts of the PCC staff, collaboration with
nearly three dozen community, education and foundation
groups have also benefited PCC, as has collaboration with the
Missouri Alliance for Life coalition. Combined efforts with
the coalition secured
the passage of House
Bill 1485, which will
grant up to 2 million
dollars in tax credits to
businesses donating to
Missouri pregnancy
resource centers in
2007. Governor Matt
Blunt made passage of
the bill a priority and
signed it into law at The Board of Directors of PCC with the Loftis family in front of
five centers, including the former abortion clinic facility that was recently donated to
PCC has also enjoyed many advantages from its five-year
partnership with St. John’s Hospital. Cindi says relationships,
such as the one formed with Suzanne Miller, vice president of
St. John’s Women’s Services, have been key. In addition to
assisting PCC by fundraising and grant writing, Cindi notes
that Suzanne has also been a valuable personal mentor.
Collaboration with medical staff from St. John’s Hospital has
also proven directly beneficial to the women who seek help at
PCC. For example, nurses volunteering at the centers
reported to Cindi that moms from the centers often came to
the delivery room unprepared. After being alerted to the
problem, Cindi and Suzanne investigated the situation and
found that many single moms were intimidated at the thought
In a strange turn of events, the owners of the
building that formerly housed the abortion facility
decided to donate their building to PCC. After
Dianna Loftis, the former building owner, toured
PCC, she exclaimed: “It was just incredible! I
can’t believe what they are doing for our
community!” The fact that PCC is entirely funded
by donations from the local community convinced
Dianna to gift the building to PCC.
Often the work of pregnancy centers is seen as
touching “one life at a time.” While centers work
to serve the individual client well, there is great
value in forging relationships with the local
community. These relationships leverage the positive
outreach of centers and enable them to impact many, many
lives. Heartbeat applauds PCC’s creative leadership and
courageous efforts to do all they can to promote the value of
Keep Those Coalitions Coming!
Coalition-type organizations of which Heartbeat is
aware are listed on our website at www.heartbeat
international.org/coalitions. If you know of others,
please contact Betty McDowell at [email protected]
Page 5
Time of Transition (continued from page 1)
beat International (Heartbeat was the title of AAI’s magazine). While
we hated to give up the well known “Alternatives to Abortion,” we
were convinced that having “abortion” in our name immediately
polarized people.
A more momentous change was that we began to describe ourselves as
an interdenominational Christian association, with Biblically based
programs. Early on, AAI made a strategic decision to avoid referring to
abortion or our work in “religious” terms. The founders believed AAI
would be more effective and garner more support if they described
abortion as a “civil rights” issue and their work as “humanitarian.”
New Staff…
Heartbeat welcomes Mike Howell and Connie
Jones, who recently joined our staff. Mike is our
new bookkeeper and Connie is our new office
assistant in charge of orders and shipping.
Since our founding the cultural landscape had radically changed. It
could no longer be presumed that we had a Christian culture and that
American non-profits were functioning from a Judeo-Christian
perspective. Our programs, especially post-abortion programs, had a
Christian basis, and our leaders were primarily Catholics and
Evangelical Protestants. Our identity, in a world marked by increasing
confusion, needed to be clear. We also believed the Lord was going to
use Heartbeat to bring about greater unity among Christians.
Our mission remained basically the same—to start and strengthen
abortion alternative organizations worldwide, encouraging
entrepreneurial and independent affiliates that subscribed to our prolife principles.
Peggy Hartshorn, first professional executive director of
Heartbeat International, multitasking in her tiny office space.
In 1993, we set up a new Heartbeat office
in Columbus, Ohio, using donated space
(a walk-in closet!) in the office of our
affiliate (now Pregnancy Decision Health
Centers), and we purchased a file cabinet
and computer. The previous office and its
equipment in White Plains, N.Y., was
destroyed in a fire. We eventually moved
to our own office space as God provided
more financial and human resources.
Our programs grew as well. About 100 of
the original 250 AAI affiliated centers
became Heartbeat affiliates and new centers began to join. The first
Conference planned under our new leadership was held in Columbus,
Ohio, in 1993, and our first new manual, published in 1994, was The
LOVE Approach. Today Heartbeat has nearly 1,000 affiliates and many
different manuals. We hold yearly national conferences, many
specialized trainings, and we are continually developing new programs,
such as the Sexual Integrity Program.
The seeds planted during those transition years have borne much fruit
(to be discussed in the next and final article in this series) and, for that,
we give thanks and glory to the Lord!
Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of articles on Heartbeat’s history to
commemorate our 35th Anniversary. The first focused on our founders, whose
“call” into our movement was influenced by their experiences during WWII and
the Nazis’ total disrespect for human life. The second article focused on our
contribution to the early history of counseling for women, especially crisis
intervention, hotlines, and the recognition of “post-abortion syndrome.”
Heartbeat Responds to Yet
Another Attack on Pregnancy
Resource Centers
In recent months, pro-abortion forces have launched a
string of misleading attacks aimed at discrediting
pregnancy resource centers that provide free and
confidential services. It appears this is intended to
protect the abortion industry’s profits by eliminating
the “competition” of pregnancy centers.
The most recent attack comes in the form of a
“report” (see: www.democrats.reform.house. gov)
issued by pro-abortion Congressman Henry Waxman
(CA), accusing pregnancy centers of providing false
information on the risks and complications associated
with abortion.
If you are contacted by the media, please use the
information on our website under Public Policy
Report at http://www.heartbeatinternational.
org/public_policy_report.htm to formulate talking
For a more thorough training on how to present the
facts, please consult Heartbeat International’s newly
revised Talking About Abortion (4th edition) 2006
manual. For an order form, go to: http://www.heart
beatinternational.org/pdf/Resource_Order_ Form6-12-06.pdf (PDF format) to print out and fax your
order to 614-885-8746, or as always, you can call us
at 1-888-550-7577 to order.
Page 6
Heartbeat Summer Scrapbook
“ConCert” is an advanced-level Consultant
Certificate Training Program. ConCert is for all
pregnancy options consultants who want to gain
confidence and take their current skills and
knowledge to a higher level. Anyone who works
with clients in a life-affirming center, such as
volunteer counselors, program directors, or
other paid staff members, will benefit from this
course. ConCert is a 16-week distance-learning
program that allows students to communicate
with their instructor via e-mail and/or phone
from the home or office.
A Recent Student Said:“I started
this course without any specific
expectations, but was pleasantly
surprised to find out that it was very
hands-on and practical in text and
If you couldn’t attend Heartbeat’s in-depth trainings this summer, don’t
despair. Check out our upcoming Institute on Leadership this November
(see page 2 for details) and mark your calendar.
New Director Oasis
Pregnancy Center directors
learning critical information at
Heartbeat’s New Director
Oasis in Columbus, Ohio.
Medical Clinic Symposium
- Pamela Bucao, Springdale, AR
When Can I Take the ConCert Course?
ConCert Class 2007
January 14, 2007 – May 5, 2007
November 1, 2006 – January 1, 2007
Early Bird Special
Student registration is $285.00 before
December 10, 2006
After December 10th
Student registration increases to $350.00
For more information, please visit our website at
www.heartbeatinternational.org. To register
for ConCert, call the Heartbeat office (888-5507577).
Heartbeat International’s LOVE Approach training is a
pre-requisite to the ConCert Program. If you have
completed this training and have moderate experience
consulting with clients, you are qualified to take the
ConCert course.
From left to right: Chris Holmberg, RN, Heartbeat International; Jannie
Wicke, RN, Heartbeats of Licking County, Newark, Ohio; Sandy
Christiansen, MD, Care Net; Paula Cullen, Executive Director, and Debbie
Simpson, RN, both of Life Services of Spokane, Washington.
Executive Roundtable
Mike Molsen, former
Executive Director of
Caris in Chicago, shares
insightful tips on leading a
large staff through difficult
times, at the Executive
Round Table training in
Phoenix, Arizona. Mike is
now the head of the Option
Ultrasound™ Program for
Focus on the Family.
Pulse Published quarterly by Heartbeat International, 665 E. Dublin-Granville Road, Suite 440. Editors, Peggy Wolock, Esq., Suzanne McGuire;
Contributors, Russell and Jill Amerling, Nathan Burd, Jor-El Godsey, Peggy Hartshorn, Pat Lassen, Betty McDowell, Suzanne McGuire, Debra Neybert,
Andrea Noll, Debbie Schirtzinger, and Peggy Wolock. © 2006 Heartbeat International. All Rights Reserved.
News from Affiliates
Page 7
Although we generally mention Directors’ names in the News From Affiliates section, Heartbeat would like to recognize all affiliate
staff, Board members, and volunteers for their hard work and dedication, which, although unmentioned, is seen by God and all who
benefit from your tireless labor.
LifeWalk Becomes a Prayer Walk Around Town
Partnership Turns Into Merger
Crisis Pregnancy Center of Grant County, Marion, IN. Indya
Morton, Interim Director. Walkers gathered at CPC and blazed a
new prayer trail around downtown Marion. Walkers, led by local
ministers, stopped and prayed at five designated Prayer Points. A
Christian Ministries student from IWU led the opening prayer. The
Prayer Points included a church, a school, a street intersection (to
represent their neighborhoods), and the Court House. The walk
concluded at the center where they prayed God would keep them
focused on serving Him, that they would be above reproach, and
that He would give them the strength to continue their ministry.
Corvallis Pregnancy Care Center, Corvallis, OR. Karen Tameling,
Executive Director and New Hope Pregnancy Center, Albany, OR.
Shelly Herndon, Executive Director. These two centers met and
began to explore the implications of a possible merger. They
discovered that they share a common mission, are like-minded in
how to serve and care for clients, and have compatible governance
models and organizational cultures. They believe that each center
has unique gifts and that combining resources will create a new
organization greater than the sum of its parts. After much research,
discussion and prayer, the boards of directors of CPCC and NHPC
have voted to merge their organizations and become Options
Pregnancy Resource Centers. Both the Corvallis and Albany centers
will retain their local flavor and character, but will be managed by a
combined leadership team.
Same Address – New Message
Pregnancy Clinic, Bowie Crofton, MD. Pamela Palumbo,
Executive Director. For the past several months, teenage girls and
young women, escorted by boyfriends, mothers, fathers, and
friends, have come to the address of a former abortion clinic called
Gynecare in Severna Park. The location is now the new satellite of
Pregnancy Clinic. The staff uses the few minutes they have with
visitors to tell them Gynecare has moved, and they immediately
offer a free 3-D/4-D sonogram. Consultants also provide a brochure
on questions to ask an abortionist before making a decision that will
change these women’s lives forever. The staff at Severna Park
Pregnancy Clinic know there are no coincidences with God. Each
“chance encounter” is really a divine appointment.
Clinic Recognized for Positive Impact on Region
FirstChoice Clinic, Fargo, ND. Pauline Economon, Executive
Director. Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF) presented awards to
three non-profit grant partners to recognize their outstanding
performance in reaching and exceeding goals that have positively
impacted the health of people in their region. FirstChoice Clinic’s
award recognized the commitment and enthusiasm of their board
and staff in ensuring the clinic’s organizational effectiveness and
Yellow Book Nets Additional Clients
Life Choices, Memphis, TN. Sue Parker, CEO. Their story begins
with an error made by the publishers of Yellow Book. The center’s
ad, designated to be listed under “Abortion Alternatives,” was also
printed under “Abortion Providers.” The first morning after Yellow
Book was delivered, Life Choices received nine calls from women
who were definitely seeking abortions. Explaining the error to these
women opened the door for life-saving interventions—four of the
women made appointments to see one of Life Choice’s consultants
rather than making an appointment with an abortion provider. Each
day, God is bringing more and more women to Life Choices. Praise
God for His plan to make every circumstance profitable for Him!
Celebrating 20 Years With a New Name
Life Options (formerly Lower Valley Pregnancy Center),
Grandview, WA. Jan McDonald, Executive Director. Life Options
is celebrating 20 years of serving the community with a new name
and a grand re-opening of their center. With an extensive medical
advisory team and dedicated staff, they are seeing a huge jump in
client visits. Currently, they offer free pregnancy tests, parenting
classes, material support using Bonus Bucks, Bible study classes in
English and Spanish, AWARE (an abstinence program designed for
schools), a post-abortion Bible study, Steps to Sexual Health,
Sexual Integrity classes, after-school girls clubs and ultrasound
services. Some future plans include a bigger building, adding STD
testing, expansion of AWARE and youth programs, and marriage
mentoring. Congratulations Life Options!
Gift Bags Help Clients Start Family Traditions
Crossroads Pregnancy Care, Quakertown, PA. Elizabeth Selig,
Executive Director. Crossroads has decided to simplify their
Christmas giving to clients and give each client a gift bag with
simple items to encourage them to spend time together as a family,
and, perhaps, develop some special family traditions. The goal is for
each bag to contain items such as DVDs, children’s storybooks,
coloring books, drawing pads, crayons, markers, colored pencils,
stickers, stencils, gift cards, and a cake mix, icing, and candles to
bake a birthday cake for baby Jesus.
Adding STD Testing - a Step in Faith
Pregnancy Care Center, San Antonio, TX. Sarah Stone, Executive
Director. Due to the staggering growth of STD’s reported in their
county and a desire to reach out to individuals in the community to
educate and care for them, PCC plans to offer STD testing. There
isn’t a clinic in town that they know of that offers free testing. With
a clientele of close to 70% low income, 77% living in high-risk zip
codes and 64% between the ages of 18 and 24, PCC recognizes an
urgent need for such a service. They are stepping out in faith to
purchase the tests, which cost around $15 apiece, and will also
purchase additional supplies and educational materials.
Page 8
Respect Life Program Packet
The USCCB has recently published the Respect Life Program
for 2006-2007, titled “Created, Loved, Redeemed by God.
Priceless!” The USCCB packet includes posters and articles
(in English and Spanish) on topics such as stem cell research,
marriage and the two-parent family, and abstinence. To order
call 866-582-0943, or go to http://www.usccb.org/prolife/
Adoption Awareness
November is Adoption Awareness Month. To order resources
for your center to help promote the adoption option, contact
Loving & Caring at (717) 293-3230, or visit www.lovingand
Now is the time to start thinking about SOHL Sunday. Several
organizations provide bulletin inserts and other materials to
promote pregnancy center ministry to churches. A partial
listing includes: Baptists for Life, www.bfl.org, 800-986-6086
or 616-257-6800; Care Net, www.care-net.org, 703-4785661; Focus on the Family, www.heartlink.org/beavoice,
800-232-6459; and Heritage House, www.hh76.com/
bulletins, 800-858-3040.
Step Up to the Next Level—A Guide for Pregnancy Centers to
Improve their Internal Operations and Get Ready for an Audit
is written to help centers improve their accounting systems and
internal structures. To order, contact James L. Ulvog, CPA, at
909-948-7363, or go to www.ulvogcpa.com.
Free Resource
The “Healthy Start, Grow Smart” health education series is
intended to improve early childhood education for America’s
youngest children by providing information to caregivers
about the best practices for early childhood development. This
series consists of 13 issues, with the first focused on the newborn and the remaining on each month of an infant’s first year.
It is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese. To
order, go to http://www.ntis.gov/cms/index.aspx. Also available in Braille, large print, audiotape and/or computer diskette.
(To order in these formats, call 202-260-9895 or 202-2058113.)
Lady Liberty, a short booklet, is a testimony that chronicles a
woman’s story of being set free from the negative affects of
her abortion experience. It provides a nice compliment to postabortion ministry support groups. To order, contact the author
at [email protected]
Plan Now for 2006 & 2007
with These Dates in Mind!
November 6–10, 2006 • Columbus, OH
Registration for Session II:
November 1– January 1, 2006
Session II: January 14–May 5, 2007
April 18–21, 2007 • St. Louis, MO
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Wash for Life Blog
The Wash for Life Team has started a blog at www.true
choices.blogspot.com. This blog highlights different PRCs
and shares their work and stories. They are looking for more
material. If interested, contact them at 703-241-7171 or at
[email protected]
New Book
Written from a Catholic perspective, The Case Against
Condoms is a well documented book that addresses the scientific and proven ineffectiveness of condoms to fight the AIDS
pandemic, and the marvelous plan of God for human sexuality
as the answer. Available from Human Life International, 800549-LIFE or at www.hli.org.
NIFLA Trainings
The Nurses’ Institute in Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound dates
for 2006 are: November 2-4 Torrance, CA, and December 7-9
Virginia Beach, VA. NIFLA is also offering an on-line course
in limited obstetrical ultrasound for physicians. For more
information, contact NIFLA at 540-785-9853, or go to
Heartbeat International receives many job postings from
our affiliates. For a complete description of these
positions, go to our website at www.heartbeat
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