World History Chapter 18, Section 1

World History
Chapter 18, Section 1-3 Study Guide
French Revolution
VOCABULARY 1. ancien regime
2. estate
3. bourgeoisie
4. deficit spending
5. cahier
6. faction
7. Sans-culotte
8. Republic
9. Jacobins
10. Guillotine
1. Describe the three different social classes in France
during this time in the triangle. What type of people made
up each social class? What was the name given to social
classes during this time?
2. What problems was France facing which eventually lead
to the French Revolution?
3. What was the name of the King and Queen in charge of France during this time?
4. What country was the Queen from?
5. Did the King and Queen keep in touch with the commoners in their country? Or did they live
extravagantly and hardly notice them?
6. Describe the Estates-General. What was it? What occurred?
7. Which of the estates eventually creates the National Assembly?
8. Describe the Tennis Court Oath. What was it? What occurred?
9. What event in France’s history is now celebrated as their independence day?
10. What was the document that was written in France that took many ideas from the Declaration of
11. Describe the Women’s March on Versailles. What was it? What occurred?
12. What occurred in June 1791 with the royal family?
13. How was a sans-culotte different than upper-class men?
14. What eventually happens to King and Queen of France during the Reign of Terror?
15. Maximilien Robespierre. Who is he? Why is he important?
16. Describe the importance/purpose of the Committee of Public Safety.
17. The guillotine – is it humane? Explain.
18. How many stages are there considered to be in the French Revolution?