Sharing our Knowledge, Resources and Experience 2013 Annual Report

Sharing our Knowledge,
Resources and Experience
Annual Report
Dear friend,
Fighting against the legalization of dangerous drugs like marijuana continues to be the primary focus
of the activities of Drug Free America Foundation. Faced with the huge influx of cash from a few
affluent proponents of legal pot, it remains an uphill battle against these efforts. For example, in
Colorado’s well-publicized Amendment 64 marijuana legalization initiative last year,
$2,256,505 was received from its advocates versus only $672,801 raised by opponents.
68% of the Colorado electorate turned out for this vote, with 1.3 million voting for the amendment and
1.1 million voting against. As you can see, funding is critical.
Recent scientific research continued to support the negative health impacts of marijuana despite what
is reported in the media:
New study indicates teen marijuana use will increase if legal - This research indicates that if marijuana were legalized,
there would be a 10% rise in the use of the drug among high school students who would otherwise be at a low risk for smoking pot.
Drugged driving rises significantly - According to new research, out of the 23,591 drivers who were
killed, within one hour of a crash 39.7% tested positive for alcohol and 24.8% were confirmed positive for other
drugs. The prevalence of all drugs (not including alcohol) rose significantly from 16.6% in 1999 to 28.3% in 2010.
For marijuana alone, the positive rate rose from 4.2% to 12.2%. The positive results for alcohol remained stable.
Marijuana use could impact offspring, even if used before conception - A new groundbreaking study raises a
new alarm associated with marijuana use. THC (the psychoactive constituent of marijuana) used prior to conception can
change the brain and behavior of the user’s offspring, even if the parent(s) stopped using long before mating and pregnancy.
With strong perseverance, we must continue to push back against this trend and educate the public on the harms of drug
use as well as promote healthy alternatives. Please take a moment to read about our many successes detailed in this report.
Together, we work toward a safer and healthier America for our children! Thank you for your
loyal and generous support. You have made a difference!
Betty S. Sembler
Founder and Chair
Calvina Fay
Executive Director
Table of Contents
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Board of Directors and Advisory Board .................................................................
Our Divisions ................................................................................................ 4
Because We Care About Our World and Every One In It
Because We Care About Keeping in Touch
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Because We Care About the Workforce Of America .......................................... 11 - 12
Because We Care About Our Future Generations ............................................. 13 - 14
Mrs. Betty Sembler - A Great Floridian! ................................................................ 15
Honoring a True Statesman and Remembering a True Leader and Friend
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Mission Statement
Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. is a drug prevention and
policy organization committed to developing, promoting and sustaining
national and international policies and laws that will reduce illegal
drug use and drug addiction.
We Are the Leaders in Drug Policy
Ambassador Mel Sembler
Betty S. Sembler
Scott Pinsker
Chair Emeritus
Mel Sembler
Mike W. Schmidt
President Emeritus
Walter Loebenberg
Advisory Board
Executive Director
Calvina Fay
Robert Alfonso
Founder and President
Globus TraCon
Tarpon Springs, FL
Board of Directors
Betty S. Sembler
President/Vice Chair
James W. Holton, Esq.
Judge Irene H. Sullivan (Ret.)
Mary Anne Reilly
Legal Counsel
Sean Shaw, Esq.
Ronald E. Brooks
Kevin P. Kauffman
Stuart Lasher
Ana Navarro
Senator Patrick K. Neal
Honorable Richard Baker
Former Mayor
St. Petersburg, FL
Malcolm Beyer, Jr.
Community Anti-Drug Advocate
Jupiter, FL
Columba Bush
Former First Lady
State of Florida
Miami, FL
Honorable Jeb Bush
Former Governor
State of Florida
Miami, FL
Robert L. DuPont, M.D.
Institute for Behavior and Health
Rockville, MD
Mary Evertz
Community Volunteer
Retired Journalist
St. Petersburg, FL
T. Martin Fiorentino, Jr., Esq.
Fiorentino & Associates
Jacksonville, FL
Joseph Garcia, Esq.
Trenam Kemker
Tampa, FL
James Gills, M.D.
St. Luke’s Cataract and
Laser Institute
Tarpon Springs, FL
Herbert Goldstein, Ph.D., PA
Diplomat, American Board of
Professional Psychology Fellows,
Academy of Clinical Psychology
St. Pete Beach, FL
Brian Goff
University of South Florida
Board of Trustees
Tallahassee, FL
Alfred Hoffman, Jr.
Hoffman Partners, LLC
Fort Meyers, FL
William S. Jacobs, Jr. M.D.
Next Step Integrated Pain Care
Jacksonville, FL
Michele Leonhart
The Drug Enforcement
Springfield, VA
Daniel Lungren, Esq.
Congressman 3rd District
Washington, DC
David Martin, Ph.D.
JMJ Technologies
Lansdale, PA
Christy McCampbell
President and CEO
McCampbell and Associates
Washington, DC
H. Lee Moffitt, Esq.
Former Speaker
Florida House of
Tallahassee, FL
Bill Montgomery, Esq.
County Attorney
Maricopa County
Phoenix, AZ
Susan Latvala
Pinellas County Commissioner
Clearwater, FL
Honorable Brad Owen
Lt. Governor
State of Washington
Olympia, WA
Ambassador Melvin Levitsky
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Steven A. Raymund
Chairman and CEO
Tech Data Industries
Clearwater, FL
Darryl Ervin Rouson, Esq.
Representative, District 55
Tallahassee, FL
Darryl Ervin Rouson, Esq.
Representative, District 55
Tallahassee, FL
D. Jay Snyder, Esq.
St. Petersburg, FL
Karen P. Tandy
Former Administrator
U.S. Drug Enforcement
Washington, DC
Alejandro Vassilaqui
Executive Director
Lima, Peru
Ronald Weaver, Esq.
Stearns Weaver Miller
Weissler Alhadeff &
Sitterson, P.A.
Tampa, FL
Khori Whittaker
President and COO
Lighthouse Academies, Inc.
Wesley Chapel, FL
Special Advisors
Ernst Aeschbach, M.D.
David A. Gross, M.D., DFAPA
Stephanie Haynes
David Evans, Esq.
Eric Voth, M.D., FACP
Venice Maki
National Recording Artist
We Are the Leaders in Drug Policy
Through the utilization of our diverse divisions, Drug Free America Foundation has made many important strides in shaping and refining drug policy
on local, state, federal and international levels. We are recognized as a nongovernmental organization in Special Consultative Status with the
Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. DFAF leads in substance abuse prevention, treatment and enforcement through its divisions.
DFAF Divisions
International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy - a network of community leaders who promote drug demand reduction principles, develop
community coalitions and advance communication and cooperation among non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are working to stem illicit
drugs and promote sound drug policy around the world.
International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse - chaired by David Gross, M.D., DFAPA, and consists of a brain trust of scientists and
doctors whose commitment is to review current articles and published research and to provide scientific knowledge about narcotics in a form the
public can understand.
Institute on Global Drug Policy - chaired by Eric Voth, M.D., FACP, and is an alliance of physicians, scientists, attorneys and drug specialists
advocating public policies that curtail the abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs. The Institute, in a joint venture with the Forum, publishes The
Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice, an online, open access, peer-reviewed scientific journal on drug-related issues.
Students Taking Action Not Drugs (STAND) - a growing, student-focused movement to disseminate accurate, science-based drug information and
advocate healthy lifestyles on campuses.
National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance (NDWA) - a national network dedicated to the prevention of substance abuse in the workplace. NDWA
directly assists small businesses in the state of Florida in establishing comprehensive drug free workplace programs and supports a national
coalition of drug free workplace service providers.
Drug Prevention Network of the America’s (DPNA) - a coalition of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from North, Central and South America
dedicated to the promotion of effective demand reduction programs and policies in the Americas through the exchange of information and
development of alliances working toward the same goals.
Because We Care About Our World and Every One In It
The International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy
Forging sound drug policy by exhibiting leadership in international
activities is vital because of the global impact of the problem. DFAF,
therefore, continues to share information and resources with the
members of the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy who
represent over 35 countries.
DFAF’s Executive Director, Calvina Fay, was a founding board member of
the World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD) and continued to be active in
supporting its efforts throughout 2013. She was also an esteemed speaker
at a conference in Russia focusing on drugs and the Internet. She
presented to over 400 Russians alerting them to the ease of obtaining
drugs and information about how to produce and use drugs through the
Internet. The education included recommendations on how parents can
protect their children, as well as what Internet providers should do to
cooperate with investigations of websites engaged in that illegal activity.
DFAF sent a delegation to the 56th Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs held in Vienna, Austria.
Participants attended several briefings by other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in conjunction
with the Commission sessions. In preparation to produce a position statement on the effects of marijuana
legalization in two U.S. states, the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy, under the leadership of DFAF,
began studying the consequences of legalization in Colorado. The position statement will be released in 2014.
Because We Care About Our World and Every One In It
Message from Raymond Yans, President of the United Nation’s (UN) International Narcotics
Control Board on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington.
“Legalization of cannabis within these
states would send wrong and confusing
signals to youth and society in general,
giving the false impression that drug
abuse might be considered normal and
even, most disturbingly, safe. Such a
development could result in the expansion
of drug abuse, especially among young
people, and we must remember that all
young people have a right to be protected
from drug abuse and drug dependency.”
*DFAF continues to maintain Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the United Nations and supports the
UN Office on Drugs and Crime in many efforts.
Because We Care About Our World and Every One In It
The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice
The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice has proven to be an important resource to scientific scholars, prevention and treatment
professionals, policymakers, parents and other stakeholders throughout the world. Each issue of the Journal is archived and readily
accessible online for free. This year, the Journal website had 7,362 page views and 4,239 visitors; 3,470 of those were new to the
site. The Journal is read in over 40 countries and is considered to be a valuable source of information for those researching substance
abuse policy and related topics.
The winter 2012 edition of the Journal included the first of a two-part series, The Effects of Substance Abuse on the Mind, Body and
Soul. It included a piece on the interrelationship between sexuality and drug abuse and how sexual health is an important component
in women’s recovery from trauma and substance abuse. The second part, published in the spring of 2013 included a paper entitled,
The Use of Cannabis For Medical Purposes. The summer and fall editions of the Journal included another two-part series that focused
on Substance Abuse in Our World: Then, Now and Furture. Part one included papers entitled, Drugs in Africa and Drug Testing in South
America and the Potential New Crack Epidemic “Crack Plus.” The second part included a paper on rapid methadone detoxification.
The Journal is a joint effort of the Institute on Global Drug Policy and the International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse
that continues to expand its reach and level of influence on drug policy, prevention and treatment.
“The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice
is an excellent tool to make sure that you are
well-informed about current drug related issues.
In-depth research and articles provided by
well-known authors contribute to make the journal
an important tool for a critical understanding of the
ever changing discussions on drug policy, and how to
handle the scourge of drugs.”
-Torgny Peterson
European Cities Against Drugs
Because We Care About Our World and Every One In It
Our Presence on the World Wide Web
DFAF utilized both Facebook and Twitter back-linked together to
optimize our scope of interaction on social media. We also have
a YouTube channel and posted 21 new, relevant videos including
three original videos. Our video reach this year was 5,450 viewers.
We have added LinkedIn to our repertoire of social media and are
accumulating followers and expanding our social media reach.
DFAF updated the physical appearance of its website, changing
colors, design and format. We also upgraded the content management
“Thank God there is a great organization like yours
combating and showing the harmful effects of
–Mike from Los Angeles, California
Because We Care About Keeping in Touch
Drug Free America Foundation’s communications bureau had a busy year. The media coverage on the drug issue at the end of 2012
and throughout 2013 was extensive due to the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado. DFAF co-hosted a press
conference with former DEA administrators and former drug czars that brought national attention to this issue. Approximately 25
media outlets participated in the press conference and more than 90 outlets reported on the impact of legalization in these states.
DFAF hosted a press conference at our office with Florida Governor Rick Scott which
included a signing ceremony for two bills recently passed pertaining to the rights of
victims of human trafficking. There were approximately 100 people in attendance who were
educated about the plight of victims of human trafficking and about the link to drugs. The
event was picked up by 16 media outlets and we potentially reached 38,081,260 individuals.
DFAF’s executive director and members of
our communications bureau participated
in 150 debates and interviews on several
local, national and international networks
this year. Some appearances included the
BBC World TV, NPR Radio, Piers Morgan,
Reuters, Associated Press, The Wall Street
Journal and US News and World Report.
DFAF organized and co-hosted a statewide marijuana summit with several Florida
community coalitions at the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida. There, our speakers educated
approximately 180 coalition and community members, including students, on the impacts of
marijuana. At the conference, DFAF disseminated educational materials and speaker
presentations via a CD to all attendees. This prompted advocacy from coalitions to create a
statewide marijuana task force as part of the Florida Coalition Alliance. Some coalition
members individually took action on the marijuana issue, such as creating the website.
Because We Care About Keeping in Touch
DFAF hosted a regional marijuana summit in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2013, which was attended by
75 members from 14 Florida anti-drug coalitions and led a strategic planning session for educating
the public about the dangers of marijuana. At that meeting, DFAF disseminated 23,000 marijuana
brochures entitled, What Floridians Should Know, to the coalitions for local distribution. These
brochures addressed the harms of marijuana. DFAF also disseminated 500 marijuana toolkits at that
event. The toolkit was titled, Speak to Be Heard: Spreading the Word about Marijuana, and provided
guidance on how to speak out about marijuana and tap into the media. The results of that event
consisted of the launch of a website called that provided a plethora of
science-based marijuana resources. Further, a strategic plan was developed and disseminated to all
attendees, which will act as a roadmap to the participating coalitions in their future prevention efforts.
DFAF representatives presented on the harms of marijuana
at a Town Hall meeting in Liberty City, Miami, Florida, in
partnership with the Greater Miami Urban League; at the
2013 Kentucky Marijuana Summit, and at the Addiction
Prevention Conference Prevention: Strategies for Youth
Empowerment. In total our message was received by more
than 350 participants at these events. DFAF also presented
to approximately 25 young people on the impacts and
availability of designer drugs (synthetics) at the Pinellas
County Juvenile Drug Court.
Throughout the year, DFAF provided face-to-face marijuana legislative and initiative
updates to more than 100 members from StandUP Polk Coalition, Safe and Healthy
Duval Coalition and Safe Climate Coalition. DFAF also disseminated educational
materials to more than 1,000 individuals at the Pasco County Adult Drug Court Mentoring
Program, the Narcotics Overdose Prevention Education (NOPE) Vigils in both Pinellas and
Hillsborough Counties and to the National Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence.
Because We Care About the Workforce Of America
The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance
The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance (NDWA) is the workplace division of DFAF, and provides valuable benefits to businesses
and employees at no cost. NDWA’s services include: a written drug-free workplace policy; access to discounted drug testing and
EAP services; supervisor, employee and parent training; one-on-one consultation; and continuing education through our electronic
newsletters. NDWA is one-of-a-kind!
During 2013, NDWA implemented 251 new programs that affect
over 1,400 employees and supervisors. Our free online training
programs attracted students from across the country with
over 700 completing the courses this year. Since its inception
in 2008, over 3,200 people have participated. The online
courses are vitally important to businesses that are regulated
by the transportation industry such as aviation or trucking.
Supervisors of drivers/operators regulated by the U.S.
Department of Transportation are mandated to receive specific
drug-free workplace training. For owner/operators and small
“mom and pop” businesses, the quality of our course content
and the fact that it is provided at no cost makes it invaluable.
Community outreach and education were important to the mission of NDWA. In 2013, DFAF continued to promote drug-free
workplace program services through its NDWA division to coalitions and industry associations as a best-practice, community-wide
prevention strategy.
Programs included:
American Trucking Association, Washington, D.C.
LiveFree! Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Pinellas County
Pasco County Alliance for Substance Abuse
StandUp Polk Coalition
Drug Free Work Week
Because We Care About the Workforce Of America
During 2013, a Florida Workplace Advisory Committee was established and began meeting. The committee represented a
variety of workplace stakeholders from industry associations, insurance, substance abuse treatment, labs, drug testing providers,
etc. On the agenda was planning for a Workplace Summit to be held in the next fiscal year. The committee also analyzed Florida
state statutes regarding drug-free workplace to begin the process of updating some of the outdated practices.
“I have specialized in commercial insurance for 15 years and found the drug-free workplace
services provided by Drug Free America Foundation helped my clients in a multitude of
areas, such as workers’ compensation, commercial auto, general liability and crime.
Most business owners don’t know where to start the process of establishing a drug-free
workplace program. Drug Free America Foundation has been a critical element because
employers are guided into compliance.
When our clients have implemented active drug-free workplaces, we have seen fewer
accidents and claims, protecting the business, employees and the public.”
Cabell Vildibill AAI, CPIA, CIC, CRM
Commercial Insurance Broker
Odiorne Insurance
Brandon, FL
Because We Care About Our Future Generations
Red Ribbon
Drug education begins at an early age, and DFAF uses the largest, most visible annual prevention awareness campaign in the
country to instill healthy values for our local children. Alpha Pro Solutions, Inc. sponsored our Red Ribbon activities this year,
which included the Drugs are Nasty presentation by iconic Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, “Big Nasty.” This presentation was made
available to nearly 1,650 students at three Pinellas County elementary schools, Azalea Elementary, Ridgecrest Elementary and
Windsor Prepatory Academy. Banners were presented to each school for students to sign pledging to be drug free, and each child
received materials with anti-drug messages. The students also participated in a fun run with a red ribbon finish!
This year Big Nasty appeared on The National Footbal League (NFL)
Network, which averages 8 million viewers during football season.
He discussed the importance of being drug free, the Drugs are
Nasty program and gave a hearty shout-out to Drug Free America
Foundation’s role in bringing the program to Tampa Bay area
“Azalea Elementary was pleased to have the Big Nasty come
and speak to our kids about staying drug free. His presentation
left our students thinking and talking about being drug free and
staying that way.”
Debby Caven
Azalea Elementary School
Because We Care About Our Future Generations
Students Taking Action Not Drugs
Students Taking Action Not Drugs (STAND) continues to advocate for healthy life choices and to educate students
about the harms of drugs. Through this web-based program, high school and college students download and
personalize anti-drug campaign materials to support and enhance their campus prevention materials.
This year, STAND launched a spring campaign in partnership with The
Locking Cap about prescription drug abuse geared to high school and
college students. The campaign was entitled “Kiss of Death.” In the
fall, STAND launched a campaign about binge drinking which included
posters with taglines such as “It’s not pretty” and “I’m sexy and I
know it.”
Throughout the year, these campaigns helped drive traffic to the
STAND website. had more than 1,950 new
visitors, with a total of nearly 6,600 page views and 416 downloads of
the campaign materials.
Plans are underway for a national anti-drug poster contest in
partnership with HealthCorps, a nationally recognized organization
whose goal is to lead a new generation of healthy young people.
The HealthCorps curriculum is currently available in select middle
schools nationwide, and the poster contest will be an enhancement
in these schools. The winner will be released in the Spring of 2014.
“It has been wonderful collaborating with STAND to organize a creative
contest to bring anti-drug awareness to HealthCorps high school
students. By motivating students to create these posters, we are
generating a student-led campaign that is sure to be relevant to
each school’s population. I’m looking forward to the release of the
winner in STAND’s 2014 Spring Campaign!”
Alli Reid
Educational Program Supervisor
HealthCorps, Inc.
Mrs. Betty Sembler - A Great Floridian!
This year Governor Rick Scott presented Drug Free America Foundation’s Founder
and Chair, Mrs. Betty Sembler, with The Great Floridian Award. This designation is
given in recognition of the outstanding achievements of men and women who have
made significant contributions to the State of Florida. Since 1981, 70 individuals have
been awarded this distinct honor. Those honorees have included former governors,
artists, writers, civil rights activists, philanthropists, educators, athletes, military
heroes, Florida Supreme Court Justices, and various elected officials.
Mrs. Sembler was recognized primarily for her work with Drug Free America
Foundation and its efforts towards, developing, promoting and sustaining national
and international policies and laws that will reduce illegal drug use and drug
“Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing.
You are our guiding light. We love you!”
-The DFAF Staff
Honoring a True Statesman and
Remembering a True Leader and Friend
In a ceremony in Treasure Island, Florida that hosted nearly 300 people, DFAF bestowed its 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award to
Representative C.W. “Bill” Young. Young, who served 22 terms, was the senior member of the Florida congressional
delegation and the senior Republican in Congress. He served over 50 years in public office (10 in the Florida
Senate and 42 in the United States House of Representatives) having worked with eight Presidents. He truly cared about his
country and the people he served. The congressman focused on public health and safety, veteran affairs and national defense.
Congressman Young was not in attendance, but the award was accepted on his behalf by C.W. “Billy” Young Jr. In a tragic turn
of events, three weeks after our event, the congressman passed away. He is gone but his legacy lives on. He will never be
Our Finances
Fiscal Year
October 1, 2012 - September 30, 2013
Education ............................ $605,533
Management & General ...... $108,965
Other ..................................... $ 12,654
Contributions ...................... $609,361
Grants & Contracts ............. $185,017
Investments/Other ................ $109,036
Our Collaborators
National, state and local collaborators include:
Addiction Medicine Consultants, Inc.
American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)
Americans for Drug Free Youth
Arizona Students Against Drunk Driving
Arizonians for Drug-Free Youth and Communities
Army National Guard
Associates in Emergency Medical Education
Ban Pot Shops Colorado Springs
Betty Ford Center
California Department of Justice
California Police Chiefs Association
Californians for Drug-Free Schools
Californians for Drug-Free Youth, Inc.
Californians United Against Drug Abuse
Cardinal Health
Carlsbad Community Anti-Drug/Gang Coalition
Centros de Integración Juvenil, A.C.
Center for Alcohol and Drug Research Education
Center for Drug Education
Center for Drug Free Living
Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence
Center for Public Safety Innovation
Christian Drug Education Center
Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana
City of North Port (FL)
Coalition for a Drug Free California
Community Alliances for Drug Free Youth (CADFY)
Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA)
Community Drug Coalition of Lea County
Concerned Citizens for Drug Prevention
The Courage to Speak Foundation
Dads and Moms Against Drug Dealers
Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) America
Drug Free Collier
Drug Free Projects Coalition
Drug Free Kids: America’s Challenge
Drug Free Kids: Pennsylvania’s Challenge
Drug Free Schools Coalition, New Jersey & New York
Educating Voices, Inc.
Elks National Drug Awareness Program
The Everett Clinic
Family Research Council
Fayette Companies
First Step of Sarasota
Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association (FADAA)
Florida Association of DUI Programs
Florida Coalition Alliance
Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)
Florida National Guard
Florida Office of Drug Control Policy
Florida Office of the Governor
Florida Police Chiefs Association
Florida Sheriffs Association
Florida State University Center for Prevention Research
Friends of Hope
GRABB Coalition of Brady County
Greater Miami Urban League
Hancock County Sheriff’s Department
Hands Across Cultures
Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office
Health Policy Coalition
Healthy and Drug Free Colorado
Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance
Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office
Hispanic Outreach Center
Informed Families
Inland Valley Drug Free Community Coalition
The Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc.
Kansas Family Partnership
Keep Arizona Drug Free
Kentucky Center for School Safety
Kentucky National Guard
League of American Families
Let Us Vote Colorado Springs
Lions Quest
Live Free! Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Pinellas
The Locking Cap
Maine South Alliance for Public Safety
Manatee Chamber of Commerce
Manatee County Substance Abuse Coalition
Maricopa County Attorney’s Office
Memorial Occupational Medical Services
Miami Coalition
Michigan Office of the Governor
Mothers in Charge
Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training
NAACP, St. Petersburg Branch
Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association of CT
Narcotic Overdose Prevention & Education Pinellas
National Alliance for Health and Safety
National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws
National Association of Drug Court Professionals
The National Black Church Initiative
National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at
Columbia University
National Families in Action
National Institute of Citizen Anti-Drug Policy
National Narcotic Officers’ Associations’ Coalition
National Student Drug Testing Coalition
New Jersey Federation for Drug Free Communities
The Oaks
Ocean County Narcotics Taskforce
Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)
Ohio Office of the Governor
Operation PAR, Inc.
Oregonians Against Legalization of Marijuana
Palm Beach Evaluation and Treatment Center
Parent-to-Parent, Inc.
The Partnership at
Pasco ASAP Anti-Drug Coalition
Pill Free Pasco
Pinellas County Sheriffs Office
Port Richmond Community Group
Prevention First
Project GHB
Protect Our Society
RISE Life Management Services
Rocky Mountain HIDTA
Safe Climate Coalition of Lake County, Inc.
Safe Communities Safe Kids
Saint Petersburg College
San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
San Diego Alliance for Drug Free Youth
San Diego Prevention Coalition
Save Our Society From Drugs (SOS)
Sixth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida
Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)
South Dakota Pharmacy Association
Sport Safe
Stand Up for Conestoga
Stand Up Polk
Standard Register Official Rx Programs
Stanislaus County Insider
Stewart Marchman Center for Chemical Dependency
Stop Drug Abuse.Com
Stop the
Student Drug Testing Coalition
Tennessee National Guard
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Texas Narcotics Officers Association
Troy Community Coalition
University of Florida, College of Medicine
Urban League of Greater Miami, Inc.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce and local chapters
U.S. Dept. Health and Human Services, SAMHSA
U.S. Department of Justice, OJJDP
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
U.S. Small Business Administration
Washington Drug-Free Business
West Texas (HIDTA)
Westminster Area Community Awareness Action Team
International collaborators include:
Amor Exgente (Brazil)
Anti-Drugs Association (Serbia)
Associacao Promocional Oracao e Trabahlo (Brazil)
Association for a Drug Free Portugal
Associazione Osservatorio Droga (Italy)
Brasileiros Humanitários em Ação (Brazil)
Castalia (Uruguay)
Centro de Información y Educación para la Prevención
del Abuso de Drogas (CEDRO)
Celin Bolivia
Centern (Sweden)
Centros de Integracion Juvenil A.C. (Mexico)
Centro Juvenil Vicentino (Panama)
Charnwood Independent Youth Action (England)
Clinic for Dependency Disorders, Univ. of Linkoping
Cordoba Academy of Medicine (Argentina)
CORFAL (Chile)
Daytop International
De Hoop Foundation (The Netherlands)
Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) International
Drug Free Australia
Drug Free Pakistan Foundation
Drug Prevention Network of Canada (DPNC)
Drug Prevention Network of the Americas (DPNA)
Drug Watch Australia
Drug Watch International
Elks Clubs International
EM Global, LLC
European Cities Against Drugs (ECAD)
Flemish Platform Against Drugs (Belgium)
Foundation for a Drug-Free Europe
Fundacion Convivir (Argentina)
Fundacion Vida y Sociedad (Costa Rica)
FUNDASALVA (El Salvador)
Grampian Police (Scotland)
Hassela Nordic Network (Sweden)
Hospital Perez de Leon (Venezuela)
Instituição Padre Haroldo (Brasil)
Instituto Girasol do Brasil
Instituto Mundo Libre (Peru)
Instituto sobre Alcoholismo y Farmacodependencia (Costa
International Council of the Tampa Bay Region
International Faith-Based Coalition
IOGT International
Jenkins Drug Awareness Strategies (Canada)
Lembranca Da Guarda Municipal Da Cidade Do Rio De
Janeiro (Brazil)
MethCon (New Zealand)
Ministry of Social Development (Trinidad and Tobago)
Munic of City Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)
National Association for a Drug Free Society (Sweden)
National Council on Drug Abuse (Jamaica)
National Council on Substance Abuse (Barbados)
National Drug Prevention Alliance (England)
New Horizons Care Center (Pakistan)
Odd Squad Production Society (Canada)
Police Federation of England and Wales
Population Health Promotion Associates
Prevention Resource Centers (Australia)
PRYDE in New Zealand
RED (Peru)
Red Interamericana para la Prevención de las Drogas
RIPRED (Argentina)
RISE Life Jamaica
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
Salvation Army International
SanPatrignano (Italy)
SocialStyrelsen (Sweden)
SURGIR, Corporación Colombiana para la Prevención del
Alcoholismo y la Farmacodependencia (Columbia)
Swiss Physicians Against Drugs (Switzerland)
Together Against Drugs (Ireland)
United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Universidad del Salvador (Argentina)
Universidad Laica ‘Eloy Alfaro’ de Manabi (Ecuador)
University of Glasgow Centre for Drug Misuse Research
University of FASTA (Argentina)
Vienna NGO Committee
Vlaams Platform Tegen Drugs (Belgium)
World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD)
Youth Without Drugs (Switzerland)
Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.
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