mHub announces the launch of the Jobonology Mobile App

mHub Corporate mall, off Paul Kagame Rd. P.O. Box 31669, Lilongwe 3.
mHub announces the launch of the Jobonology Mobile App Challenge
mHub with sponsorship from encourages Malawian software developers with its mobile
application development competition
mHub, Malawi’s first technology and innovation hub, is announcing the start of its mobile application
development competition, the ‘Jobonology Mobile App Challenge’ (JMAC) on 1 May 2015. Sponsored by, the competition challenges Malawian software developers to design an application that
addresses problems faced by various sectors, such as such as health, education and agriculture, both in
Malawi and across Africa.
This phase of the competition is focused on tackling challenges facing the health sector in Malawi. The
theme is “how can mobile technology address the health sector issues in Malawi?” The winner of JMAC
will be given seed money of USD2000 and will be nested in mHub to further develop the application into
a proper, profitable business through technical assistance and support from local and international
The Jobonology Mobile App Challenge will run for 10 weeks starting from 1 May 2015 to 10 July 2015.
Below are details of the competition:
ELIGIBILITY: The competition is open to individuals or teams of individuals (of no more than 3). Entrants
must be Malawian, aged no more than 35 and resident in Malawi.
TIMELINE: The competition will run for 10 Weeks from 1 May 2015.
HOW TO ENTER: Participants should submit their mobile application idea at during
the first 2 weeks of the competition. After submitting their idea, they have 8 weeks to develop it. The
finished mobile application should be submitted to mHub through a link which will be provided from 14
PRIZE: The best mobile application(s) will be given seed money of USD2000 and will be nested at
mHub’s incubator in Lilongwe. In addition, will provide support to the winning idea(s) to
develop them into proper businesses utilizing its international network of developers and advisers.
PRIZE PRESENTATION: The top 5 participants will be invited to present their applications in front of
judges and an audience on a date and venue to be announced. An overall winner will then be
announced at the same event. The presentations will be video recorded.
THE ORGANISERS: mHub is a unique open technology hub in Lilongwe where students, fresh graduates,
young technology entrepreneurs and innovators come together to work on their ideas and turn them
mHub Corporate mall, off Paul Kagame Rd. P.O. Box 31669, Lilongwe 3.
into viable business models. The hub provides technical assistance and a community of experienced
mentors who provide both technical and business assistance to the up and coming entrepreneurs.
THE SPONSORS: is Malawi’s largest online platform connecting people with jobs and
entrepreneurship opportunities. The platform promotes the concept of Jobonology and facilitates
individuals to maximize their potential and earn a living in any area of interest. sponsors
the Jobonology Mobile Apps Challenge to identify skilled Malawians who are keen to see their ideas
realized to address development issues facing Malawi and Africa in general.
For further information, please contact:
Vince Kumwenda
Community Manager
Tel: 0888988046
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Bertha Mambala
Tel: 0991023288
[email protected] or [email protected]