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BA in Communications/Advertising
Cal State University, Fullerton, May 2016.
 GPA 3.6
Made 25 kids come a daily
Westgin Bakery, Seoul, South Korea, 2009-2010
Opened the store on time and made kids eat bread as a breakfast before going to kindergarten
Displayed 30 kinds of bread every morning
Managed a weekly budget of $20,000
Made 100 people awake a daily
Twosome Place, Seoul, South Korea, 2010-2011
Had over 5 regular customers a day to communicate to me
Made over 150 cups of coffee a day
Laid out 3 kinds of tumblers and 5 sets of coffee cups to display
AD College Club, Seoul, South Korea, 2010-2011
Met over 50people related to advertising a year.
Improved Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills
Experienced 5 times of tournaments
Tech-savvy- Mastering Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Layout and Editing- I’ve gotten compliments from a professor about layout and editing.
Good listening skills- As an editor in the ad college club, I used to listen to others’ comments very carefully.
I actually came here in 2012 as an international student to study advertising. At first, it was a challenge to me because I had a
language barrier and needed to adapt to the different culture. However, I thought it was also my opportunity to get something like
braveness or a sense of adventure. That was a very hard time to endure; however, now I learned a lot of things from it and realized
that I had been confined to the small area until coming here. I like life style in here for now, and I also have confidence to
accomplish anything if I would do my best.