Details of Thesis, projects and data

Details of Thesis, projects and data
Dr.Ragavendra Havannavar
Thesis: Pattern of variations in segmental hepatic arterial anatomy
Data: Pancreatoduodenectomy and its complications, Liver tumours data (TACE included),
Chronic pancreatitis with portal biliopathy (planned to presenting in IHPBA - 2015)
Dr.Venkata Srinivas.G
Thesis: Clinicopathological correlation with positive malignant cell cytology of gastric lavage and
peritoneal lavage in patients with gastric cancer
Data: Modified lateral port position in Laparoscopic Splenectomy (already paper written and
sent for journal), Laparoscopic Splenunculectomy (final version of paper pending), Experience
with splenoadrenal shunt in NCPF and EHPVO (planned for presenting in IHPBA)
Dr. Gaurav Kaushal
Thesis: Incidence of biliary communication in patients with liver abscess- a scintigraphic study
Data: Chronic pancreatitis (collectively data to be maintained with Dr.Pavan)
Dr.Gajender Bhatti
Thesis: Correlation of pretherapeutic Neutrophil and Lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and response after
neoadjuvant therapy in patients with esophageal cancer
Data: Laparoscopic Feeding Jejunostomy
Dr.Shahana Gupta
Thesis: A study of association between pathological characteristics of splenic vein and shunt
thrombosis in patients undergoing proximal splenorenal shunt for EHPVO
Data: Splenoadrenal shunt (collectively data to be maintained with Dr.Srinivas)
Dr.Pavan Kumar
Thesis: Prevalence of pathological acute inflammation in pancreas in patients with chronic
pancreatitis undergoing surgery and its association with pain and markers of acute pancreatitis
Other projects
1. Sensitivity and specificity of qualitative and quantitative Tc 99m sulphur colloid
scintigraphy in differentiating cirrhosis from non cirrhotic portal fibrosis
2. The incidence of delayed emptying in roux jejunal loop following roux-en-y
hepaticojejunostomy and the contribution of retrocolic technique to the delayed
3. Visceral artery aneurysms data