Here - Jesus is coming back very soon. Is your heart right with God?

--- I believe that Jesus is coming back in the fall of 2016. But you want to look for events to takes place
much sooner--Article by Jens Toft Madsen as of April 2. 2015 ( I am an earnest bible student,
who tries to find the truth. I long for the return of Messiah. And I make mistakes. You might want to pause
the YouTube Slides.
Lots of visions and dreams have been put out on the internet, supporting different years and dates of the
return of Messiah. Yet people can be deceived or can willingly deceive others in this way. You have to trust
the source first.
I will go to the law and the testimony first (Is 8,20; Acts 17,11 ). Then everything must fall in place. From the
scripture I will show you a pattern match of Daniel 9. Initiated by Sir Isaac Newton. But explained in detail
By the way, the name Jesus has been used as a swear word in bad films so much, that people are
conditioned to expect bad things to happen, just by hearing the word. So in order to break through to you I
will use His name Messiah.
---The sabbatical years and the jubilee--In Lev 25 the Israelites were commanded to keep the Sabbath year. The first 6 years in the promised land,
they should sow and harvest. The seventh year was a rest year for the land and the people. These 7 years
are called a Shemitah, or a week, see later. After 7 sabbatical years, then the 50. year was a jubilee year,
when the year should rest too. That makes two rest years in a row. In the jubilee slaves would be free to
return to their original home. After the 50. year the process starts over again with 6 normal sow and
harvest years.
The Israelites were never good at keeping the sabbatical years, and certainly not the jubilee year, with all
that it means. That was why they were send to Babylon, so the land could rest (Lev 26,43).
I believe that Messiah gave this picture, to be used in the prophecies. Messiah should return in a Jubilee
year. The only problem is that the Israelite should be in place for this to be calculated. Luckily, they are
---1406 BC, 457 BC and 1917 AC--In 1406 BC God (the original sovereign power over the promised land) told Joshua to enter the promised
land. And thus the sabbatical years and jubilee years should start (Lev 25). Jerusalem was not concurred
yet. David captured Jerusalem around 1052 BC. Jerusalem was not required in the sabbatical year/jubilee
cycle. (
In 457 BC Artaxerxes (in his 7. year: Ezra 7,7) (the sovereign power over the promised land) decreed the
Israelites to return to the promised land, to use Gods laws (e.g. sabbatical years). See Ezra 7,7.25. Jerusalem
was NOT restored with walls yet. Without walls the houses belong to the fields of the land (Lev 25,31), it
didn’t count as a proper city. In 445/444 BC Artaxerxes (in his 20. year: Neh 2,2) decreed Jerusalem to be
build WITH walls. See Nehemiah 2,1.8; 6,15; 12,27. The going forth of the command was that year. It took
Nehemiah 52 days to build the walls (Neh 6,15) and then the Jerusalem was restored. And the streets could
be build in the next 62 shmeitas (starting in 444/443 BC, see later) .
Artaxerxes I
King of Kings of Persia
Artaxerxes I, from his Tomb at Naqsh-e Rustam.
465 to 424 BC
Xerxes I
Xerxes II
The next time the Israelites were allowed to enter the promised land to make a nation, was in November 2.
1917 AC.
In November 2. 1917 the Jews got the Balfour decree from the British Empire (the sovereign power over
the promised land), to enter the land to build a Nation for the Jews. The Hebrew year 1917/1918 was then
the first of 6 production years, according to the law of God for the Israelites. Note that the Old Jerusalem
became restored later (at the miraculous 6 day war in June 7. 1967).
The Balfour Declaration (it its entirety)
Foreign Office
November 2nd, 1917
Dear Lord Rothschild,
I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following
declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved
by, the Cabinet.
"His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for
the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it
being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious
rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by
Jews in any other country."
I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.
Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour
--Then the year 1966/1967 is the Jubilee year when the land should rest. And the next jubilee year is
2016/2017, when the land should rest. Shortly we will see why this is the year of the return of Messiah as
the Prince.
Now if the Jews observe the years correctly is another story. But this is Gods calendar.
---Dan 9,24--"Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to
make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up
vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy place.”
The angle told Daniel that of the 2300 years, there will be cut off 70 weeks (70 Shemitahs=490 years) over
his people (the genetic Israelites) and 70 weeks (70 Shemitahs=490 years) over the holy city (Jerusalem). In
this period many things will happen: make an end of sin. I submit that this has not happened yet. This will
happen at the end of the 70 weeks for Daniels Holy city.
Daniels people was restored in 458/457 BC. And this year is a Shemitah/week would start too. So exactly 70
Shemitahs/weeks later ends in 458/457 – 490 + 1 = 34 AD. Here the Jews stoned Stephan and the gospel
went to the gentiles. The people of Daniel were cut off.
This verse points to Messiah’s works in the last of the 70 weeks of Daniels people and the last of the 70
weeks of Daniels Holy City.
Note here, that the angle knew that the Israelites would not remember the jubilee year anymore, so these
extra years were not in his counting.
---Dan 9,25--Now God can compute 7 + 62, be sure of that. And he has not left it to us to compute it either. Actually
when reading verse 25 and 26, you see there is TWO comings: Messiah as a Prince/Ruler (after 7 weeks)
and Messiah to be cut off (after the 62 weeks).
Messiah was a Prince at his 1. Coming, but he came as a Sacrifice.
Lets se the interlinear text from Biblehub:
Isaac Newton can teach you on page 122-123 in the document: sirisaacnewtonsd00newtiala. The 7 and 62
are separate. The 7 belongs to Messiah 2. Coming.
In verse, 26 we see a lot of things happening some time AFTER the 62 weeks. Messiah shall be cut off. This
does not sound like the faith of Messiah the Prince. More like the faith of Messiah the Sacrifice. And the
city and sanctuary shall be destroyed by the prince of the people that comes (70 AD). And the end will
come with flood and war. Not all these events happened inside the timeframe 27 AD – 34 AD. Rather after
the 62 weeks: 27 AD and forward until the end.
The split of 70 weeks of the 2 comings of Messiah may come as a chock to you. Let me explain the beauty
of it. But first:
---Debunking--But first let me debunk for you.
The decree to restore the temple was in 457 BC, but this did not include the decree to restore the whole
Jerusalem. The decree to restore Jerusalem came in Artaxerxes 20. Year: 445/444 BC. 490 years later and
you end up in 444 BC – 490 + 1 = 47 AC!!! Not a year that anyone will account for.
444 BC – 7 weeks = 395 BC. Did the Anointed Prince come here? Everybody agrees that the Anointed is
Fancy conversions of 360 days per 365.24 solar years to adjust, is unbiblical. A week is 7 REAL years of that
I think the erroneous attempts to add the 7 and the 62 for God, is because this gives some sense to the rest
of the prophecy.
I also think that the true explanation of the 7 weeks and the 62 weeks were revealed just up the coming of
Messiah as a Prince. Because God wants us to see that he is in control. Not for us to sleep in the years
Gods Church are the watchmen (Ezekiel 33:1-7, 11). We should blow the trumpet when we see the
swords approaching the land.
---The 7 Shemitahs--The 7 weeks from the going forth of the decree to restore Jerusalem to the Jews, started in June 7. 1967,
issued by the war generals. Up till that date the old Jerusalem with the temple mount was in the hands of
Trans Jordan (gentiles).
Now remember that June 7. 1967 is a Jubilee year. 7 Shemitahs is then the Hebrew years 1967/1968 –
2015/2016. So in verse 25a, it states that the timespan from the going forth of the command to restore
Jerusalem till Messiah will come as a Prince, there will be EXACTLY 7 Shemitahs. Not some time after the 7
Shemitahs. So Messiah will come RIGHT after 2015/2016: in the Hebrew year starting in October 3-4. 2016.
The year that is also a jubilee, when the land should rest.
Note that I am not setting a date. No one knows the day and hour. We are only required to know the
season (Matt 24.32-33).
Did you notice that Messiah will return in a jubilee? In 4 BC Messiah came as a Lamb, a Sacrifice. This time
he will come as a Prince.
---The 62 weeks--Now comes the fun part. It is a bit tricky too.
Since the 7 weeks is the period from the growing forth of the command to restore Jerusalem til Messiah
comes as a Prince, then also the 2. part of the 490 years over Jerusalem.
Now the decree was given in 445/444 BC. The next Shemitah began in 458/457 – 14 = 444/443 BC. So a
little under a year is in reserve.
Now 444/443 BC – 62 Shemitahs (62 x 7 = 434 years) is 10/9 BC. Jesus would not come to this earth in 63
full Shemitahs. That would have been in the year 3/2 BC. Messiah the Sacrifice came into Mary in 4/3 BC
and was eventually born in 3 BC (Tishri 1.?). This gives us 6 years and 3 months more in reserve.
The 2 reserve parts are 2 parts of 2 different Shemitahs, but put together makes a 70. Shemitah for
Verse 24 specifies the 70 Shemitahs over Daniels people.
Verse 25 specifies 7 and 62 Shemitahs of the 2 comings of Messiah, first as a Sacrifice, then as a Prince.
And there is the hidden 7 years too. The 62 Shemitahs inside the 63 x 7 years. There is no hidden year
anymore for Jerusalem. The week in verse 27 is the last Shemitah of the world, in the end. More about that
---AFTER the 62 weeks--Verse 26 states that AFTER the 62 weeks a lot of things are to happen. That is after 10/9 BC. The Anointed
(Sacrifice) shall be cut off without due court justice (31 AD), the City and the Temple shall be destroyed (70
AD). The end shall come with floods. And the appointed wars (6 trumpets of Rev 8-9). Let Irving Baxter
teach you.
The traditional viewpoint of the 70. week after the 62 weeks: Messiah’s baptism in 27 AD and to 34 AD, is
supported by verse 27. I don’t believe this is true. Let me explain.
---The last week in verse 27--First of all, this verse should have been in the middle of verse 26 to support the traditional view point. That
could be argued, since verse 25 is a mixed verse already. As is the whole of Matt 24. It seems this is the way
for God to hide the true meaning in plain sight: to tell 2 stories intermingled.
But when you look at the content of verse 27 you would not attribute it to the Messiah. Even the
translators are not sure about their translation, and could not definitely attribute it to Messiah then.
So lets take the verse interlinear from biblehub:
Granted: 27AD until 34 AD is a Shemitah (week).
Did Messiah confirm the covenant with the many (the Israelites, or the whole world) for a whole 7 years?
No Messiah made a new covenant in the middle of the week. Messiah did not confirm the old covalent for
the full 7 years.
The person (he) mentioned here comes after the mentioning of the prince of the people (not Messiah).
Granted: Messiah made the Jewish sacrifice and offering void in the middle of the week, but he didn’t stop
it. It continued until 70 AD when the temple was destroyed. Not even the veil cutting down between the
holy and the most holy, stopped the sacrifice and offering on the temple mount, outside the temple
Would Messiah “overspread abominations”? No, never.
Would Messiah make desolate (waist, depopulated, barren) at his 1. coming? That would then be at his 2.
coming then. Not at his 1. Coming.
Did Messiah pour something on the desolate at his first coming? I would again say no.
In conclusion, there is no support for this verse to refer to Messiah at his 1. coming. I think the reason some
has placed it there is to explain where the missing 70. week was. But I have show that there is no missing 7
years over Jerusalem.
I would place this verse after the appointed wars of 1914-2009. In the Shemitah 2009/2010 – 2015/2016.
The final Shemitah in that cycle leading up to the jubilee of 2016/2017. The last of the 7 Shemitahs before
Messiah comes as a Prince. It makes sense that the prophecy ends with details of the “end” mentioned in
the previous verse (26).
Now my explanation would not be complete, if I couldn’t account for the true meaning of the 7 years of
verse 27. I have found a satisfactory explanation on the internet, so I can’t take credit for that. I’m sure you
can find the explanation yourself. Don’t be surprised if it involves current key players in the world right
now. You might even add Daniel 12,11-13 to the explanation.
Now I must add, that I take the 1260 days as the years of 538 AD-1798 AD (Dan 12,7). But in Dan 12,12 the
1335 days can be experienced by a man, so they have a literal meaning. And they come after the 1260
years (Dan 12,8).
The words are secret until the end (Dan 12,9). That is why there are so many slightly wrong interpretations
of them. But in the end God will reveal the meaning of them.
Isaac Newton understood the 7 weeks but could not know when they would start.
Sir Isaac Newton
Portrait of Isaac Newton in 1689 (age 46) by
I’m sure that some have noticed the recapturing of Jerusalem in 1967, at the miraculous 6 day war, and
added the 49 years.
And a couple of years ago some people suddenly understood Dan 9,27, when they saw world news. And
understood it be the years staring in fall 2009.
To sum up my biblical reasons for believing that Messiah the Prince returns to the earth in the Hebrew
year 2016/2017:
Lev 25 + the Balfour decree of November 2. 1917 says it is the jubilee 2016/2017 or later.
Luk 21,24 + Dan 9,25a + recapturing of Jerusalem in June 7. 1967 says it is the year 2016/2017.
Dan 9,27 + Dan 12,12 + Matt 24,27 + current events points to the fall of 2016.
Matt 24,32-34 points to a year before May 1948 + 70 years = before 2018.
Matt 24,14 + internet age = the gospel has been preached all over the world. Not all will hear.
The 6 trumpets of Rev 8-9 has blown (1914-2015). Inving Baxter can teach you. Gods wrath is next.
Extra, on the mark of the beast:
In Rev 14,9-12 we are warned, NOT to take the mark of the beast. Those that do will have no rest day under
Gods wrath. Don’t take it on your forehead (believe it) or on your hand (practice it). Do not have the sun
day as your holy day.
Keep Gods 10 commandments. Take the seal of God, which is Sabbath observance (the 4. Command). The
4. Commandment states the name of God (Lord), the title of God (Creator), His territory (Heaven and
And my advice is not to take any injections into your body at all. It might be filled with fowled substances.
Even watch for materials added to your processed food. And I mean more than the usual chemicals.
Extra, about the raptures:
A Jewish newlywed husband were exempted from military service the 1. Year of his marriage (Deut 24,5).
The 144.000 (first fruit) is in heaven before the 7 wraths of God comes (Rev 14,4; Rev 15,2). This points to a
limited pre-trib rapture in the fall of 2015 (Sept. 14?). Before Messiah returns as the Prince in the fall of
2016 (Last trump = Last fall feast of God in Oct. 23?). Pray that you will be counted worthy to escape all
these things (Luk 21,36).
God will make the whole world observe the sabbatical year in this last year of this world (Rev 16). Nothing
will grow during this tribulation.
There are 3 harvests in Israel: first barley, then wheat and last grape (crushed).
There should be 3 harvests of a field: first fruit, then main harvest and lastly the 4 corners (for the pour: Lev
There are mentioned at least 2 harvests in Rev 14.
At the last trump the angles will go to the 4 corners of the world (Mark 13,26-27). This points to the posttrib gathering. Like Lot out of Sodom, dragged by angles just before the total destruction. Abraham were
already with Messiah, pleading for the city where his friends were = pre-trib rapture.
Pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib? You can find verses supporting all 3 raptures/gatherings. This is the reason of
the confusion.
Extra, about Gods 10 commandments in the last days:
In the investigative judgment (Son of the kings wedding in Matt 22,1-14), the worlds observes if God is
loving and Just at the same time, when He judges his people.
The following is not an attempt to add something to the bible. It is an attempt to state what Gods purpose
is with us. And now God is in the center of the 10 commandments.
Here follows a reformulation of the 10 commandments:
1: The Lord is God.
2: The Lord judges all, based upon your love for Him.
3: The Lord, you shall honor.
4: The Lord created all, including you. Remember it by keeping the sabbath.
5: The Lord has created life to last long (eternal) and be good.
6: The Lord has created life sacred, you must not kill.
7: The Lord has created life pure, so don’t become unclean with the spirits of the world.
8: The Lord gives you His Righteousness, by faith alone. You can not ”steal” it.
9: The Lord sends His prophets to you. Newer say they bear false witness.
10: The Lord gives you a place in His work. Do not covet a ”higher” position.
Extra, mostly to The Seventh Day Adventists, from my sermon held at March 14. 2015:
The advent movement leaders have been tested on all Gods 10 commandments. From number 1. In perfect
1844: com. 1-3: The Lord is an honored God. He judges all now.
1846: com. 4: The Lord has created all. Remember it by keeping the sabbath.
1865: com. 5: The health message is the road to a longer and better life.
1917: com. 6: Even in war time you cannot kill (not on the sabbath either). DIVISION.
1936: com. 7: Don’t salute the unclean spirits behind the war lords. DIVISION.
1949: com. 8: You receive Righteousness, by faith alone.
1986: com. 9: My prophet speaks the truth. Don’t drag in uneven yoke. DIVISION.
2012: com. 10: Satan coveted a higher position than then one I gave him in my work. Don’t repeat that
mistake. DIVISION.
Now I have found an interesting pattern match for these years of the 10 commandments in the Orion stars.
You can see the explanation of the Orion stars at www.lastCountdown.ord (John Scotram). John uses the
Orion stars to arrive at the wrath of God starting in October 25. 2015 and the return of Messiah in
October 24. 2016. This coincides with the biblical prophecies mentioned above. About date setting and
“no one knows the day and hour”, I can refer you to the works of John Scotram too.
(On the internet you can find many that points to the Hebrew year of 2015/2016 as the year of the Lord.
Including a financial collapse at September 2015.)
Com. nr 1-3: By December of 1844, the Advent movement leaders acknowledges that God has started the
investigative judgment.
Com. nr 4: By 1846, the Advent movement leaders acknowledges that the sabbath is the true rest day. And
they begin to keep it, as well as they understand it.
Com. nr 5: By 1865/66, the Advent movement leaders acknowledges the health message = new light from
the throne of God. The right arm of the gospel they call it.
Com. nr 6: In 1917, the Advent movement leaders allows Adventist to kill people in the war, ALSO on the
sabbath. SDRM in Germany emerges.
Com. nr 7: In 1936, the Advent movement leaders in Germany salutes the god that is behind Hitler’s power.
Com. nr 8: In 1949/50, the Advent movement leaders implements righteousness by faith, alone.
Com. nr 9: Gods people have always stoned (spritely) the prophets that Gods sends. When they give clear
warnings about who Gods enemy is, we shall not drag in uneven yoke with them. The prophets bear true
witness from God. ”
No to: Trash heap, Gold medal, RCC ecumenical in Assis 1986, Creation Sabbath”
Com. nr 10: Satan coveted to be equal to the Most High (Es 14,12-17). So God had to give him a lover place,
than the one he first had. Later on Satan tempted Eve to be like God, to know good and evil. Miriam (Num
12); Datan and Cora (Num 16) tried this path too. With very little success. It is dangerous to covet a position
that God had not given you, in His work.
”North German Union, Columbia Union and Pacific Union: ordained women in 2012”. I wish that SDA
GC/TOSC cancels the voting in July, based on BIBLICAL REASONS.
But there is a problem: ”regarding gays using the SDA name and the GC sued that group over it. The GC lost
because they are a 501(c)3 organization and they must comply to all the anti-discrimination laws.”
Summary: stop the collaboration so we can preach the 3 angles messages. As I see it:
1) We shall stop our ecumenical work (WCC-Babylon)
2) We shall stop our collaboration with the Catholic Church
3) We shall listen to EGW
4) We shall preach the 3 angles messages
5) We shall apply the 10 commandments in our leadership
6) We shall be independent of governments
7) We shall hope/expect Messiah’s soon return.
Note to SDA: The exaltation of the sun day in Sunday laws has been since 1961 (Blue laws) in US, and also
in Germany. The Sunday laws will be strengthened under Gods wrath. The union of the government and
the church in US is in place too (501(c3) organizations).
Extra, Gods love declaration for you – the 10 commandments once more:
1: I am the Lord,
2: that judges all, based on My love command,
3: to my glory.
4: I created you
5: to live for ever with me.
6: But you had to die
7: the day you made yourself unclean with the spirits of this world.
8: To save you, I gave you My Righteousness.
9: And to you, I sent My prophets, that speaks the truth.
10: So that you again will be satisfied with the place I give you in my work.