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Insurance Event Activity Cards
1. You get food
2. You are having a
poisoning and visit
baby and need
the emergency
medical care.
3. You hit a tree
4. After back
with your car and
surgery, you are
you need to
unable to work
repair it.
for six months.
5. Your house is
destroyed by a
tornado and you
need to rebuild.
7. You break your
leg playing
basketball and
are unable to
work for three
11.There is a fire in
your apartment
and you need to
replace all of
your clothes and
furniture due to
smoke damage.
6. You are elderly
and need
assistance to
continue living
at home.
9. You have a water
leak in your home
and need to
replace the
flooring and
cabinets in your
10.You are in a
serious accident
and although
you do not need
to be in the
hospital, you
require full-time
13.You invite people 14.While driving a
15.An unexpected
to your apartment
car, you cause
death of a family
and a guest trips
an accident that
member results
over a pair of
injures someone
in funeral
snow boots and
breaks a finger.
8. You lose control
of your car and it
rolls. You now
need to repair
your car.
12.Someone breaks
into your
apartment and
steals your
16.A sudden death
of a family
member results
in loss of
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