Window Covering Guide

Covering Guide
This will be fun
Window coverings are a big part of the mood
and beauty of your home. They really give you
a chance to express yourself and establish
your personal style. And being able to show
your creativity is what makes choosing window
coverings such a great experience.
This design guide from Shade-O-Matic ® is the
perfect place to begin your quest for window
coverings that do everything you want them
to while also capturing your personal style.
And don’t forget, your Shade-O-Matic ® authorized
Window Covering Specialist is happy to work
with you to find the best solutions. With their help,
you can be extra sure that your made-to-order
Shade-O-Matic ® window coverings will be exactly
right for your home.
The Shade-O-Matic ®
Plus System
There are four key things to consider
when choosing window coverings.
Just think PLUS.
P rivacy
How much do you want to see out?
How much do you want people to be
able to see in? Does that change from
daytime to nighttime?
L ight Control
Are people sleeping, watching TV or
using a computer inside? Do you have
furniture, artwork, carpets or other
valuable possessions you want to
protect from UV rays?
U sability
Will it be easy to open and close
both your window coverings and
your windows? Are they safe for
kids and easy to maintain?
S tyle
How does this fit in with your decor,
furniture, fabrics, carpets and wall
colours? How does it enhance
the room and make the most of
your windows?
The first three, Privacy, Light
Control and Usability, are the practical
considerations of which you should take
note. Figuring these out will ensure that
your window coverings do everything you
need them to do. And then there’s Style.
This is the part that lets you express
yourself through colours, fabrics, textures
and decorating ideas.
Getting the Privacy
and Light Control You Want
These two considerations usually go
together. Here are some ideas to ask
your Shade-O-Matic ® authorized Window
Covering Specialist about:
> R
oller or Roman shades provide
complete window coverage in sunscreen,
room-darkening or decorative fabrics.
> C
ellular and Pleated shades come in
non-sheer materials with versions that
provide a soft light by day and privacy
by night, and a daytime/nighttime option.
Wood Blind
> H
orizontal blinds, vertical blinds and
shutters allow as much or as little light
as you like.
> W
oven wood blinds are made of natural
materials and filter the light, adding a
dramatic look to your decor.
Cellular Shade
Assessing Your Usability Needs
Here are some things to look for:
> W
ill the window treatment you select
allow the window to be fully functional
and easily cleaned? Be sure that blinds
mounted inside the window frame won’t
interfere with windows that tilt or crank
inward to open.
> A
re you interested in improving your
home’s energy efficiency? Shutters,
Cellular Shades, Pleated Shades and
Roller Shades will help.
> D
o you have children? All our window
coverings have child safety features
designed to help protect your children.
> Is your window location hard
to reach or are you covering an
overhead skylight? Automated
blinds are a user-friendly solution.
> A
re your windows in a bathroom
or kitchen where humidity can be a
problem? PVC, poly-satin, faux wood
or aluminum are good choices here.
Muskoka Wood
Horizontal Blind
> A
re you concerned about your
indoor environment? Look for
our GreenProtect™ symbol.
Roller Shade
Setting Your
Personal Style
What’s your personal style?
Here are the leading style
trends and the window
coverings that go with them.
> Shutters
> Lasting Impressions® Pleated Shades
Comfortable, warm and inviting are the key
characteristics. It’s best kept simple, but include
a few antiques or unique pieces to add charm.
Window treatments should allow for soft,
natural lighting.
> Regency Roller Shades
> Woven Treasures Woven Woods
Symmetry is key with furniture and
accessories arranged in pairs or around a
focal point. Rich colours, lacquered wood
and metal furnishings add warmth and luster.
Window coverings should be elegant, with
beautiful woods and decorated fabrics.
Clean lines and bold colours dominate this
style. Monochromatic white or black designs
are popular, but use bold colours to create interest.
Window coverings should be simple.
> Shadow Magic ® Horizontal Shadings
> Moodscapes® Cellular Shades
> Romanelle ® Roman Shades
> Visionelle ® Sheer Vertical Wrap
Roman Shade
> Romanelle ® Panel Track Systems
> Moodscapes® Cellular Shades
> Moderne Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds
> Collection of Colours Vertical Blinds
> Aluminum Horizontal Blinds
Cellular Shade
Homey and classic, this style is understated and
orderly. Use soft, muted colours and floral fabrics.
Sofas and chairs are comfortably upholstered, but
not oversized. Window coverings should be simple
and in neutral colours.
> Visionelle ® Sheer Vertical Wrap
> Muskoka Wood Horizontal Blinds
> Lasting Impressions® Pleated Shades
Pleated Shade
Relaxed and natural, country style brings in the
beauty of the outdoors. Use earthy colours and
natural, durable fabrics. Choose mismatched
furniture rather than a complete set. Window
coverings should allow for plenty of natural light.
> Woven Treasures Woven Woods
> Muskoka Wood Horizontal Blinds
> Shutters
> Moderne Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds
Woven Wood Blind
Designer Tips
There are many ways to approach
your style decisions, so here are
a few to consider:
> C
hoose Shade-O-Matic ® window
coverings that establish your overall
decorating theme and then build on
this look throughout the room.
The Shade-O-Matic ® Window Covering Collection
> E
nhance a current decorating
scheme with fabrics and colours
that complement those already
found in your room. Then add a
dash of spice with contrasting
borders, cording or fringe.
> B
e dramatic: make your windows
the focal point of the room. Consider
a complementary colour, unique
finishes or contrasting borders.
> M
ake your window coverings and
the surrounding walls the same
colour and present your windows
as a study in architectural detail.
Horizontal Blinds
Crisp, clean lines, elegant detail and full control
over light make horizontal blinds a favourite.
Combine these features with an impressive number
of styles, finishes, colours and slat sizes, and you
have the perfect starting point for almost any room
in your home.
> Muskoka Wood Horizontal Blinds
> Moderne Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds
> 2” Grande ® Aluminum
> 1” Appeal ® Aluminum
> 1” Elements® Aluminum
Muskoka Wood
Horizontal Blind
Shades and Shadings
The ultimate in window covering sophistication,
shades and shadings can transform natural light
into a warm, luminous glow. They add classic
beauty and sophistication to any room in your
home. Available in a wide range of colours,
textures and designs, they can be easily adjusted
to control the amount of light or privacy required.
> Shadow Magic ® Horizontal Shadings
> Moodscapes® Cellular Shades
> Lasting Impressions® Pleated Shades
> Regency Roller Shades
> Woven Treasures Woven Woods
> Romanelle ® Roman Shades
Vertical Styles
Vertical window treatments are an attractive
addition to any room, and particularly striking on
patio doors, large window expanses, and bay or
bow windows. You’ve got so many fashionable
choices here. They offer total light control and
allow you to let in as much or as little light
as you like.
> Collection of Colours Vertical Blinds
Roller Shade
> Visionelle ® Sheer Vertical Wrap
> Romanelle ® Panel Track Systems
> Moodscapes® Cellular Vertical
Vertical Blind
> Various shutter styles are available
Shutters are a timeless way to add drama and
elegance to any room. Our beautiful variety
of colours and styles transforms windows into
stunning works of design. Even arched windows
can be part of your seamless look.
Like you, we believe that we are
all responsible for preserving our
environment. GreenProtect™
represents our commitment to
this important goal, both in how
we make our products and how
we conduct our business.
If you’re concerned about your
indoor environment or have family
members who are sensitive to certain
substances in fabrics, look for our
GreenProtect™ symbol.
Fashionable. Affordable. Remarkable.
Shade-O-Matic ® is Canada’s leading designer and manufacturer
of high-fashion, high-quality window coverings. We continue to add
more styles and options for you to choose from, yet one element
remains the same: all of our products are custom-made to ensure
a perfect fit each and every time. It’s easy to see why we can provide
the perfect solution for every window in your home.
All Shade-O-Matic ® products are proudly manufactured in Canada with
child safety features and are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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