kudos - John Burroughs School

As of May 8, 2015
All of the Burroughs students who performed at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival on May 2 received a
rating of 1 (exemplary):
• Solos: Dylan Lee ’16 (cello), Adam Martin ’16 (violin and piano), Julia Riew ’17 (violin) and
Michelle Tang ’16 (violin)
• Ensembles: Julia Riew and Selena Lee ’17 (violin); Adam Martin and Dylan Lee (violin and cello);
Emily McDonnell ’16 (flute), Vickie Williams ’15 (flute), Claire Krupela ’15 (clarinet) and Ryan
Thornton ’15 (bassoon); Madison Ungacta ’15, Amanda Cao ’15, Michelle Tang and Julia Riew
Noah Sock ’17 took first place in the regular division of the American Chemical Society 2015 High School
Chemistry Contest, and Ian Bradley, Jake Kovalic, Henry Arneson, Jon Ince and Caroline Creighton
received honorable mentions. In the advanced division, Amanda Cao ’15 placed second place, and Olivia
Long ’16 received an honorable mention.
Talia Bennett ’15 and her dance partner, Dony’ae Bush, took second place in the 2015 St. Louis Teen
Talent Competition at the Fox Theater in April. On May 11, Talia was inducted into the National Honor
Society of Dance Arts.
The SuperMileage Vehicle Club claimed the Engineering
Award and took first place in the biodiesel category at the 10th
Annual Missouri SuperMileage Challenge in April. The JBS
vehicle registered 149 miles per gallon.
Three JBS students placed in the top five in their events at the
state Future Business Leaders of America competition. They
are William Howlett ’18, who placed first in Introduction
to Business; Jessie Li ’16, who placed third in Business
Communication; and William Meng ’15, who placed fourth
in Business Financial Plan. William Howlett and Jessie will
compete in Chicago at the national competition in June.
SuperMileage Vehicle Club
Alex Keeley ’19 won a $1,500 seed grant for his business plan,
CampSpot, in the final competition of YouthCITIES March-toMay Innovation Bootcamp.
Josh Kazdan ’16 won third place in the 2015 Beverly Hopkins
Memorial Poetry Contest for high schoolers.
The St. Louis Chamber Chorus was named the Most Creative
(Choral) Ensemble in the annual Go! Awards sponsored by the
St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The group’s artistic director, Philip
Barnes (Classics), was recognized for Best Program Notes.
Alex Keeley ’19
Drew Battles and John Pierson (Theatre, Speech and Dance) appeared in the St. Louis Actors Studio
production of Yasmina Reza’s Art. The show was directed by retired theater teacher Wayne Salomon.
Paul Salomon (Math) will present his research, “Perfect Polyominoes,” at the MOVES (Mathematics of
Various Entertaining Subjects) conference in New York City in August.
Congratulations to students who turned in stellar performances on recent language competitions.
AATF French Competition Results (St. Louis Chapter)
Level 01A/B
1st place: Gabi Moore ’20 & Hugh McKelvy ’20
2nd place: Carrie Zhang ’20 & Court Hyken ’20
3rd place: Jared Mumphard ’20
Level 1A/B
1st place: Carly Galvin ’19 (1st place nationally; highest score & platinum winner!!)
2nd place: Katie Kuhlman ’19, Tyler Palan ’19 & Aidan Taylor ’19 (2nd nationally for level 1A)
2nd place: Stephanie Podgorny ’18 (5th nationally for level 1A)
3rd place: Madison Fuller ’19 (3rd nationally for level 1B)
Level IIA/B
2nd place: Stella Erickson ’18, Morgan Lindsey ’17 & Kelly Schaschl ’18
3rd place: Michelle Fan ’17
Level III
2nd place: Paige Williams ’17
3rd place: Hope Sterkel ’17 & Tallie Williams ’17
Level IV
1st place: Nathan Hoagland ’17
2nd place: Dylan Lee ’16
3rd place: Camille Lo Bianco ’16
Level V
1st place: Colin Harkins ’15
2nd place: Haley Abramson ’15
3rd place: Damie Choe ’15
AATF French Essay Competition
Awards cited & given to only 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for levels II-V (12 winners in all);
Level IV
1st place: Nathan Hoagland ’17
3rd place: Jessie Li ’16
National Spanish Exam Results
Spanish Level 01 (7th grade)
Gold level winners (at or above 95th percentile) in St. Louis chapter
Tina Chen ’20 (94); 1st place in St. Louis chapter
Silver level winners (at or above 95th percentile) in St. Louis chapter
Alexandria Latuda ’20 (86); 2nd place St. Louis chapter
Amy Phillips ’20 (83); 3rd place St. Louis chapter
Bronze level winners
Isabella Koster ’20 (75); 1st place St. Louis chapter (outside experience)
— More —
Spanish Level I (8th grade OR SPANISH I)
Elle Harris ’19 (99); 1st place in St. Louis chapter
Matthew Fan ’19(99); 2nd place in St. Louis chapter
Shaila Lundal ’19, Abby Meier ’19 (97)
Bella Strawbridge ’19, Tai Griffin ’18 (96)
Michael Kovalic ’19 (95)
Spanish Level III (10th grade)
Gold (at or above 95th percentile):
Jessica Goldberg ’17 (99); 1st place in St. Louis chapter
Noah Sock ’17 (98)
Aidan Reid ’17 (97)
Spanish Level IV (11th grade)
Gold (at or above 95th percentile):
Emily McDonnell ’16, Grayce Nieberle ’16 (98)
Alexandra O’Neal ’16, Shoshana Williams ’16 (97)
Sophie Hurwitz ’17 (96)
Alex Robiolio ’16 (81); 1st place St. Louis chapter (outside experience)
National German Exam Results
St. Louis Chapter
Winners placing in the top 10% in St. Louis
Level II (9th grade)
Audrey Jones ’18 - Gold medal - 99%ile - 2nd place
Nick Kime ’18 - Gold medal - 99%ile - 4th place (won the AATG 3 weeks study trip to Germany
this summer)
Adam McAllister ’15 - Gold medal - 97%ile - 6th place
Sammy Hermann ’18 - Gold medal - 91%ile - 16th place
Level III (10th grade)
Ian Bradley ’17 - Gold medal - 93%ile - 4th place
Libby Forsen ’17 - Gold medal - 90%ile - 13th place
Chad Wunderlich ’17 - Gold medal - 90%ile - 13th place
Level IV (11th grade)
Noelle Kinsell- Baer ’16 - Gold medal - 99%ile - 3d place
Ruth Selipsy ’16 - Gold medal - 98%ile - 5th place
Level V (12th grade)
Caroline Adams ’15 - Gold medal - 96%ile - 11th place