Vision benefit savings and other services

Vision benefit savings
Get an eye exam, plus discounts on frames, lenses
and other services
When you enroll in a health plan from UnitedHealthcare, you get 100 percent coverage for a routine eye exam,
after your copayment, when you see a Routine Vision Network provider.
In addition, you save even more when you purchase eyewear through our network of vision providers. Take
advantage of discounts on frames, and lenses, including access to discounts for laser vision correction surgery.
Review your health plan benefit information for details.
See the clear savings.
Routine exam
Covered 100 percent after your office visit copayment
Up to a 30% discount off retail price
10% discount at participating Walmart® and Sam’s Club® locations
Eyeglass lenses
Single vision lenses
You pay $45 or less, if retail cost is lower
Trifocal lenses
You pay $95 or less, if retail cost is lower
Bifocal lenses
Contact lenses2
No limit on network purchases
Fitting and materials
(includes disposable lenses)
Up to a 20% discount
Disposable lenses only
You pay total cost
Non-disposable lenses
You pay $65 or less, if retail cost is lower
Up to a 20% discount
No limit on purchases from network private practice providers
Frame discounts do not apply when prohibited by frame manufacturer.
Contact lens discounts apply to private practice locations only.
Discounts do not apply at most retail locations.
Access to laser vision
correction discounts
You will have access to discounts for laser vision
correction procedures through our partnership with
the Laser Vision Network of America. See the back
side for details.
Learn more about eye wear and discounts
Top manufacturers and importers provide all the frames you purchase from our network providers. And all of our
frames come with warranties against defects. You can choose from the most popular styles, available for all ages
and tastes.
We work with top national labs to make sure the power and size of your lense are right the first time. You also can
get great prices on different lens options including progressive, anti-reflective, UV coatings and tints.
Laser vision correction
While laser vision correction is not a covered benefit, UnitedHealthcare has partnered with the Laser Vision
Network of America to provide our members with access to discounted laser vision correction providers. Members
receive 15% off usual and customary pricing, 5% off promotional pricing at over 500 network provider locations
and even greater discounts through set pricing at LasikPlus locations. For more information, call 1-888-563-4497
or visit us at
What does that mean?
Network/network provider: A group of eye doctors
or vision care facilities that have contracts with an
insurance company to provide care or services at
special rates; also called “in-network” or “participating
network” provider
Non-network provider: An eye doctor or vision
facility that does not participate in our network; may
provide services at a higher cost; also called “out-ofnetwork” or “non-participating network” provider
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Information for individuals residing in the state of Louisiana or have policies issued in Louisiana: Health care services may be provided to
you at a network health care facility by facility-based physicians who are not in your health plan. You may be responsible for payment of all or part of
these fees for those non-network services, in addition to applicable amounts due for copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and non-covered services.
Specific information about network and non-network facility-based physicians can be found at or by calling the toll-free Customer Care
telephone number that appears on the back of your health plan ID card.
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