Coffee Drinks Hot Drinks

Coffee Drinks
Hot Drinks
 Lattes (espresso and steamed milk)
Coffee Latte
Caramel Latte
Hazelnut Latte
Vanilla Latte
Amaretto Latte
Soy Latte
Choose from any of our other flavors
 Mochas (espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate)
Chocolate Mocha
White Chocolate Mocha
Mint Chocolate Mocha
Half Moon Mocha
Raspberry Chocolate Mocha
Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha
Strawberry Chocolate Mocha
Milky Way Mocha
Cappuccinos (espresso and all foam)
Americano (espresso and hot water)
Hot Tea
Caramel Macchiato (espresso, steamed milk, foam, vanilla, and caramel)
Hot chocolate
Steamers (steamed milk and the flavor of your choice)
Macchiato (a shot of espresso, a dollop of foam)
Chai tea latte (spiced chai tea steamed with milk)
Seasonal beverages (spiced cider, egnogg latte, and more)
Cold Drinks
 Iced Coffee
 Tazo Iced Tea
 Iced Lattes — in all flavors
 Iced Mochas — in all flavors
 Iced Caramel Macchiato
 Italian Soda
 Iced chai Latte
 Iced Americano (espresso mixed with cold water)
Smoothies & Blended Drinks
Specialty Mezzaccinos
 Mixed Fruit Smoothie
 Mint Mocha Mezzaccino
 Mango Smoothie
 White Chocolate Raspberry
 Strawberry Banana Smoothie
 Chocolate Chip Mezzaccino
 Raspberry Iced Tea Freeze
 Milky Way Mezzaccino
 Mango Iced Tea Freeze
 Oreo Mezzaccino
 Death By Chocolate
 Peanut Butter Mezzaccino
 Coffee Mezzaccino
 Espresso Bean
 Carmel Mezzaccino
 Frozen Hot Chocolate
 Vanilla Mezzaccino
 Chai Tea Latte Mezzaccino
 Mocha Mezzaccino
 Banana Foster
 While Chocolate
 Butterfinger Mezzaccino
Build Your Own
Apple ~ Almond ~ Amaretto ~ Brown
Sugar Cinnamon ~ Caramel ~ Cherry ~
Chocolate ~ Cinnamon ~ Coconut ~
Crème de Menthe ~ Gingerbread ~
Hazelnut ~ Irish Cream ~ Italian Egg
Nog ~ Peach ~ Peppermint ~
Pomegranate ~ Pumpkin Spice ~
Strawberry ~ Sugar Free Mocha ~
Sugar Free Vanilla ~ White Chocolate
~ Wild Raspberry ~ Vanilla
 Half Moon Mezzaccino
Inside the Best Western
Franklin Square Inn
One 4th Street
Troy, NY
Mon-Sat 6am-9pm
Sun 6am—1pm
Smoothies & Blended Drinks
Mixed Fruit Smoothie A delicious blend of our fruit of the day, a little mango and
raspberry sauce, add some ice and it becomes a perfect morning, afternoon or evening
snack. It is both healthy and delicious.
Mango Smoothie- Did you love creamsicles as a kid? We know we did. That is why
have revamped this childhood favorite into a delicious blended drink. Mango sauce,
milk, and ice make this delicious and smooth drink possible.
Strawberry-Banana Smoothie We use two whole bananas, strawberry syrup, half &
half, and ice to create this rich, blended drink.
Coffee Mezzaccino A simple blended coffee drink, without the fuss of other flavors.
This has a refreshing coffee taste that is both sweetened and smooth.
Carmel Mezzaccino A wonderfully sweet blended drink, which resembles a caramel
latte. Perfect with some whipped cream drizzled with caramel.
Vanilla Mezzaccino Who says being vanilla is a bad thing? A classic coffee drink with
vanilla added to make it just that much better. Blended with ice, this drink is a perfect
and classic café specialty.
Mocha Mezzaccino This is for chocolate and coffee lovers alike. A great coffee drink
combined with mocha sauce is a coffee & chocolate lover’s dream! Add whipped
cream and chocolate drizzle to make it heavenly!
Smoothies & Blended Drinks
Milky Way Mezzaccino Here at Mezzaluna Café, we have a special love for candy.
That is why we have created some our favorite Mezzaccinos based on some of our
favorite candy bars. Milky Way was the first we came up with. We united coffee,
chocolate, and caramel to recreate the classic candy bar in blended drink form.
Oreo Mezzaccino Another cookie creation! Oreos and milk were always the after
school snack to have. Why not have it now as an after work snack? We are taking this
old school treat and kicking it up a notch. Three Oreo cookies, coffee, milk and vanilla blended it with ice. Perfect as an after work snack for your inner child.
Death by Chocolate Attention chocolate lovers! Death by chocolate may not be a bad
way to go. Chocolate chips, coffee, mocha, and milk are mixed for a devilishly clever
Peanut Butter Cup Mezzaccino Hey! You got your peanut butter in my chocolate! A
great invention made by accident, peanut butter cups are a fine example of fate. To
please the fates even more, we made peanut butter cups a drinkable dessert. Mocha,
peanut butter, and coffee, blended and topped of with whipped cream and a Reese’s
Peanut Butter Cup.
Espresso Bean Mezzaccino Vanilla, almond, caramel, and espresso beans blended
with ice. The espresso beans give the drink an extra kick of caffeine and texture.
White Chocolate Mezzaccino This blended coffee drink reminds the taste buds of a
smooth milk shake.
Frozen Hot Chocolate How is this possible?! We take Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
packets, milk, ice, and chocolate sauce, and blend it for a perfect contradiction.
Chocolaty and coffee free.
Half Moon Mezzaccino Mocha and White Chocolate Mezzaccinos are layered for a
half moon effect. The tastes of these two chocolates together are like a celebration in
your mouth. The whipped cream drizzled with chocolate enhances the lunar impression.
Chai Tea Latte As if there is not enough we could do with chai tea, we have decided
to blend it with ice. It is sweet and creamy. Your favorite chai taste frozen and delicious. This drink is coffee free.
Mint Mocha Mezzaccino Thin Mints have long been a favorite cookie. Now you can
have this traditional cookie in drink form! Coffee, mocha, mint and ice come together
to for a great cookie treat.
White Chocolate Raspberry Mezzaccino Everybody knows that chocolate and fruit go
together. Well, now we have combined the great taste of raspberry and white chocolate
together for a succulent café inspired drink.
Chocolate Chip Mezzaccino Chocolate chips blended with coffee and vanilla. The
chocolate chips give the drink extra texture for a more pleasurable experience.
Iced Tea Freezes Iced tea blended with ice and your choice of raspberry or mango. It
is cool and refreshing, low fat and low sugar, sweet and satisfying, all in one.
Banana Foster A wonderfully old-fashioned taste of home made banana pudding in a
drink. This drink includes banana, vanilla, caramel, and amaretto (for that special rum
taste). It is a blast from the past that will knock your socks off and make you want to
call home.
Butterfinger Mezzaccino Get your fingers off of my Butterfinger! At Mezzaluna Café,
we encourage you to lay all fingers, and even toes if you want to, on our Butterfinger
Mezzaccinos. We have combined vanilla, caramel and chocolate to recreate a great
candy bar. We even added a ¾ Butterfinger bar into the mix. Our blender works so
well that it blends the bar into a smooth drink. The other ¼ of the bar is given to you
for your enjoyment.
Build Your Own Create your perfect smoothie or Mezzaccino using any of our flavored syrups. Get creative! Strawberry, raspberry, mint, amaretto, hazelnut, almond,
caramel, peach, vanilla, and sugar free vanilla are just some of the flavors you can play