How to use Remote Desktop on iPad and iPhone

How to use Remote
Desktop on iPad and
Setup Remote Desktop with Windows 7 ............... 2
Setup Remote Desktop with Windows XP .......... 11
Allow exceptions in Windows Firewall ............ 12
Allow remote access in the system .................... 15
Setup Remote Desktop with iOS ......................... 19
Q&A ..................................................................... 25
Setup Remote
with Windows 7
In 7 steps you will learn how to set up
Remote Desktop with Windows 7. Each
step has a screenshot to make it easy to
set up Remote Desktop Connection.
Step 1.
Go to Start (the Orb) >
Control Panel > User Accounts
Step 2.
In the Control Panel, click on the
System and Security link
Step 3.
Under System click on Allow
remote access
Step 4.
Select Allow connections only
from computers running Remote
Desktop with Network Level
Authentication under Remote
Desktop. Click Apply.
Note: If you would like to connect using a computer that
does not support Network Level Authentication choose
Allow connections from computers running any
version of Remote Desktop.
Step 5.
Click on the Select Users… button and
click the Add button in the Remote
DesktopUsers window.
Step 6.
Click the Advanced… button in the
Select Users window, click on the Find
Now button to locate the users that you
would like to grant access to via Remote
Desktop, click on the user and click OK
when done.
Step 7.
Click OK for 3 times to exit all of
the dialog boxes.
Your Windows 7 is now
ready to be connected via
Remote Connection.
Setup Remote Desktop
with Windows XP
When you run Remote Desktop
for the first time under Windows XP,
Windows Firewall will be automatically
configured to prevent Remote Desktop
from connecting to your computer.
There should be one exception and it
will not happen unless you have the
Windows Firewall configured to allow
Allow exceptions in Windows
Step 1.
Open the Control Panel,
Double Click the Security
Center applet
Step 2.
When the Security Center
opens, click on Windows Firewall
Step 3.
Make sure you clear the check
box next to Don't allow exceptions.
Allow remote access in the system
Step 1.
The first step is to right-click on My
Computer icon on your desktop, then
click on Properties at the bottom of
the window that is opened.
Step 2.
After you click Properties, you will
get a window like this:
Please click the Remote tab, and
then tick off the box besides Allow
users to connect remotely to this
Step 3.
After selecting Allow users to connect remotely
to this computer, you may choose the users you allow
to access your system at this point. You need to select
remote users here if you want be connected to this
computer with accounts other than the default account
of the local machine. After you finish this step, click
Apply and OK to close the window.
Setup Remote
with iOS
There are several steps which may
help you to setup Remote Desktop on
the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, you
can follow them.
Step 1.
Create a new server: Click the icon to open Remote
Desktop Connection., you will see the screen as
following. Click the new button, you can build a
new server, then there will be a new window.
Step 2.
Set up the information
Ⅰ.You should have a name, and input it in
the first line, Edit Title.
Ⅱ.Type your IP address in the line of Edit
Ⅲ.Your computer’s username should be
input in the Edit Username, and the
password in the Edit Password.
Note: If you forget to full the two lines, then
you need to enter the username and password
every time when it is connected to your
Ⅳ.For the Edit Domain, you can let it empty.
Ⅴ.Don’t forget to save it! Of course, you
didn’t want to have the new server you have
had, you can click Cancel button as well, but
all the information will not be saved.
Note: Do you know how to find the IP address of your computer? If not, please refer
·Windows XP:
·Windows vista:
·Windows 7:
More setting options are in the bottom of this
page, you can choose your favorite ones.
Step 3
After finishing these steps, you
have founded a new server which is
available. You can find it on the home
page easily.
If Remote Desktop can’t be connected to your
computer, the following tips may help you to solve
the problem.
1. Make sure that the information you have
input is correct.
2. Please check whether your computer and iPad,
iPhone and iPod Touch are connected in the
same network system.
3. One other reason why RDP cannot connect to
your computer can be that you are using an
unsupported Windows version.
Hope you can use your iPad,
iPhone or iPod Touch as your
own computer comfortably.
Thank you for your using
the software of our company.
Enjoy it, please!