Newsletter - Jacob Strong Family

The Jacob Strong Family Organization ——
MISSION STATEMENT: To join together in warm congeniality
with the descendants of Jacob Strong for the purpose of coordinating
our efforts to gather, authenticate and share the ancestry and histories of
Jacob Strong and his wives, Sarah Hill and Alice Fish.
Volume 6
June, 2015
Update from the Jacob Strong Family History Committee:
On Saturday, April 11, the Family History Committee met together. Included in the meeting were
Sharon Jeppsen, Judy Fitzgerald, Bud and Viki Strong, Florie Fullmer, Nanette Zastrow, Reed Walsh,
David Walsh, Hannah Greenman, Kathy Calkins, Mary Tibbets, John Marsh, Edie Greenman, Grace
Tibbets, Brian Tibbets, Julie Greenman, Pam Su’a, and Julie Farr. These wonderful people represented
not only Jacob & Sarah Strong through their children James T, William and the Jacob and Alice Walsh
Strong line.
Our President Lynn Strong, has asked to be released due to health issues. Consequently, Bud
Strong accepted the call to serve as the President of the JSFO. It was decided to divide the responsibilities of the Family Genealogist to be better able to utilize modern innovations. Judy Fitzgerald accepted
the call to help Sharon. Judy Fitzgerald will now assume responsibility for coming-up with innovative
ways to make it possible for far-flung and close family members to participate in family history as part of
our family. She will coordinate the efforts of those who desire to participate. Sharon will continue to
make sure that our research is accurate and into the family computer bank.
Other family members are coordinating research and sourcing individual family lines, coordinating the website, finances and newsletter and other things that will unite to keep our family together.
We would LOVE to have more help in coordinating the family needs. Our next meeting will be in
October. If you are interested in participating with us, please contact Bud Strong at
[email protected] so we can let you know when and where the meeting will be!
Research Report
We cannot adequately thank all of you who have donated to our research. The finding of our
beloved ancestors is such a precious and sacred responsibility. Your funds have made possible the
cleaning-up of some of our family lines and the extension of others. We have now gone as far as we can
go with Jacob and Sarah's direct ancestry. You will notice that we have added two additional generations
to Sarah, which are now shown on Family Tree and will soon be on our family website.
We are now turning our attention to the lines of Alice Fish. Some wonderful professional research
on the Fishes was completed over this past year, which we will make available on our family site and on
Family Tree as soon as possible. We were so thrilled at our last meeting to have representatives of the
Walsh and Fish lines and they were very grateful for the progress we have made. What wonderful cousins
we have! As funds become available, we will continue to pursue Alice's lines as far back as we can go. If
you can, please consider donating again to our efforts. We so appreciate it.
100 Year Reunion
Our Jacob Strong Family Organization will be 100 years old in 2016! Plan to come help us celebrate next
summer! The date tentatively set will be June 25, 2016. We are planning to have workshops, fan charts,
activities, and hopefully repeat some of the play, "Why Jacob Went West" (performed in our 1980
reunion). How can you help? So glad you asked! We need:
Stage crew (lighting & sound)
(*Handiwork that turns hearts of children to their fathers (woodwork, quilts, wall
hangings, games, etc.)
If you and/or your family are interested in helping out with the reunion, please fill out the volunteer form on
the last page of this newsletter, and return it as soon as possible.
JSFO Website
Take a few minutes to look through the most incredible website you will ever have the opportunity to see: You will find photographs, stories, histories and tidbits you may not find anywhere
else. New this year you will also find an opportunity to donate to the organization electronically. If you
have questions, things you would like to see added or anything website oriented, contact Christie Kimball
our webmaster at [email protected]
We need your help! Hiring a professional researcher to help us out on various family lines has
drastically reduced our operating funds. We are also planning on the reunion next year. It all takes
money! If any of you could please donate to the family organization we would so appreciate your
help. We have asked for $25 per person per year or $50 per family per year. Please complete the payment
form on the last page of this newsletter and send in with your donation.
New this year on the Jacob Strong Family Organization website ( is a way
for you to send us the money electronically! Just click into the site and click on the donation button and it
will walk you through what else to do.
We appreciate this family so much and all you do to support the research that is going forward.
You are the greatest family there has ever been. We are looking forward to being with you next year for a
great reunion. Thank you so much for all you do.
Dues contribution payment form
If you choose to send a donation by mail, please return with your contribution to Viki Strong,
2715 E. Banbury Road, SLC, Utah 84121
Name _____________________________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________________
Email _____________________________________________________________________
Family Line (which of Jacob’s children are you descended from, or furthest ancestor back that
you know)
100 Year Reunion Volunteer form
If you or your family are interested in volunteering with the 100 year reunion please complete
and return this form to Florie Fullmer, 1511 East 7335 South, Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Phone______________________________ E-mail_______________________________________
Address (street, city, state and zip)
Volunteer in what area/s?
I descend from __________________________________________________________________________
(child of Jacob Strong)