Essential links to prepare for studying in Germany

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Essential links to prepare for studying in Germany
(Please understand that this is only a selection and that you may have to consult more websites for specific needs.)
To learn the German language:
a. Study applicants from abroad generally have to prove that they are sufficiently proficient in the German
language. TestDaF is the central standardized test of “German as a Foreign Language” and provides
foreigners with an opportunity to gain the German language certificate required for admission to higher
education in Germany: (in German language only) Information and help for the preparation
of TestDaF can be found under:
b. The Goethe Institute is the largest organization in the field of German foreign cultural policy. The website
provides information about Germany, language courses they offer and useful links:
Furthermore, Goethe Institute offers special distance learning courses and on line material for German
The Goethe Zentrum Kathmandu in Thapathali is the official cooperation partner for German language
courses and exams in Nepal.
c. The DAAD website includes a section „Learn German“ which provides detailed information on schools and
institutes offering German language courses, online learning methods, on funding organizations and an
overview of all the recognized German language tests and qualifications:
d. The Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO) is a website for learning German. The DUO German courses offer all the
knowledge necessary covering language, knowledge about culture and everyday life, and subject-specific
e. The Deutsche Welle (DW) service offers news from around the world along with analyses and commentaries
in all available languages. Users can also listen to the radio and watch TV on line: and,1595,2068,00.html (in German language only)
For students:
1. Information on the Visa requirements for students are provided by the embassy via:
2. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a registered association and its members are German
institutions of higher education. It supports internationalisation of German universities, promotes German
studies and language abroad and assists developing countries in establishing effective universities and advises
decidions makers on matters of cultural, education and development policy.
a. Through the DAAD provides all the necessary information on studying, research
and living in Germany.
b. Furthermore, the DAAD provides all the necessary information on German universities, course search,
planning the studies, doctorate programs, research, financial support, learning German and living in
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3. Information on preparatory courses which prepare foreign students for the „Feststellungsprüfung“, a test to
assess their suitability for university study:
4. The website of the German Information Center in South Asia provides information on German life, on
business and industry, on education and research, on traveling and learning German and on German
5. Uni-assist currently processes an application for admission to a German higher education institution as long
as the higher education institution is an uni-assist cooperation partner (more than 100 universities). Service
charge for one application is 65-68 Euro and for each additional application is 15 Euro. The advantages lie
in reduced costs and quicker processing:
6. The website offers practical tips and information for foreign students on topics like how to enter Germany,
accommodation, health insurance, tuition fees, matriculation, registration, resident permit etc.:
For researchers:
1. EURAXESS Germany is an information and advice point for internationally mobile researchers wishing to
come to Germany or go abroad to work in research. On this website you can find information on funding
opportunities, job offers, social security and tax issues and other topics relating to researcher mobility:
To find housing:
The website provides information like relevant addresses, job opportunities, housing, shopping, spare time
activities etc. for all the German cities: (in German language
The European Shared-Accommodation Ring (REM) helps finding the right accommodation or rent out your
own flat while you are away, gives advices to landlords and tenants or on rent agreements: and
Accommodation markets for (shared) flats:
• (in German language only)