DISTRICT COUNCIL #5 Denis Sullivan

International Union of Painters & Allied Trades, AFL-CIO
Denis Sullivan
Business Manager
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April 29, 2015
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Here’s the latest update on contract negotiations after our April 27th bargaining
More discussion regarding Foreman language - re-proposed language mirroring
Drywall Finishers.
Discussed Sunday overtime proposal of time and one-half or possible
alternative of uniform work week with weekends optional.
Countered Management’s travel offer of more money for same mileage with
same money for less mileage.
Countered Management’s proposed financial incentive for the Paid Sick Leave
waiver language with potential addition of money on WW Pension.
Discussed Management’s continued proposal of Long’s Health and Welfare informed Management that it is sub-standard to our plan and is detrimental to
portability and movement of manpower with regards to dispatch.
Discussed what to do with currently tested “P-4”; Management will propose
language for Labor’s consideration.
As before, if we receive an offer that is worthy of being brought back to the
membership to review, we will get the message out as soon as possible by posting it
on the website and having copies available at the both Local and the dispatch office.
The next scheduled meeting is the 1st of May; stay tuned for updates.
Your Bargaining Team,
Chris Winters
Greg Flatmo
Cynthia Grant
Fernando Arevalo
Mark Stella
Toby Hoffman
Danny Nunez
For online updates go to www.iupatdc5.org