K2O Scratch Removal/Glass Restoration System

Scratch Removal/Glass Restoration System
Glass Technology has engineered another innovative breakthrough with the new Scratch Hog Glass Restoration
System; the most effective and user-friendly glass restoration system ever developed. It removes severe
scratches and hard water stains other systems can’t touch!
Advanced Design and Superior Results
Common sense dictates that if you want to remove a scratch,
then you must remove some of the glass to get to the bottom
of the scratch.
The fact is there is no other way to effectively remove scratches
and restore glass to its original clarity. While other systems try
to sell you on the latest illogical approach, Glass Technology
combines innovative technology and real science to produce
superior results.
• The Scratch Hog System safely goes 4 times deeper than
other methods and removes mild to severe scratches with
little or no visible distortion. This will allow you to take on
scratch repair jobs that your competitors reluctantly have to
turn down.
• The Scratch Hog uses a series of advanced glass cutting
discs created by a patented micro-replication process. This
breakthrough technology forms the discs by applying
microscopic 3-D structures in a uniform pyramid pattern to
a special backing material. Each disc is graded by micron
size and color-coded to help you select the proper disc
depending on the severity of the scratch.
We are driven to search for the best solutions, perpetually improve our products and passionately seek
the best results.
• The Scratch Hog pumps distilled water from a portable reservoir through this
industrial grade Center Water Feed Machine. Other systems can leave the
cutting surface hot and dry with only a hand-held spray bottle that is not
up to the task. Feeding an ample supply of water through the center of the
glass cutting disc accomplishes 3 key purposes:
1. Water activates the cutting properties of the Scratch Hog’s patented
cutting discs.
2. Water spins through the cutting disc and flushes away ground glass to
expose new layers and provide you with a clean and clear work surface.
3. Bathing the glass with water as you work maintains a controlled, safe
temperature. Other systems generate extreme temperatures that risk
cracking the glass and eliminating your profit.
• The Scratch Hog System uses the highest quality finishing polish. Glass
Technology offers two great choices: Diamond Fast Powder or Diamond Fast
Liquid, which is conveniently premixed. These superior polishes enable you to
quickly restore the luster and clarity of the glass back to a like-new condition
including hard water stained glass.
At Glass Technology, we are passionately driven to search for the best solutions
and improve our products to achieve the best results. This commitment to
provide the highest quality products in the industry is evident throughout our
entire line of products. That is why you will never hear us claim that our system
magically lifts out scratches or mysteriously moves glass molecules to fill in the
void, or any other illogical theory. With the Scratch Hog System, as with all of
our products, you get a system based on proven research that delivers proven
professional results.
The Scratch Hog
Easy to Operate, Fast and Profitable
The Scratch Hog System is designed to help you perform professional glass
restorations in a timely manner, which will produce satisfied customers
and higher profits for you.
• The Scratch Hog is easy to operate and fast. Some competitive systems attempt
to polish away the entire scratch, a time consuming process that will greatly
diminish your profits. Others use compounds in slurry form, which can be
messy, bulky and costly. The speed and efficiency of the Scratch Hog System
is unparalleled. The Scratch Hog enables you to quickly and safely get to the
bottom of the scratch and then polish the glass back to like-new condition.
• The Scratch Hog System reliably delivers professional results time after time
without any need for magic or expensive compounds. We accomplish this by
combining sound, innovative technology with the finest components and the
best support in the industry.
• High demand means profits for you. The same attributes, quality of
performance, ease of operation and speed, that enable the Scratch Hog to
perform the finest restorations in the industry also make it a highly profitable
system to operate. With standard glass scratch removal rates in the industry
being $60.00 to $100.00 per hour, you can see the benefits of getting into
this emerging industry.
The Scratch Hog is a great addition to your existing business or as a stand-alone
business operation. Either way, this restoration system gives you a substantial
competitive advantage in your marketplace. The market for the Scratch Hog
includes such applications as glass damaged during new construction, storefront
graffiti damage, water-stained glass, scratched glass furniture, scratched
automotive glass, manufactured glass products and many other applications. The
Scratch Hog is designed to remove scratches from all types of glass, including
automotive glass, mirrors, and tempered glass, as well as commercial and
residential glass. All this translates into profits for you.
We’re successful because our customers are successful!
In addition to producing the world’s highest quality restorations, Glass Technology arms you with everything
you need to succeed.
Free Factory Training
Glass Technology’s commitment to your success goes beyond selling you the
best equipment in the industry. When you purchase any Glass Technology
system, you receive Free Hands-On Training with your new system at our
facility in Durango, Colorado.
• Our technicians will instruct you on how to remove all types of scratches,
acid graffiti and hard water stains.
• You’ll learn all of the tricks of the trade so you can perform superior
restorations that will be the envy of your competitors.
• Free hands-on factory training can give you the head start you need to
generate revenue quickly with your new Scratch Hog System.
Free Technical Support
At Glass Technology, support is always there, whether you are in the middle of a
restoration and need immediate help or you need an opinion on your next ad.
Call us anytime between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday, and you will
find that the Glass Technology Support Team is here to help you.
Professionals choose Glass Technology systems to get the most professional results.
When you purchase a Scratch Hog Scratch Removal System, Glass Technology
makes a commitment to you to deliver leading edge technology and innovation
backed by the best training and support. This commitment is what creates
market leaders and generates superior solutions for you and your customers.
Our goal is to keep your customers coming back to you and insure a successful
future for your business.
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