Gold Shield Oil Service Plan Brochure

Service Terms and Conditions:
•This contract does not cover any parts or labor aside from those
outlined on previous pages.
•Service Plan must be activated on account prior to performance
of any covered maintenance and repairs and/or labor discounts.
•This agreement includes one (1) cleaning per contract year. This
cleaning is to be performed within the contract year, during
regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.).
•IT Landes retains the right to make necessary repairs and
replacements to parts NOT covered by the contract to insure the
safe and optimum operation of your heating system.
•All service and items not covered by the service plan will be
billed at our current rates with a 10% labor discount. Service
performed outside of regular business hours is subject to billing
at prevailing after-hours rates.
•IT Landes reserves the right to cancel this contract without
notice to the customer if the customer removes automatic
oil delivery from the account or arranges for oil delivery from
another source.
•IT Landes reserves the right to cancel this agreement if the
balance on the customer’s account is over thirty (30) days.
•IT Landes has the right to inspect equipment that is covered
before accepting this service agreement. Any repairs required at
this time must be paid by the customer. IT Landes reserves the
right to refuse coverage.
Sign-Up is simple...
To begin coverage fill-out and sign the Service
Agreement Contract form. Please return one
signed copy of the contract form along with
payment to:
IT Landes Company
247 Main Street
Harleysville, PA 19438
Please keep a copy of the signed contract and this
pamphlet outlining coverage for your records.
•IT Landes makes no guarantee of safe operation of oil burner
equipment. This agreement is to maintain the customer’s
equipment in general working order.
•This agreement does not cover equipment failure due to:
electrical failure, improper thermostat setting, a blown fuse
or breaker, the burner switch in the off position, inadequate
water in boiler, misuse, tampering, fire, water damage, acts of
God, refusal of oil delivery, defects or leaks in piping, defects in
ductwork, chimney failure, boiler unit failure, contaminated oil
(when not the fault of IT Landes), lack of oil (when not the fault
of IT Landes).
•IT Landes shall not be liable for any direct or indirect
consequential damages in any way arising out of the company’s
performance or non-performance of its obligations under this
agreement, including, but not limited to, injury or death of
person or property, damage of any kind resulting from defects
and/or failure or operation of any of heating equipment or
related items covered under this agreement.
•This is the entire agreement between parties. There are no
promises, terms, conditions, or obligations other than those set
forth herein.
•The term of this agreement is one year, and will be renewed
automatically at prevailing rates, unless cancelled by either party
within thirty (30) days of the billing date. It is the customer’s
responsibility to work with our scheduling department to have
the equipment cleaned within the contract year. Should the
maintenance not be performed, there will be no pro-rating or
extension on the contract.
•IT Landes will provide emergency services as received, based on
the risk to safety, property damage and defective operation. We
reserve the right to respond in that order.
IT Landes offers our oil delivery customers
their choice of 2 maintenance plan options.
Choose the one that best fits your needs.
Gold Shield Base Oil Plan
Entitles you to the following:
• Annual cleaning of the oil burner and flue pipe.
• Inspection of the combustion chamber.
• Installation of new air filter, oil filter and nozzle
(high efficiency air filters are not included).
• Our highly trained and experienced service
technicians will also test and adjust your
heating system to assure maximum efficiency.
• Priority Service preferential scheduling should
a problem arise.
• Save 10% on labor if repairs are necessary on
the covered oil system.
• Reduced Dispatch Zone Fees should repairs be
required on covered equipment.
• System Replacement discount in the amount
of the Gold Shield agreement cost will apply
should the covered system be replaced by
IT Landes.
The Gold Shield Base Oil Plan covers the most
important components to ensure that your oil burner
continues to keep you comfortable throughout
the year (preventive maintenance). Our service
department will schedule the annual cleaning for your
oil burner system. We will put you on our automatic
list reminder system so that you never need to worry
about too much time passing between cleanings.
Sometimes problems do arise that require service
beyond routine maintenance. As an IT Landes
customer, our knowledgeable service technicians are
on-call for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.*
Gold Shield Premier Oil Plan
Entitles you to the following:
• All benefits as outlined in the Gold Shield Base
Oil Plan.
• Plus... repair or replacement of the following parts
at no extra charge, as needed due to normal use
or wear and tear (service to be done during normal
business hours unless constituting an emergency).
•Air Filter (one set)
(Maximum of 2)
•Blower Belt
•Blower Fan
•Blower Motor
(1 speed - 1/3 hp max.)
•Blower Pulley & Shaft
•Burner Coupling
•Burner Fan
•Burner Motor
(1/6 hp maximum)
•CAD Cell Assembly
•Circulator Coupler
•Circulator Motor
(1/6 hp maximum)
•Circulator Motor
•Circular Relay
•Delayed Oil Valve
•Draft Regulator
•Emergency Safety
•Fan Limit Control
•Fuel Filter (one)
cartridge (not the
•Fuel Fill Cap
•Fuel Pump
•Fuel Pump Gaskets
•Fuel Pump Strainer
•Ignition Cable
•Ignition Transformer
•Ignition Wires
•Ignition Porcelains
•Nozzle Adaptor
•Nozzle Line
•Thermostat $20.00
allowance (standard
heating only)
•Zone Valve Motor
•Chamber Repairs
•Coil Cleaning
•Electrical Wiring
•Stack Controls
•Protector Relay Control
•Primary Controls
•System 2000 Manager
•Stove Pipe Replacement
•One-Piece Circulator Direct
•Radiant Heat and Associated
•Piping & Equipment in
contact with heating
system water including, but
not limited to; circulator
bearing assembly, 1 piece
circulator, automatic water
filler, pressure relief valve,
expansion tank, flow valve,
boiler drain & air vent
•Air Damper Motors
•Water Treatment
•Fresh Air Related Problems
•High Efficiency Air Filters &
Replacement; includes Space
Gard Aprilaire
•Heat exchanger & associated
•Coil gasket repair
•Oil tank and tank piping
•Humidifier Filters &
Replacement; includes
Aprilaire, etc
•Draft Inducer Fan & Controls
•Indirect Water Heater &
Associated Controls
•Fuel Oil Line and Blockage
in Line Due to Tank Related
•Damage Resulting From Lack
of Oil When Delivery has been
delayed due to delinquency in
payment, or when customer is
not on automatic delivery
•Problems resulting from
programmable thermostats
•Chimney related problems
•Repairs to radiators/radiation
Optional Add-Ons to Maintenance Plans
Oil Fired Water Heater Option
Available in conjunction with Base and Premier Plans
Of parts listed, those located in main house zone only will be covered.
*Exclusions listed on right.
Includes a cleaning and tune-up for your
separate oil fired water heater system; to be
performed at the same time as your annual
burner maintenance.
Option to Include Additional Heating Zone
*Additional service will be billed at our discounted contract
rate. Please see Terms and Conditions section.
Service performed outside regular business hours is subject
to billing at our prevailing after-hours rates.
Exclusions - Contract does not include FULL parts or labor
coverage for these parts; repairs required for these items will
be at the discounted rate. No plan covers the following parts.
Priority Service preferential scheduling, should a
problem arise.
Save 10% on labor repairs on the covered
oil system.
Reduced Dispatch Zone Fees should repairs be
required on covered equipment.
System Replacement discount in the amount of
the Gold Shield agreement cost will apply should
the covered system be replaced by IT Landes.
Available only in conjunction with our Gold Shield
Premier Oil Plan
$25.00 per added zone
For systems operating with two or more
thermostats; includes circulator motor,
circulator coupling, circulator relay,
zone valve motor and thermostat ($20
allowance, heating only). No labor charges
are covered, coverage is for cost only of
parts outlined above. Each zone covered
must be specified by listing location of