The Challenge of Measuring Workplace Spirituality Dirk van

The Challenge of Measuring Workplace Spirituality
Dirk van Dierendonck, RSM Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Louis Fry, Texas A&M University – Killeen, USA
The PDW aims to provide a forum for prospective researchers to jointly discuss the challenge of
measuring workplace spirituality in its different facets. Its aim is to help shift the focus of spirituality
research towards a more empirical approach; taking into account the rigor and relevance of
evidence-based management research. This PDW offers an opportunity to help shape high quality
spirituality research. The workshop facilitators will start by giving an overview of current-day
workplace spirituality measurement. This will be followed by round table discussions where
attendees will work to develop an agenda for action for their own research. The PDW is also mend
to help attendees build collaborations with others studying similar topics. It is expected that the
different expertise and interests that attendees bring to the workshop will help generate creative
approaches for future workplace spirituality research.