The Neurobiology of Learning: Teaching creativity and spiritual

The Neurobiology of Learning: Teaching creativity and spiritual meaning
Michelle French
Mount St. Mary’s University
More than half of post-secondary students attend college with the goal of discovering their
purpose and meaning in life. Given the hunger felt by both college students entering the
workforce and by established workers to find a meaning in life greater than the self, it is
imperative that professors of management have tools to help future employees and managers
develop this spiritual asset. Neuroscience and cognitive science research provide rich data on
how the brain learns and ways in which to help students both retain new information and
develop fresh insights as a result. The workshop will cover how the brain learns, the process for
the transfer of learning to creative applications, and the practical strategies that correlate with
this research to improve students’ learning success. This information will be applied to teaching
students to identify meaning in life, as well as develop methods to experience meaning in work.