How may spirituality be manifested in management and leadership

Concerns: Summary for brochure ESADE conference on Spirituality and Creativity in
Management World Congress in April 2015
Full final title of PDW:
How may spirituality and creativity be manifested in management and leadership
Presenters / organizers:
1. Miriam Subirana, PhD; organisation: Yesouisi, address: Calle Pelai 44,
08001 Barcelona, Spain, Tel. +34 933 018 195.
2. Joep C. de Jong, ing; JLS International BV, address: Stelling 46, 1981 LL
Velsen-Zuid, The Netherlands, Tel +31 654 396936.
NB Both Miriam and Joep are associated with IDEIA, website address
We will focus on the experience of how spirituality and creativity served us in our
daily practices as a) leader of a spiritual organization (Miriam) and b) in a for profit
business environment (Joep) and what current developments we see. We will engage
with the participants in a generative dialogue around meaning making of our
experiences and those of the participants.
Our workshop is supported through mindfulness and meditation in order to
demonstrate how, as practitioners and scholars we try through our own practice to
answer the question: ‘How may spirituality be manifested in management practice?’
We will concentrate in particular on an approach that facilitates the flourishing of
collective wisdom, Appreciative Inquiry.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NB. We have seen your request to possibly shorten the PDW to 2 hours. Miriam and
I really would prefer a 3 hours slot AND are aware that it is important to create space
for as many voices as possible. We will therefor respect your decision if you need to
reduce the length of our workshop to two or 2,5 hours. Also it would be highly
appreciated if you could honour Miriam’s wish – communicated separately to you –
because of her international travel schedule.