Scientific Program: Update

JUNE 2015
Registration is open
We encourage you to take
advantage of early
registration fees until 31 July
2015 to attend the
symposium. To register,
please go to this site:
Ten pre- and 16 postsymposium workshops are being considered.
The last day for
participant registration
is 1 July 2015! You can
register here:
Bursary Awards
ISVEE 14 will offer a
minimum of 10 bursaries to
graduate students or
delegates from countries
with low-income or lowermiddle-income economies.
Applicants from other
countries can be considered.
For more information, go
Scientific Program: Update
The organizing commitee of ISVEE 14 is very grateful for the
professional service provided by 15 scientific committee
members and 45 designated reviewers
who recently completed a peer-review process for selection of
430 abstracts for oral presentation and 430+ abstracts for poster
presentation. A total of 862 abstracts were submitted for poster
(n = 144) or oral presentation (n = 718) by 628 authors from 54
countries. Following a recommendation by the ISVEE
International Management Committee, ISVEE delegates will
be allowed to present one oral presentation only, so more
delegates have the opportunity to present their work by using
the oral platform. During the peer-review process, 582 of 718
abstracts were initially considered for oral presentation (i.e.,
abstracts with two scores of nine or higher assigned by both a
Alfredo Dájer, President of the
Organizing Committee of ISVEE14
Air Travel to Merida
Please check with your travel
agency or go on-line for best
options to fly into or reach
Merida (MID). There are nonstop flights to Merida from
Mexico City (MEX), Houston
(HOU), and Miami (MIA).
You can also fly to Cancun
(CUN) then take a bus or a
rental car to Merida (308 km
or 192 miles) (4h30min ride
by bus ; 3h30min frive by car).
Hotels in Merida
We have selected seven hotels
that you can consider during
your stay in Merida. Three
hotels are located in the Hotel
Zone (Hyatt Merida, Ibis
Merida, and Fiesta
Americana), two are on Paseo
de Montejo (El Conquistador
and Victoria Merida), and two
more are in the historic part of
Merida (Caribe Merida and El
Castellano). In addition, there
are two hotels (Fiesta Inn and
Holiday Inn Express) near the
Convention Center Siglo XXI
that you can consider. To
check rates and make
reservations, please go here:
JUNE 2015
scientific committee member and a designated reviewer; the
maximum score by each reviewer = 15). Ninety-seven authors had
two or more abstracts initially considered for oral presentations, and
they were asked to select one. This action allowed to initially select
430 abstracts for oral presentation by 430 authors. Currently, the
scientific committe is in a process for selecting 43 (10%) additional
abstracts for backup oral presentation from a pool of 152 abstracts
with two scores of nine or higher assigned by a scientific committee
member and a desisgnated reviewer. The plan is to produce a first
and a second draft of the scientific program in August and September
2015, respectively. For more information about the scientific
program (i.e., keynote speakers and two mini-symposia on One
Health and National Veterinary Services), please visit the ISVEE 14
website at
Social Program: Update
We are planning daily social activities for ISVEE delegates and
their families. On Day 0 (Monday, 2 November), you are
invited to attend a Welcome Cocktail at Fiesta Americana
Hotel’s Terraza Montejo from 18.00h to 19.30h (cost is
included in the registration). On Day 1 (Tuesday), the Master
of Preventive Veterinary Medicine and One Health Institute at
the University of California, Davis invite you to attend a
MPVM-One Health Reception from 20.00h to 22.00h at Fiesta
Americana Hotel (no charge). This event will be an opportunity
to reconnect with colleagues and learn about UC-Davis
programs. On Day 2 (Wednesday), we are organizing a Social
Gathering in Izamal, an
important site of Maya
civilization during 600-800 AC.
After the Spanish conquest of
Yucatan, a Franciscan
Monastery was built during
(on top of one
of the Mayan
temples PapHol-Chac,
home of
Izamal was visited by Pope John Paul II in 1993. Today,
Izamal is a colonial town 70 km (40 miles) East from Merida; a
45 to 60-minute bus ride from the Convention Center. ISVEE
JUNE 2015
delegates will have the opportunity to socialize and network during the bus rides to/from Izamal,
dinner (exquisite Yucatecan cuisine) at the atrium of the Monastery, walking around Izamal’s Main
Square, visiting the Franciscan Monastery, or the Cultural and Handcraft Center. Departure time is
17.45h from the Convention Center Siglo XXI. Arrival time is 18.45h. Dinner time is from 19.00h to
21.30h. Departure to Merida City is 22.00h and arrival time is 23.00h (Cost is 35 USD per person;
includes bus transportation and dinner). On Day 3 (Thursday, 21.00h to 22.00h), you can enjoy
Yucatecan music and dance at Parque Santa Lucía in the downtown area (open to the public; no charge). Finally, On Day 4
(Friday, 19.30h to 1.00am Saturday), you are cordially invited to attend the ISVEE 14 Banquet at
Quinta Montes Molina (400 meters from Hotel Fiesta Americana on Paseo de
Montejo). The Banquet program includes: String Orquestra of the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán
from 19.30h to 21.00h; dinner from 20.00h to 21.00h; Folkloric Ballet of the Universidad Autónoma
de Yucatán from 21.15h to 22.00h; ISVEE Awards from 22.15h to 23.00h; and Live Music (Salsa)
from 23.00h to 1.00h (Cost is included in registration of ISVEE delegates; cost for companions in $80
USD per person).
Call for Proposals to Host ISVEE 16
The ISVEE International Management Committee (IMC) is now accepting proposals to host ISVEE
16 in year 2021. Guidelines for preparation and submission of proposals are included in the ISVEE
Bylaws (Addendum A) and are posted here For more information, please contact Arjan Stegeman, chair of the ISVEE IMC via email at [email protected] Contact information of all members of the ISVEE IMC is posted here
For more information about ISVEE 14 Yucatan 2015, please contact Jose Alberto Erales at
[email protected] or Jorge Hernandez at [email protected]