Moth communities – ecology and evolution of species

Invitation to Seminar Talk
Moth communities – ecology and evolution of
species-rich insect assemblages
Konrad Fiedler
University of Vienna
Host: Sylvia Cremer
Communities of organisms are being structured by an interplay between
evolutionary and ecological drivers. These driving factors typically act at different
scales in space and time. I use examples from species rich moth communities,
surveyed across ecological gradients, to address a variety of questions related to
community assembly and drivers or biodiversity. Overall, despite their high mobility
moth communties tend to neatly reflect gradients in local environmental factors.
This hints to the prominent role the biotic interactions play between moth larvae
(mostly herbivores) and the vegetation of their habitats. On the other hand, certain
biodiversity patterns result from phylogenetic inertia, thus linking community
structures to evolutionary history.
Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 12:30pm
Seminar Room Mondi 2, Central Building, 1st floor
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