Brain-research Inspired Technologies for Education &

Academy – Industry – Education
VR.NeuroCog lab is inviting you to the first BITE meeting:
Brain-research Inspired Technologies for Education
May 21
June 4-5
On the verge of a new era of interaction technologies and virtual immersion, scientific neuro-cognitive
findings are exciting seeds for applied enhancement of cognition, attention, training and education.
Novel sensing, visualization, haptics and brain technologies, enable leveraging the latest studies in
multisensory integration, virtual presence, embodied-cognition, and neural feedback, to introduce the
next gen of unprecedented human cognitive enhancement and immersive learning interactions.
The conference and hackathon will enable multidisciplinary lectures, unique discussions, and exciting
hands-on explorations jointly with leading scientists, innovative technologists and education experts.
Come and take part in the BITE transformation!
Registration and sponsorship information at the VR.NeuroCog lab site: