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Multiply’s Save as you Gym™ benefit allows you to get up to 60% off monthly gym fees
depending on how often you visit the gym AND an extra 20% off for achieving and
maintaining good fitness levels!
How this benefit works for you
Main members and their partners
Activation fee
Multiply members pay a once-off activation fee to enjoy the gym benefit. The fees for the first and second member who
join the gym are as follows:
Activation Fee
Principal and spouse/partner
Monthly discount
Members can qualify for the following monthly discounts:
Gym Visit Discount of between 20% and 60% based on your average gym visits over a rolling three-month period
but with a maximum of R350.
Fitness Discount of 20% based on the higher of the following two measures:
- Multiply Fitness Assessment result of Good (level 4) or Excellent (level 5). We base this on your latest (not
older than six months) Multiply Fitness Assessment result.
- Multiply FitTrack IndexTM of greater than 30 based on heart rate monitor or pedometer uploads (no self
reported activity) on the FitTrack website.
The overall discount you get cannot be more R450 per member, per month, and we base it on the sum of the two
discounts above.
The table below summarises the Save as you Gym™ benefit:
Activity category
Number of gym visits* a month
Gym visit discount
< = 3 visits*
> 3 - 6 visits*
> 6 - 9 visits*
> 9 - 12 visits*
> 12 visits*
Maximum discount
Fitness discount** Monthly discount
* Visits will be based on average visits over a rolling three-month period. The discount will be applied with a one-month lag.
* * The Fitness Discount will only apply if a member achieves a Fitness Assessment result of Good (level 4) or Excellent (level 5) or a Multiply Fitness
IndexTM of greater than 30.
* * * The total combined monthly discount will not exceed a maximum of R450 per month for members.
You can also earn Multiply points* every time you visit the gym
A maximum of one gym visit per day will be counted
Points per visit
Single member
points limit
Family points limit
9 000
18 000
* Improve your Multiply status and earn more rewards
Before you join
The benefit is based on the standard one-year Planet Fitness retail membership rate, which varies by club type,
and does not apply to any membership specials that Planet Fitness may run.
You need to visit the gym at least twice a month (24 times per year) to enjoy the Save as you Gym™ benefit.
Multiply measures your visits over a rolling 12-month period. If you don’t achieve the 24 visit requirement in
12 months, your monthly discount will reduce to a basic 10% discount on your gym fees. To reactivate your Save
as you Gym™, you don’t need to pay a reactivation fee, but you will have to increase your visits to reach the
minimum 24 visits per month over a rolling 12-month period. When you have reached the 24-visit requirement,
your Save as you Gym™ benefit will be automatically reactivated.
Members are responsible for ensuring that the gym accurately records visits. If the Planet Fitness systems are
offline, members must request to have their visits recorded manually in the register provided at reception.
A transfer between clubs or a membership downgrade requires a once-off administration fee which Planet
Fitness determines.
How do you use this reward?
Members must take their green bar-coded ID document and Multiply membership card to the Planet Fitness
health club of their choice.
Members will complete an application form and will have to pay a card fee.
Members must then call the Multiply contact centre on 0861 88 66 00 within three working days of registration to
pay the once-off activation fee and to specify the account details for the monthly debit order.
Enjoy your work out!