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March 25, 2009
S t u d e n t N e w s p a p e r One More Down for OPSU Rodeo
On This Day 31 A.D.
1st Easter,
according to
Company of
Playing sounds with
style and substance.
Photo Courtesy ofDale Hirschman Seth Schafer had plenty of his teammates helping him out of the chute on his championship round ride Sunday
afternoon in Fort Scott. He not only won the saddle bronc riding, he was also crowned All-Around Cowboy.
Jordan Muncy
Rodeo Reporter
As everyone else on campus began winding down and embarked on spring break activities, the women
and men of the OPSU rodeo team were hard at work looking to secure a victory at the Fort Scott meet.
Fort Scott, Kansas — Planning a trip
over spring break? Well, the Oklahoma
Panhandle State University rodeo teams
made a trip to Fort Scott, Kansas for the
Fort Scott Community College rodeo this
past weekend. Located on the Kansas/
Missouri line, both teams gave it their
best effort to leave a mark in Fort Scott
with the women’s team coming in second
overall and the men third.
As the crowd flocked to Arnold Arena
on Sunday for the championship round,
many Aggies found their names on the
program for the top qualifiers in each
event. The first cowboy of the entire short
round to perform was Quirt McDaniel in
the bareback riding. McDaniel kicked it
off on a good note, receiving a qualified
ride for a combined total good enough
for a fourth place finish. Also qualifying
for the short round was Seth Hardwick,
a regular in short rounds throughout the
Central Plains Region.
In the breakaway roping, several Aggie
women proved their skills by qualifying
for Sunday’s championship round. First
to rope for the Aggies was multiple-event
cowgirl and Colorado native, Becky White.
White showed great consistency with two
solid runs, landing her a fifth place finish.
But the big excitement was soon to take
place. Next to rope for the Aggies was last
year’s regional champion, Katie Jolly. Her
combined total of 6.8 seconds gave her
the lead in the average with six ropers to
go, and one of those was fellow teammate
Whitney Harding. Harding was able to
clock in another great run and tie Jolly for
the title, with both women making Coach
Craig Latham proud.
It was a rough weekend for the saddle
bronc riders of OPSU. Usually filled with
red and blue vests, the short round only
consisted of four Aggie cowboys. Of the
four, Troy Crowser and Cort Scheer faced
some tough luck with the rank horses they
drew. Canadian Tyrel Larsen walked away
as the reserve champion after riding the
crowd favorite, Stuart Little, and before
competing in the championship round
in the bull riding. It was Seth Schafer who
was crowned the champion after thrill-
ing the crowd Sunday afternoon, and
Schafer was also named the All-Around
The goat tying saw a couple of OPSU
cowgirls back for the short go. First to
run was Hannah Harrington, who posted
two solid runs and was able to land a fifth
place finish when the last goat was tied.
Why don’t you | Go
outside | Go outside |
Kiss the rain
Graduating seniors ....................................................................................................3
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Football looks forward............................................................................................4
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On the big screen.....................................................................................5
BSG SERIES FINALE...........................................................................................................5
Dvd Release March 10, 2009........................................................................................5
Company of Thieves reviewed....................................................................................5
never say never (STEPHANIE CHRISTIE).....................................................6
more than a face (aARON RUIZ)..................................................................................6
Sudoku . .........................................................................................................................6
“We Suck Again…” feedback....................................................................7
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Josef Fritzl’s
Change of
» continued, pg. 2
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Nursing Program requests public’s help..............................................................2
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Towns Abandoned across Oklahoma.....................................................3
Fritzl’s Day in Court ....................................................................................................3
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Spring break. The perfect
time for catching up on
class work. Or a spur of
the moment trip to a live
show in New Mexico. See
what our editor thought of
one of the group’s recent
performances from their
first nationwide tour.
America, land of limited options.............................................................................7
Intelligent Design v. Evolution................................................................................7
Advertising .............................................................................................8
announcements . .........................................................................................................8
Learn about the disturbing tale
of Josef Fritzl’s decades long
imprisonment and abuse of his
Closed in a cellar for 24 years, 42 yearold Elisabeth Fritzl’s father and captor
Josef Fritzl admits to raping and holding
his daughter underground against her will.
After first denying two of the six charges,
with a final look from Elisabeth, he changed
his plea to guilty of all six.
»continued pg. 3
2 BLA BLA BLA Exero 01, 5555
Production Studio
SL Rm 314
8:00 AM
New Horse Stalls
“Doc” Gardener
Arena 12:00 PM
Student Nurses Ask
Jefferson City,
2:00 PM
Jefferson City,
Baseball/St. Mary’s
Baseball/St. Mary’s
12:00 PM (Home)
12:00 PM (Home)
Men’s Golf
Amarillo, TX
Men’s Golf
Amarillo, TX
Men’s Golf
Amarillo, TX
Baseball/West Texas
2:00 PM (Home)
Submitted by Dawn Hemphill, MS, RN, OSU-OKC, OPSU campus Nursing Instructor
Nursing program turns to public for help with expanding and engaging in two very worthy causes.
I would take me and my
friends to Lincoln, Nebraska
in an OPSU van and we
would all wave orange flags.
Alit Atetuer
Courtesy of Julia Ancarani
relations at OPSU and UNVM. The
Presidents of both universities signed
formal agreements of cooperation, and
it was later agreed that in 2009, two
UNVM students would come to OPSU for
a cultural and academic exchange.
Now Sassa and I are spending our
last days at OPSU, but we would hate
to leave without letting OPSU students
know about the possibility of applying
to enjoy the same experience we were
offered. Knowing new people, new
habits, customs, and lifestyles not
only enriches one’s life—it helps one
Rodeo Cont...
understand how similar we all human
beings are, how much we enjoy family
and friends, and how much we all want
to live a peaceful and decent life. OPSUUNVM gave us the
come to Goodwell
and offers you the
know us back home
in Villa María.
How did we
get to come? Each
university decides
participating had
almost a month
and a half time to
turn in the required
First of all, we
submitted a record
performance and recommendations
from two teachers. We also had to sit for
an oral and a written exam which tested
four skills: listening, writing, speaking
and reading in English.
candidates had to prove acquisition of
at least an intermediate level of English.
Then we were tested on our computer
skills. We also had to undergo a health
check by doctors at UNVM. After that, the
»continued pg. 6
There is no ideal spring
break; nothing is ever
A spring break with no
I am Julia Ancarani, an English major
from Universidad Nacional de Villa María
(UNVM), Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina.
Together with Juan Sassatelli, “Sassa,” a
music major from
UNVM, we would
like to let you know
a little bit about our
university and share
with you why we
are here at OPSU.
UNVM is rather
a small university
in the center of
the province of
Córdoba, in the
heart of Argentina.
Our area is similar
to where OPSU
is located and is
devoted to farming
activities -- mainly
and cattle raising.
We are also quite
young: we were
founded in 1996, and since then, we have
grown in many ways and right now, our
campus buildings are being finished.
Last year, Mariana Falco, an
Argentinean graduate, and currently a
teacher of English at UNVM, visited OPSU
on a Rotary program and met Dr. Bryant
and other OPSU officials. From then on,
emails went back and forth between
officials in charge of international
A Very Rewarding Experience
opportunity for the community to “go
green” by recycling a common item. The
OPSU SNA members will collect, clean,
remove labels and package the used pill
bottles to send to Africa to be reused.
Often, medical missionaries receive medications in large quantities such as 500 pills
in one container. They need the smaller
bottles in order to repackage into groups
of 10, 20 or 30 pills to be given to their
patients. Our campus SNA plans for this
recycling effort to be an ongoing project
and would appreciate any donations. The
bottles will be sent to the International
Health Care Foundation which will forward
them on to the missionaries in Africa. You
may drop off your used pill bottles in the
Nursing Department on the 3rd floor of
Hesper Hall or in the Student Health Clinic
in the Student Union. If you have any questions you may contact Dawn Hemphill at
Department on the 3rd floor of Hesper
Hall by March 30. For more information or
to make other arrangements about donation, contact Dawn Hemphill, advisor, at
Guidelines for donations and Wish List:
Toy items must be new since many
of these children are more susceptible to
illness.; Donation of gently-used books,
DVDs, videos, video games are acceptable.;
Only G, PG, PG-13 movies and video games
with E (Everyone) ratings are accepted. CDs
with a Parental Advisory label cannot be
distributed. Suggestions include stuffed
animals (new); board games; DVDs or
videos; card games; infant rattles or toys;
bubbles/bubble tumblers; markers; PushButton Books or I Spy Books; video games;
Toiletries (travel-size shampoo, conditioner, deodorant,toothpaste, toothbrush);
underwear, sweats, or T-shirts (all sizes)
In addition, the SNA is collecting used
plastic pill bottles to send to medical missionaries in Africa and it provides another
Goodwell, Okla. — The Student Nurse
Association (SNA) at Oklahoma Panhandle
State University has two community service projects underway and invites the
public to participate in their efforts. They
have organized a toy drive for ill children
and are also collecting used plastic pill
The student nurses at OPSU seeking an
Associate’s Degree will be traveling to
Bethany, Okla. the first week in April to
help care for medically fragile pediatric
patients at The Children’s Center (TCC) as
part of their pediatric hospital rotation.
Many of these children suffer from severe
birth defects, trauma, or other significant
health challenges, and have a special need
for toys, books and videos. Please consider helping our nursing students gather
special greetings from the Panhandle to
deliver to the patients. Following is a Wish
List of items that would be put to good use
at TCC. If you wish to participate, please
drop off your donations in the Nursing
From Page 1
Guymon April 2nd through the 4th.
Always a good show, be sure to stop
by and support your Aggies at one of
the toughest rodeos of the year in the
Central Plains Region.
Laying on a beach with a
piña colada and a good
looking pool boy waiting on
Also making the short round was Jordan
Muncy, who after winning the long round
with a 7.8, finished just behind Harrington
in sixth place. Muncy also qualified in the
barrel racing, and as the only Aggie to
make it back finished third in the aggregate.
In the team roping, Krista Johnson was
paired up with Bodelle Mueller of Dodge
City Community College and proved that
they roped as good as the guys, being
the only female team to make Sunday’s
championship round with an 8.3 second
long go time.
Latham said, “I’m really proud of the
women’s team effort. I see improvement
in the riding this year over last year and
we are also improving at the other end
of the arena in the timed events.” Both
rodeo teams have the rest of spring break
off before preparing for their very own
“Doc” Gardner Memorial Rodeo held in
Photo Courtesy of Dale Hirschman
Being on a nice beach
24 Years Later,
the Light of
Justice Shown
Rachael Beck
Staff Writer
42 Year Old Elisabeth Fritzl
finally charges father for
imprisonment and abuse of the
past 24 years.
Amstettan, Austria- March 18, 2009, Josef
Fritzl of Austria pleaded guilty for the
raping and imprisonment of his daughter
Elisabeth Fritzl. As well as fathering seven
of his daughter’s children, Fritzl also kept
Elisabeth incarcerated in the family’s cellar
without any doors or windows for 24 years.
2008 when the case came to life, reported
to police that her father had been repeatedly raping and abusing her for the past 24
years after Josef allowed his daughter to
see the outside world for the first time since
1984. Although Fritzl attempted to give his
daughter’s reappearance an alibi, it only
led police to finding the truth behind her
imprisonment. DNA tests taken on April 29,
2008 confirmed suspicions and Josef was
taken into custody. Over 41 years after serving prison time for the rape of a 24 year-old
woman in 1967, Fritzl claimed that, “I was
born to rape, and I held myself back for a
relatively long time. I could have behaved
a lot worse than locking up my daughter.”
According to Mail Online, Fritz also claimed
that he should be looked highly upon; “I
could have killed them and then sealed the
place with concrete. It would have been
very easy. I have not been treated fairly, it
has all been one-sided.”
At first only pleading guilty to four
of the six charges, the third day of the trial
brought Fritzl’s plea to guilty of all charges
including incest,
rape, coercion, false
imprisonment, and
the initial denials of
the other two charges of murder of the
infant Michael and
enslavement. Josef
Fritzl was given life in
prison on the fourth
and final day of the
trial. His change of
heart to plead guilty
to all charges was
said to be caused by
his daughter looking
into his eyes.
The only way of accessing the dungeon
was by way of a small keyless opening.
Josef Fritzl had allegedly started
molesting his then 11 year-old daughter in
1977, but August 29, 1984, Elisabeth Fritzl
now 18, had been called downstairs in the
assistance of carrying a door for her father
but was instead drugged with ether and
Above Left- Photo Courtesy of DailyMail.
com Josef Fritzl’s House and cellar. While three of
Elisabeth’s children were raised by Josef and his wife,
the others were held in captivity in a downstairs
cellar. Until Elisabeth’s release in 2008, she had not
seen the sun in 24 years.
The Collegian
Exero 01, 5555 BLA BLA BLA 3
Sports/Idea Man
Rodeo Reporter
Campus Quotes
David Šuto
Rachael Beck
Laura Hays
Hector Cobos
Andres Balandria
Jordan Muncy
Martin Kiruri
Randi Jones
Sarah Sweatt
Dasha Guymon
Stephen Skacall
Published by Oklahoma Panhandle State University,
P.O. Box 430, Goodwell, OK 73939. The Collegian is
distributed on campus of OPSU every Wednesday
during the fall and spring semester with the exceptions
of major holidays, finals, and breaks. All opinions
expressed in editorials are that of the writer and not
necessarily the opinion of the university.
Do you have an opinion or comment about something on campus? Is
there something we should know or an issue to be addressed? Write
your letter to the editor, e-mail it, or bring it by Muller Hall. Letters
must include writer’s name, signature, and phone number. Telephone
numbers will not be printed. The editor reserves the right to edit letters
for length, libelous statements, and personal attacks.
South Fork, Colorado
Needs students for all types of jobs: kitchen,
dining room, housekeeping, stores, maintenance,
horse wrangler, office. For information
and employment application write Student
Personnel Director, 6315 Westover Drive,
Granbury, TX 76049 or call 1.800.548.1648
or e-mail [email protected]
“I could have killed
them and then sealed
the place with concrete.
It would have been
very easy.” Josef Fritzl
Random thoughts for random people
A fetus develops fingerprints at eighteen weeks!
Right- Photo Courtesy ofDailyMail.
com Josef Fritzl and wife Rosemarie on their
50th wedding anniversary in 2006. Rosemarie
allegedly had no knowledge of her husband’s
imprisonment on their daughter. She is now
living alone in an apartment with occasional
visits from her grandchildren.
Vikings used the skulls of their enemies as drinking
taken to a secluded part of the family’s
chamber. Following the disappearance
of her daughter, Fritzl’s wife filed a missing
persons report. Later, Fritzl forced his
daughter to write a series of letters stating
that she had been staying with friends
and if she was sought after, she had every
intent of leaving the country. Josef told
friends that she had most likely joined
some kind of religious sect and that it was
best if she was left alone. The letters had
been posted from Braunau.
graduating in Spring or
Although seven children had
been born since the imprisonment, three
were taken above as infants (Lisa, Monika,
and Alexander) to be raised by Fritzl and
his wife. Social workers stated they had
been told that the three children had
been placed on the family’s doorstep, and
although they took frequent visits to the
home, there had been no complaints or
suggestions of foul play. The three were
raised as foster children.
a Graduation Application and a Graduation
Evaluation. The Graduation Applications
can be picked up in the Admissions Office
(SL 128). The Graduation Evaluation is to
be completed by your academic advisor
and submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The
deadline for the submission of these materials has passed. It is very important that
anyone planning on graduating in Spring
or Summer 2009 submit these materials as
soon as possible.
Various threats of gassing and
electric shock detoured Elisabeth and her
children from wandering upstairs or escaping. Born April 6, 1966, Elisabeth Fritzl, 42 in
If you have any questions or concerns,
If you are planning on
Summer 2009,
it is very important that you have submitted
please feel free to contact Bobby Jenkins
at 349-1376 or you may come by the Registrar’s Office (SL 131).
Psychology Club Quote of the Week
“Always forgive your enemies;
nothing annoys them so much. ”
Oscar Wilde
The Main Library at Indiana
University sinks over an inch
every year because when it
was built, engineers failed
to take into account the
weight of all the books that
would occupy the building.
Orangutans warn people
to stay out of their
territory by belching.
Every second over 7,000
Coca-Cola products are
The average person laughs 15
times a day.
The three most valuable brand names on earth:
Marlboro, Coca-Cola, and Budweiser, in that order.
Donald Duck’s middle name is Fauntleroy.
Courtesy of
Heartland Conferance Update
4 B as e b a l l S t a n d i n g s
1. Texas Permian Basin
BLA BLA BLA Exero 01, 5555
3. Incarnate Word
St. Edward's
5. Newman
6. Texas A&M International 9-15
7. Lincoln
8. Oklahoma Panhandle State 0-24
for the
March 25
S o f t b a l l S t a n d i n g s Newman Baseball Wins 7 Straight/St. Ed’s Softball Cont Undefeated
1. St Edward’s
2. Texas A&M International 10-2
St. Mary’s
Incarnate Word
5. Oklahoma Panhandle State 3-9
7. Texas Permian Basin
8. Newman
OPSU Football Working Hard this Spring
for Success this Fall
By Scott Puryear of OPSU Sports on 03-20-2009
Football team looks to build on last season’s upsides; has high hopes for the upcoming season.
Goodwell, Okla. — The Oklahoma proven leader in senior-to-be Vinny Gay, joining the squad when pre-season pracPanhandle State football team is prepar- who will be pushed for playing time by tices begin in August.
ing for full contact spring drills (to begin underclassman Kevin Lauchland.
OPSU will play 11 regular season
next week) and head coach Mike Wyatt All-American linebacker Matt Warner will games this fall. They will open with a pair
has more than 90 players who have been be graduating and Wyatt expects upper- of road games – on August 29 against Fort
working hard in off-season conditioning classmen Ben Lane and J.C. Ramirez to step Lewis College and on September 5 against
and who are ready to demonstrate their up and lead the linebacking group.
Truman State.
skills on the field.
On the defensive line, solid performers Following an open Saturday on Septem
Fans can get their first official look of Will Turnbo and Gus Overstreet will be back ber 12, the Aggies will play their home
the year at the Aggies on
opener against
Saturday, April 18th at the
traditional rival
annual Spring Intra-Squad
Langston Unigame, set to get started at
versity on Sep3:00 p.m.
tember 19.
The Aggies were 3-7
last season and though
a road game
they showed great progagainst Southress and potential, Wyatt
west Assem(a veteran coach with over
blies of God, the
200 wins to his credit in
Aggies will open
the high school, college
October with
and professional ranks)
three consecuis determined to take his
tive Saturday
squad to the next level.
home games –
Make no mistake about
10/3 against the
it, last year was last year
University of the
and in Mike Wyatt’s
Incarnate Word,
system, players will earn
10/10 against
their starting spots based
upon their performances
Kansas, and
in spring drills and August
10/17 against
pre-season practice.
another tra
According to Wyatt,
ditional rival
Photo Courtesy of Roger Pasque Oklahoma Panhandle State quarterback Vinny Gay (#7)
“We will have some battles will be returning for his senior season this fall as one of many Aggie players looking for a big 2009
– Northwestfor positions in spring foot- season.
ern Oklahoma
ball, this year. We have told
all our players that competi
T h e
tion breeds excellence and we want them for their junior seasons and transfer Jayden Aggies will take to the road on 10/24 and
Roseboro will be in the mix at nose guard. 10/31 for contests with Bacone College and
to earn their positions this spring.”
Wyatt has been especially impressed Veterans Dyran Wright and Andrew Walker Southwestern College, respectively.
with the conditioning work of his offensive will also return and things look to be very They will have their final home game
linemen, including a pair of junior college positive for the 2009 “D LINE.”
of the season on November 7 against Texas
Many other Aggies will make an impact College and close the regular season the
transfers – Tim O’Neil and Carlos Perez.
In his third season as the Aggie mentor, on the success of the team and Wyatt and next week with an away game against
Wyatt also looks for big things from his his staff will be evaluating all the players Southern Nazarene.
running backs, headed by returners Darryl during spring drills. In addition, over thirty 2009 could quite possibly be a very big
Brister, Jose Mendoza and Zacchaeus recruits from the high school ranks will be year for OPSU football.
McCaskill. At quarterback, Wyatt has a
Lady Aggies Split with League’s Top Team
Goodwell, Okla. — The Oklahoma Panhandle State softball
team is continuing to improve and they showed it on Friday and
Saturday with their performance against Texas A&M International,
a squad that began the weekend tied for first place in the
Heartland Conference. The teams played two games on Friday
and two games on Saturday and each team got a pair of wins on
the separate days.
OPSU 5, Texas A&M International 3
In the first game of the Friday double header, the Lady Aggies
jumped out to a 5-0 lead after four innings and held on for a 5-3
victory. Arlene Soto (the winning pitcher) scattered eight hits
over 5-1/3 innings and Joni Stegman came on for the rest of the
way and earned the save.
Third baseman Rachel Adaza slammed a two-run homer in
the third inning and outfielder Stacia States had two doubles.
Shortstop Krista Bomak had two singles while Cathy Daza,
Whitney Warner, and Lezlie Lumbreras also had RBIs. The Lady
Aggies also played errorless ball.
OPSU 6, Texas A&M International 5
It took nine innings instead of the regulation seven in Friday’s
second game, but OPSU’s Daza singled home the winning run in
the bottom of the ninth for the 6-5 win - OPSU’s second victory of
the day.
Daza, an All-Conference second baseman in each of the last
two seasons, was three of five with the bat, including a double
and a pair of RBIs. Warner, Soto, and Stegman each had two hits.
Stegman drove in two runs while Adaza and Bomak also had
RBIs. The OPSU defense continued to excel and the Lady Aggies
committed just one error.
The Lady Aggie pitching duo of Stegman and Soto also
continued to be up to the task. Stegman was the starter and
By Scott Puryear of OPSU Sports on
scattered five hits over five innings. Soto (the winning pitcher
in both Friday games) came on to pitch the last four innings and
gave up two hits and not a single run.
Texas A&M International 8, OPSU 2
In Saturday’s first game, Texas A&M International jumped out
quickly with seven runs in the top of the first inning and finished
with the 8-2 victory.
Stegman drove in both Lady Aggie runs with a fourth inning
double. Adaza and Bomak each had a pair of hits and the Lady
Aggie defense continued to be strong with just a single error.
Texas A&M International 9, OPSU 7
Saturday’s second game was a wild one. After a four-run sixth
inning, the Lady Aggies went to the top of the seventh (and final)
inning with a 7-5 lead but Texas A&M International plated four
unanswered runs and picked up a 9-7 win.
Soto had three hits in four trips to the plate including a
two-run homer in the fifth inning. Bomak also was three of four,
including two doubles.
Warner, Adaza, and Kayla Joos all had two hits in four tries
and one of Adaza’s was a double. Daza also smacked a double.
OPSU RBIs came from Soto (three), Bomak (two), and Warner and
States each with one.
With the two weekend wins against a good team, OPSU
moved up to fifth place in the eight team Heartland Conference
with a league record of 3-9. Texas A&M International dropped to
second in the league with a 10-2 record.
The Lady Aggies will continue their home stand with big nonconference games on both Monday and Tuesday. On Monday,
they will face Fort Hays State in a double header set for 2:00 p.m.
and Tuesday they will play a pair of games against Midwestern
State, with the first pitch set for 1:00 p.m.
Arts & Entertainment
All Good Things
Must Come to
an End
Staff Writer
that “Edward James Olmos told my family
that I have a new family now. And he was
right...that’s certainly what it’s turned into.”
Veteran actor Michael Hogan, who played
Colonel Saul Tigh on Galactica, said that
“shooting Battlestar Galactica has been, as
an actor, the greatest experience in my life
to date.”
And in the words of one of the fans,
Mary Gallagher of the US Air Force, “goodbye BSG, this show has been with me during
my deployments and together we made it
Exero 01, 5555 BLA BLA BLA 5
For the Week of March 27
Monsters vs. aliens
Reese Witherspoon, Rainn Wilson, Stephen Colbert
You may have to drive to Amarillo to see it in 3D,
but Guymon’s newly opened drive-in makes for a
nice alternative.
The Haunting in
Long considered by both
viewers and critics alike as one
of the best shows on televison,
Battlestar Galactica aired its
season finale this past week.
“It’s the frakkin’ best job I’ve ever had,”
says Edward James Olmos as he reflects on
the life (and death) of the SciFi Channel’s hit
series, Battlestar Galactica. Olmos, known
for his work in such films as Zoot Suit, Blade
Runner, and Selena, played Admiral William
Adama for the past six years on Galactica.
It was a special thing for cast and crew,
not just a job, and it was also a very special
thing for the millions of fans who tuned
in weekly for their Galactica fix. The series
finale aired Friday, March 20th, marking the
end of the critically acclaimed four season
run of what Time Magazine called “the best
show on TV.”
Over the past six years, Galactica fans
got to see Adama lead the last surviving
members of humanity, aboard a starship
named the Battlestar Galactica, to a new
world, a new hope--Earth. The losses
along the way were staggering. But unlike
so many other television series, the cast
and crew and, yes, even the fans, became
a family. When a character was killed off,
viewers felt like they had lost a small piece
of themselves; they felt it, it was real. In
the end, the loss was terrific. The ending
itself, though, was bitter and beautiful at
the same time.
Galactica did touch the hearts of
many, both on and off the stage. Grace Park,
who played Sharon Valeri in the show, said
Virginia Madsen, Martin Donovan, Elias Koteas
Is that Wayne Gretzky? On steroids?
12 Rounds
John Cena, Ashley Scott
See it(...if you have no dignity or self-respect)!
Company of
Thieves live @
The Launchpad
David Suto
A look at the band’s live show
as well as their debut album,
Ordinary Riches.
On something of a whim, I took off
for Albuquerque over break for the lone
purpose of catching Chicago-based
Company of Thieves’ live act at The
Launchpad on Sunday, March 15. Only a
few weeks prior had I first encountered
their music with the debut of their
Rushmore blanketed “Oscar Wilde” video.
Ceaselessly watching that endeavored
me on a Google hunt to uncover more
of their tracks. What I found impelled me
to plunk down $30 unleaded and head
off westbound that windy weekend
Recruited navigator Travis Boyd
accompanied as we left our dead and
dying comrades in the rear view. The near
featureless five-hour plus trip turned into
seven with various stops en route. After
circling the city streets, we made our way
into the venue minutes before Thieves
took the stage. Beer bottles (or one)
mysteriously rained from the sky, knotting
The Education of
Charlie Banks
Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Ritter, Eva Amurri
Directed by Fred Durst. Riveting.
home! Thank you!” To be sure, Battlestar
Galactica has touched the hearts of many.
This show will be missed and celebrated by
millions, for years to come.
The series has also taken a place of
prominence on the international scene,
as the cast and crew recently spoke at the
United Nations to explain why the values
portrayed in Galactica should be a lesson
for all of mankind.
“[We] use the word race as if there is
a Latino race, an Asian race...a Caucasian
race. There’s no such thing as a Latino race.
There never has been and there never will
be. There’s only one race and that’s what
the show brought out: there is the human
race, period.”
Whoopi Goldberg, who moderated
the panel discussion at the UN, said that
“much like the fictional ships and planets
in the BSG universe, the UN is an imperfect
place, but the fight for justice, equality, fairness, and understanding remains fundamental to both.”
the heads of nearby patrons. Brawling
broke out during the characterless followup group. Women of the evening took the
term ‘frightening whore’ to a whole new
level in another nearby bar as we awaited
our post-show trout sandwiches.
And Company of Thieves made it all
100% worthwhile.
from setup to
sound with little
trio backed by
bass and keys
quickly garnered
of an audience
(who were, for me, fun but forgettable).
Frontwoman Genevieve Schatz’rangy,
awe-inducing voice, already impressive
on tape, exploded in person. Her vocals
effortlessly trickled along intimate, fierce,
courtly, and quieting chords. Drummer
Mike Ortiz and guitarist Marc Walloch
guided out every note with sharp precision
and a fine-tuned intensity restrained at
all the right junctures. Company’s stage
presence thrilled with Ms. Schatz’s peppy
and inspired dancing and her bandmates’
electric focus. The sublime unison
culminated in a festive energy suffusing
the entire building.
Which is the most remarkable thing
about Company of Thieves. When seeing
Oklahoma City U.S. Census Bureau
Help Wanted
(402) 254-9140
Retired, student, between
jobs, need part-time
D V D R e l e as e s F o r M a r c h 2 4 , 2 0 0 9
2 Fast 2 Furious (LE)
A Woman Called Golda
Andy Richter Controls the Universe:
The Complete Series
Big Stan
Bolt (DE)
The Cake Eaters
Doctor Who: Mega Set - V2
The Fast and the Furious (LE)
The Fast and the Furious:
Tokyo Drift (LE)
Happily N’Ever After 2
Lilo & Stitch (SE)
Master of the Game
Never Say Never Again (CE)
them perform live, you’re taken with the
notion they’re doing exactly what it is they
love. Beaming onstage, they celebrate
every fleeting moment of it. And it’s
absolutely infectious; you can’t help but
smile in return.
At the conclusion of their set, Travis
leaned over to note, while not typically
his kind of sound, he had a
new band to list alongside his
favorites. Already a fan myself,
my heart all but burst at their
sleek cover of Smashing
Pumpkin’s “1979,” another
personal favorite of mine.
genuine graciousness and
appreciation toward their
fans. It’s then that you wish
them every imaginable success.
Settled back in Oklahoma,
several days accrued before Travis
and I exchanged our impressions
on the CD we each picked up.
He perhaps more critical than I,
both agreed it didn’t match the
experience had the prior Sunday,
though what a thoroughly absurd
recorded offerings don’t quite
hold up to the live numbers, but
it’s like expecting the perfect
steak and complaining because
you’re served an exceptionally
good cut (and despite it being
New York City Serenade
The Odd Couple (AE)
Quantum of Solace
Quantum of Solace (SE)
The Riches: Season 2
Runaway: The Complete Series
Secrets of the Furious Five
Side Effects
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - A Galaxy Divided
TCM’s Forbidden Hollywood Collection V3:
William Wellman at Warner Bros.
To Catch a Thief (AE)
The Venture Bros.: 3rd Season
Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter &
Under the Hood
the best you’ve tasted in some time). The
album, entitled Ordinary Riches, plays more
laid-back, though it still possesses much of
the diversity that the band scores with in
concert. Listeners from almost any given
background will find something to love.
The band’s YouTube page references Wilco,
Billie Holiday, Fiona Apple, Radiohead,
Elliott Smith, among others, as influences.
These definitely come through in their
own still very distinguishable sound.
All in all, my favorite collection since
The National’s 2007 Boxer album, and
certainly the most promising band to
emerge since that time.
Be sure to check ‘em out for yourself
Stephanie Christie
Never Say
6 BLA BLA BLA Exero 01, 5555
Stephanie Christie, once set to become
an accountant, now finds herself
pursuing an entirely different career
path thanks to the encouragement of
those around her.
Stephanie Christie is another student
at OPSU experiencing a journey that she
never thought she would pursue. Stephanie, an elementary education major, always
assumed she would receive an accounting
degree. In high school she even worked
for an accounting firm in Dumas, Texas.
After graduation, she went on to receive
her associate’s degree in accounting from
Amarillo College in 1994.
After working many years in clerical work,
this ambitious student decided to return
to the classroom. She aimed to finish her
accounting degree against the urging of
her family members, many of whom were
nurses. They wanted Stephanie to strive
for a nursing degree just as they had. While
taking classes, working 40+ hours a week,
and caring for her mother who was suffering from multiple sclerosis, Stephanie
encountered some encouraging words
that she ended up returning to later on
in life.
As a student in a Masterworks of English
Literature class, Stephanie was always helping the
other students
w e r e
faced with
q u e s t i o n s.
Many of her
fellow students at
the time assumed
she was an education
major, constantly commenting on how
well she explained
things to them.
The determined
accounting major
didn’t think
much of their
comments, but
was somewhat
shocked when
the professor
who taught the
class encouraged
her to become a
secondary English
teacher. Stephanie,
flattered by her fellow
students and her professor’s comments, kept
working steadily towards
the accounting degree she
had always dreamed of.
It was not until her mother passed away
that Stephanie returned to the comments
of her fellow students and began to seri-
Staff Writer
More than a Face...
Aaron Ruiz
Staff Writer
ously consider heading in a different
direction. Her mother’s death forced her
to question what she was doing with her
life. She realized that she wanted to be
involved in something that helped others.
She wanted to make a difference in the
lives of others through her job, and teaching seemed like the just the way to do it.
At the advice of her husband, Stephanie
decided to do some substitute teaching
before pursuing a teaching degree fulltime. She substitute taught for about three
months and was then asked to substitute
for a teacher who was expecting a baby
around spring break. Stephanie took the
position and substituted a class of first
graders from spring break until the end of
the school year. Stephanie’s eyes still light
up when she talks about this experience,
describing it as the “most rewarding feeling
I have ever had.”
Realizing then that she definitely wanted
to become an elementary teacher, Stephanie set out to find a school that offered an
education program. After repeatedly calling West Texas A & M and being directed
to voicemail, Stephanie became slightly
frustrated. When her phone calls were not
returned, she decided to try OPSU. Imagine her delight when her call was not only
answered, but also transferred directly to
Dr. Stewart, the Dean of Education. Optimistic about the atmosphere of this college, Stephanie scheduled a campus visit.
The information and tour given by Lacy
Jones helped her make the decision to begin her degree
at OPSU.
While it took
many years,
encouragement, and
some difficult circumstances,
has decided
that teaching is her
calling. For
those of us
who know
this fellow
there is no
doubt that
she has made
the right decision. She will
make a wonderful
teacher, which just
goes to show, once
again, that one should never say never.
OPSU students have most likely crossed paths with Aaron Ruiz, OPSU student-athlete
extraordinaire. Aaron is not only an extremely pleasant and friendly person, but Aaron
also plays basketball for the fighting Aggies where he serves as a 3 point specialist. Aaron,
a native of Hooker, Oklahoma, is the sibling to one brother and one sister. He chose OPSU
because of its affordability and enjoys being close to home on which he comments, “If
I want some really good food or my laundry done, it’s only 30 minutes away. “ Aaron’s
favorite aspect of OPSU is the privilege to play the great game of basketball; however, he
sometimes wishes that there was more to do than just sports in Goodwell and humorously
added, “I wouldn’t mind if there were more ladies running around here.”
Aaron is not merely an athlete and brother, Aaron is also a talented musician,
singer, and songwriter. Aaron’s favorite type of music is alternative rock and acoustic. His
favorite bands are Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, but Aaron is reminded
of just how melodically splendid Blink 182 is every time he listens. Some of Aaron’s other
favorites consist of chicken strips or spaghetti when the choice comes to food. The challenging dilemma of a favorite movie was too tough for Mr. Ruiz to decide, but his favorite
shows are Family Guy, Fantasy Factory, and Sportscenter. Aaron’s destination of choosing
that he would immensely enjoy traveling to is California. Aaron also dreams of being in a
band and when asked what one thing he would do if he had the chance, Aaron replied,
“Hang with Michael Jordan!”
Although not quite Michael Jordan, Aaron is definitely a well recognized face
among the OPSU population. From serving his basketball team to having aspirations
of music legendry, this face is by no means void. When you see this 6’1 Junior around
campus, realize that he is most assuredly more than a face.
Top 5 Aaron Picks
1. Spiderman over
2. OSU over OU
3. Snow cones over ice
4. Sneakers over flip
5. Dogs over Cats
Rewarding Experience Cont...
From Page 2
Academic Affairs Secretaries of the three Schools return, to try to strengthen relations between our
at UNVM interviewed candidates to discover communities. Nine candidates applied on this first
occasion, but
the reason we
believe me,
were applying.
In my case, I
said I wanted
having tried,
after we let
them know
mostly, share my
warmth and
life with people
is investing
culture, and not
to make this
program the
beginning of
also try to make
a long-lasting,
a contribution to
Photo by Hector Cobos UNVM student Juan Sassatelli drums up
other people’s lives. We
some entertainment at last months’ International Festival. He and relationship
Julia provided the crowd with delicious cookies and empanadas. Goodwell and Villa María.
also had to submit a plan
of activities we would try
If you think you
to carry out while at OPSU, and at UNVM after our want to give it a try, contact Teri Mora for further
information. She is part of a most dedicated team
of people who have made everything easy for us,
and to whom we are greatly thankful. Or try to
see me for further info before I leave. My email is
[email protected] (Facebook); and [email protected]
We would love to have you over!
“We S
In response to February 25th’s
“We Suck Again, Wait, What?” by
Rachael Beck, Staff Writer.
Vicki Cleland-Special to The Collegian
I am writing in reference to the article
entitled We Suck Again...Wait..What?
that was published in the Collegian on
February 25.
I am so appalled by this article! Being
a graduate of OPSU and having sent many
family members and friends to OPSU, I
am sick to death of people, especially
students of OPSU, writing and publishing
articles like this. For one thing, OPSU HAD
great football and basketball teams when
I was in school (1980-84) and beyond,
when it was supported greatly by the
entire administration and student body
and surrounding communities.
The problem is NOT Goodwell or
OPSU, the problem lies in the area of the
country and lack of activities for the kids.
Given a choice to go to an area where
there are a lot of activities and things for
the kids to do or go to OPSU where there
isn’t...most will choose the activities.
So, the problem then becomes being
able to recruit talented athletes that
want to go to the country. Not so much
a problem for cowboys and cowgirls...they
are country!
Duh...just makes sense doesn’t it?
Another problem is getting coaches
that are willing to STAY in Goodwell and
build a program...fortunately, I think that
OPSU made a very wise decision to hire
Mike Wyatt to coach football because he
is a graduate of OPSU and cares about
the program and the job for him is not a
University and I had
more fun there while I
was attending school. Too
bad the kids now don’t
see what an opportunity
they have to support and
encourage participation
and positive words.”
jumping block to something bigger and
better after 2 years. Most coaches stay a
short time, start building a program, then
bail out on their recruits!
This past season was the first time
in a long time that I felt like the athletic
program might be getting more support
when I attended football games that had
screaming fans in the stands. It brought
back the old days for me and it was
OPSU is a GREAT University and I had
more fun there while I was attending
school. Too bad the kids now don’t see
what an opportunity they have to support
and encourage participation and positive
I hope that you will take the
opportunity to find the good things
about OPSU and write about them.
Negativity breeds negativity and that’s a
true statement! Winning programs breed
other winning programs. I have bragged
many times about OPSU’s Rodeo program
but it goes beyond that. Each program
should do their best to support the other
programs...only in that will the yesterdays
of OPSU be risen again!
Signed...a true fan of OPSU and a Graduate...class of 1984!
“Democrats say they value free speech yet they are now pushing the ‘fairness
doctrine’ in an attempt to silence conservative talk radio. Republicans
Exero 01, 5555 BLA BLA
themselves fiscal conservatives, yet they continue to advocate a massive military budget and foreign aid to countries that don’t need our charity.”
America Needs More Choices
Instead of being babysat, can we get things taken care of since we are actually
paying customers?
Since President Obama took office two
months ago, little has changed in Washington. The trend of bloated budgets has
continued, the federal debt has increased
dramatically, and civil liberties remain
under attack. The two choices presented
to us, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, are essentially two sides of the
same rusty coin.
in our state capitals. The reality, unknown
to many, is that there are dozens of active
political parties across the country, each
with their own values and beliefs. In America, we aren’t limited to Republicans and
Democrats because we have Libertarians,
Greens, Socialists, Naturalists, and even
independent candidates.
Oklahoma doesn’t give its voters the
Staff Writer
tives took a big step in making it easier for
smaller parties to get on the ballot here.
HB 1072 passed the House by a vote of
86 to 5, meaning that the Senate will now
have its say on whether this bill should
become law. The bill would dramatically
reduce the number of signatures needed
to have political parties recognized and to
put independent candidates on the ballot.
It’s not perfect but it’s a step.
Next year, Oklahoma voters will have the
chance to choose our Governor, Lieutenant Governor, state Senators and Representatives, and other offices. If HB 1072
becomes law, which it very well could,
then Oklahoma voters might for the first
time in decades see candidates who aren’t
Democratic or Republican appear on the
ballot. We might get to choose something
new for once. So you need to know what
these other parties stand for, if you’re going
to make an informed decision.
Democrats say they value free speech,
yet they are now pushing the “fairness doctrine” in an attempt to silence conservative talk radio. Republicans call themselves
fiscal conservatives, yet they continue to
advocate a massive military budget and
foreign aid to countries that don’t need
our charity. Both parties claim to respect
the Bill of Rights, as long as it supports their
party platform. The Republicans like the
Second Amendment but not the First, while
the Democrats like the First but not the
Second. The term “lesser of two evils” might
be accurate, because both major parties
seem to be increasingly evil.
It’s in times like these when Americans
need more choices. We need new parties
to step up to the plate and change the
way things are done in Washington and
option to vote for these parties. As it stands,
ballot access in this state is a joke, because
“It’s in times like these when
Americans need more choices.
We need new parties to step
Eventually, we’ll all be able to vote for
up to the plate and change whatever party or candidate we support.
But for now, we still need more choices. If
the way things are done in you live in Oklahoma and you want more
choices, the best thing you can do is to
Washington and in our state contact your state Senator and let him or
her know that you support ballot access
reform and that you support HB 1072. It’s
only Democrats and Republicans stand any
chance of being on the ballot. But on March
11th, the Oklahoma House of Representa-
Editor’s response to “We Struck Again!”
Ms. Cleland,
I appreciate your response as well as your continued interest
in the goings-on of both the newspaper and OPSU.
It was about this time last year that I first began working
for The Collegian. Apart from a handful of humorous snippets,
I don’t recall any undeserving criticisms of the school, or more
specifically, the athletics department printed in our publication.
As for Rachael’s article, I fail to see the controversy. You
state during your tenure as a student, Panhandle championed
many winning teams. In my four years here, not so much (this
is of course ignoring the perennially butt-kicking rodeo squad).
After “We Suck Again…” made the rounds, a number of student
athletes complained about being presented in a poor light. Well,
what should they expect?
Re-Design For
Staff Writer
Throughout the film Expelled, daunting
situations dealing with the rejection of Intelligent Design in the scientific community
is portrayed; these depictions are by no
means glamorizing to advocates of Evolution. Despite my opinion of the film, accusations against the film’s credibility have been
made. The organization leading the stone
throwing is the National Center for Service
Education, and might I add that this is the
very organization being accused of marooning pro-ID scientists throughout Expelled.
One of the most interesting accusations
made by this institution is the falsehood
of Richard Sternberg’s case dealing with
the clash between Evolution and ID. In this
documentary, Sternberg claims that, “his
The Libertarian Party is the third largest
party in America and stands for eliminating
the income tax, cutting foreign aid, and
focusing on commitments here at home
rather than unnecessary commitments
overseas. The Green Party favors major
reforms to make our nation’s economy
more environmentally friendly. The Socialist Party favors redistributing wealth from
the rich to the poor, expanding welfare
programs and reducing personal property
a great thing to be active in government
and to exercise your rights as an American
Instead of walking around with a sense of self-entitlement
and false bravado, perhaps they should instead attach their pride
to their play on the field; maybe then we’ll begin seeing results.
Now this isn’t to say we didn’t have plenty of respectable,
reasonable athletes who took Rachael’s comments in stride. We
did. But judging by the overwhelming negative feedback we
received as a result of the original piece, it’s my belief that until
our athletic teams learn to uniformly adopt that same composure
and realistic outlook, they’ll be doomed to sitting out post-season
play time and time again.
It’s not a matter of
negativity. It’s about being
honest with ourselves and one
life was nearly ruined,” and he was forced
to leave his position at the Smithsonian
Institution for writing a paper not devoted
to the superiority of Evolution to be put in
a scholarly journal . NCSE claims that this
paper causing this so-called controversy
does not even relate to ID or Evolution,
that Sternberg did not lose his position,
that his paper was simply rejected due to
“content and quality,” and also that, “his colleagues were civil in their communications
with him.” According to Sternberg, “They
were saying I accepted money under the
table, that I was a crypto-priest, that I was
a sleeper cell operative for the creationists.”
Maybe that would sound civil to Charles
Darwin but not to most humans. However,
that’s just his opinion, a mere fabrication,
right? Wrong!
An article posted by The Washington Post
reads, “The U.S. Office of Special Counsel,
which was established to protect federal
employees from reprisals, examined e-mail
traffic from these scientists and noted that
retaliation came in many forms... misinformation was disseminated through the
Smithsonian Institution and to outside
sources. The allegations against you were
later determined to be false.” The principal
David Suto
legal adviser for the U.S. Office of Special
Counsel, James McVay stated in a letter
to Sternberg, “The rumor mill became so
infected…that one of your colleagues had
to circulate [your résumé] simply to dispel
the rumor that you were not a scientist.”
In response to this whole situation, Linda
St. Thomas, the spokeswoman for the
Smithsonian Institution, replied, “We do
stand by evolution -- we are a scientific
organization.” I’m not quite sure why she
would say that if the Sternberg’s paper had
no relation to ID or Evolution. Also, maybe
NCSE is completely correct on the issue
of Sternberg losing his position since an
unpaid, volunteer position cannot technically be “lost.” However, who can rightfully
judge the trauma in this man’s life? He was
called nasty things for simply questioning
the norm, he was denied earned privileges,
and he was persecuted in a supposed environment of equality, not to mention the
stress caused on his marriage (yes, scientists have actual lives too).
Another clash of ideas between the NCSE
and Expelled is the role of Darwinism in
the Holocaust. I claimed last weekend that
Stein contradicts evolution by providing
» continued, pg. 8
Aggie Peers Are Back!
The OPSU Aggie Peers are back in business. Peer Educators
Oklahoma City Associate of Applied Science in
Nursing Program is currently taking applications
for admission to the fall 2009 nursing class.
are dedicated to informing their peers about healthy
lifestyle choices and making responsible decisions. Topics
include drinking responsibly, safe sex, STDs, eating disorders
issues that confront college students on
8 and
BLA health
Exero 01, 5555
campuses everywhere. OPSU currently has 10 certified Peer
Educators who have been trained in the skills needed by all
peer educators to:
• understand the basics of prevention regardless of a
particular health specialty
• become a caring helper to others
• provide awareness on health and safety risks
• make referrals of students at risk to professionals
• conduct educational programs and events
• increase their leadership abilities
• increase awareness of personal wellness
• teach team building
Aggie Peers will be available for students who need someone Packets available in the OPSU Nursing Departmen, Hesper Hall 308
to talk to about homesickness, relationship issues, academic
problems or any of the other troubles that college students
find themselves facing. They are NOT counselors, but your
[email protected]
peers who have been trained in active listening and being
a caring helper. Their office is located in Hamilton Hall,
Application Deadline is June 1
Room 310 and the hours are posted outside the door. Take
Instrumental in assuring that registered nurses are
advantage of having someone to talk to when you feel the
available to serve the population of the Oklahoma
panhandle and surrounding areas.
Aggie Peers will also be doing educational programming
throughout the semesters. Programming may include
Graduates are eligible to take the National Council
skits, games, educational presentations or just passing out
Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses
literature regarding health issues faced by college students.
Watch for us! Your healthy life is our concern!
Now Accepting
926 SW Hwy 54 Guymon, OK 73942
Eric & Alka Lammes, Owners
926 SW Hwy 54
Guymon, Ok 73942
$1.00 80oz popcorn with a valid student ID, double
L o o k
f o r T h e
1. A bad place. Urinetown is a mythical place filled with symbolism and
things like that. 2. An awful title. A bad title, such as Urinetown, can kill
a show pretty good. 3. A very funny show! You will need to come see
Urinetown to laugh till you pee.
Coming in April
Opening This Weekend!
The Curious Case of
Benjamin Button
$6.00 Adults $4.00 Kids
w w w. c o r r a l d r i v e i n . c o m
[ūr’in toun]
Re-Design For
Design Cont...
examples of its dominance in
the Holocaust and Nazi theory. I
did indeed say this because it is
completely true. Webster defines
contrary as a fact or condition
incompatible with another. Stein’s
attempts to convey that the Holocaust’s inspiration, not cause, is
Darwinism by its presentation of
Natural Selection which happens
From Page 7
to be a fact that is incompatible with the theory of Evolution
because if the roots of this book (the root of Evolution) give adequate incentive
for harm, how can it be the basis of humanity? This incentive is stated clearly in
The Origin of Species and in its entirety reads, “With savages, the weak in body or
mind are soon eliminated. We civilized men, on the other hand, do our utmost to
check the process of elimination. We build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed
and the sick, thus the weak members of civilized societies propagate their kind.
No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that
this must be highly injurious to the race of man. Hardly anyone is so ignorant
as to allow his worst animals to breed. The aid which we feel impelled to give to
the helpless is mainly an incidental result of the instinct of sympathy, which was
originally acquired as part of the social instincts, but subsequently rendered, in
the manner previously indicated, more tender and more widely diffused.” These
words mentioned, even read with the ending statement of sympathy, is clear
evidence of the Darwinism role played in the Holocaust. No, Darwinism did not
create the Holocaust, like NCSE claims Expelled said; it did, however, influence
Hitler and his regime to create the perfect race. In 1945, The New York Times
wrote, “Long before he had dreamed of achieving power, [Hitler] had developed
the principles that nations were destined to hate, oppose and destroy one
another; [and] that the law of history was the struggle for survival between
peoples …” The connection was made in 1945 between Hitler and Darwin and
hopefully the tie is not lost after our country’s scientific “progression.”
Evolution and ID are one of the most controversial pairs in society. However,
controversial is no justification for cover up, fabrication, or even hate. The NCSE
is obviously an organization on the prowl for anything “intelligent” and willing
to accomplish their evolutionary agenda no matter what the cost. Now for a
personal and peaceful Lincoln-esque quote by Abe himself to momentarily conclude the debate dealing with life that will luckily one day be forever concluded,
“In regard to this Great Book, I have but to say, it is the best gift God has given
to man. All the good the Savior gave to the world was communicated through
this book.”(Note: He was not talking about The Origin of Species).
Sources: The Washington Post,,
C o l l e g i a n
w w
O n l i n e