Offers for Sponsors - 22nd ISABE Conference - October 25

22nd ISABE Conference
October 25 - 30, 2015 Phoenix, AZ, USA
Affordability, Profitability, and Environmental Compatibility:
Airbreathing Propulsion Technologies Enabling Sustainable Growth
in Air Transportation
Offers for Sponsors
Hosted by The United States National Organizing Committee
Honeywell Aerospace
Please consult the conference website for more information:
Sponsorship for ISABE 2015
Take this opportunity to reach meeting representatives from the
airbreathing engines industries and renowned experts and
executives, worldwide.
Display your company’s name and logo from January 2015 through
October 2015.
Choose from a wide selection of popular sponsorships
including benefits within exclusive platinum-, gold-, silver–
and bronze sponsorship packages or team up with us to
develop a customized marketing solution to help you
achieve the individual results you desire.
Please see the following detailed explanation of all the
benefits that come with the different sponsorship levels:
Platinum Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Benefit: Full-page advertorial in the final ISABE
Complimentary 1 page advertising article in the ISABE
Benefit: Logo listing on ISABE homepage with
company link
Company logo listed on the official Symposium website
together with a hyperlink to the sponsor’s website.
Silver Sponsor
Benefit: Logo listing in the final ISABE Program
Company logo displayed in the official ISABE Program
Bronze Sponsor
Additional Event Sponsorship
Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors will participate in
parts of the scope of benefits of “Platinum Sponsor”,
please compare with the overview on page 4.
Platinum Sponsor
The “Platinum Sponsor” package has been designed
to ensure the highest level of exposure throughout the
Symposium. Platinum Sponsors are offered 10
signification benefits—see description below and
overview on page 4.
Benefit: Exhibition in the Grand Ballroom
Opportunity to exhibit your products at your own stand in
the grand ballroom (18 m2). There will be no other
corporate exhibits at the conference location, giving the
sponsors an exclusive opportunity to present and promote
products and services to visitors to the conference and/or
to have a permanent meeting point at the Symposium. The
exhibits will be on display for the entire duration of the
Symposium. All costs for set-up and dismantling as well as
all local handling are included in your Sponsoring Fee.
Benefit: Full-page ad in the final ISABE Program
Profit from a full-page ad in the final ISABE Program—
Page 2
Benefit: Logo banner in Grand Ballroom
For sponsor recognition, company banner and signage
may be hung in the grand ballroom (3 ft by 6 ft) complimentary and including layout and production. You
just have to provide your company logo in data format.
Benefit: Registration fees
Six complimentary Symposium registration fees.
Benefit: Meeting room
Allocation of a meeting room for exclusive use every day
during the Symposium.
Benefit: Attendance at ISABE Banquet
Six complimentary tickets for the ISABE Banquet
Benefit: Day Trip Sponsoring
On five days of the ISABE Symposium an attractive
daytime-program with cultural and entertainment activities
in Phoenix and its surroundings is offered. Take part in one
of these day trips with your company branding on the
special day trip web page and with your company logo on
the transfer buses. One day themed by the Platinum
Sponsor—free of charge! In addition, maybe take the
opportunity of distributing handouts or any other
promotional items during the trip.
Sponsorship for ISABE 2015
Represent your company in Phoenix during ISABE 2015.
Additional Event Sponsorship
In addition to the overall sponsorship packages you have the
opportunity to co-sponsor one or more of 3 different evening
events. Your choice:
Welcome Reception:
Sunday, October 25th
Sheraton Downtown Phoenix Hotel
Target Audience: all ISABE Participants
ISABE Board Dinner:
Tuesday, October 27th
Target Audience: ISABE board members and Invited Lecturers
(approx. 50 persons)
ISABE Banquet:
Thursday, October 29th
Sheraton Downtown Phoenix Hotel
Target Audience: all ISABE participants
Sponsorship fees of $3,000.00 upwards will be
appreciated for the ISABE Welcome Reception,
the ISABE Banquet and the ISABE Board Dinner:
The Sponsorship fee includes:
Mention of “Hosted by …” in all ISABE publications,
including on the web
Welcome banner at the ball room entrance
Menus with sponsor logo and “Hosted by …”
Possibility of distributing a sponsor’s gift
To ensure your booking is processed in time
please book your sponsorship package(s) no
later than March 15, 2015.
Please mail your application to:
Ms. Pam Conley
Honeywell Aerospace
ISABE Sponsorship Representative
111 South 34th St.
Phoenix, AZ, USA 85034
Telephone: +01 / 602 / 231-1479
+01 / 602 / 231-3721
Email: [email protected]
Please also contact Pam Conley for technical
requests and further questions.
Page 3
Sponsors’ Choices
Sponsor Level
Platinum Level
Gold Level
Silver Level
Bronze Level
Additional Event
Fees of $3,000
200 ft2
100 ft2
Six ISABE banquet tickets
Day Trip sponsoring
Meeting room for exclusive
Exhibition in the Grand
Ad in the final program
1 Page
1/2 Page
1/4 Page
Advertorial in the final
1 Page
1/2 Page
1/4 Page
Logo banner in the Grand
Ballroom (3 ft. by 6 ft.)
Registration fees
Logo listing on conference
web with company link
Logo listing in final program
Additional events
Page 4