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The CEU Center for EU Enlargement Studies (CENS) and Res Publica have the
pleasure to request your company at the discussion:
Educating Innovators in Central Europe
Sharing Experience of New Europe 100 Challengers
March 20 (Friday) 2015 at 1.00 p.m.
CEU, Nádor 9, Popper Room
In October 2014 Res Publica together with Google, the Financial Times and the
International Visegrad Fund announced New Europe 100, the list of exceptional
individuals from Central and Eastern Europe who challenge science, business,
politics, media and culture. Those outstanding individuals share innovative and
entrepreneurial spirit, the driving forces for modernization and prosperity.
How could we draw from their background to plan better educational and economic
policies for the future?
In what systemic way could we foster innovation and entrepreneurship among the
youngest generation?
What kind of reforms do citizens and markets of Central and Eastern Europe need
to prosper and grow?
Péter Balázs, Director, CEU Center for EU Enlargement Studies
Wojciech Przybylski, Editor-in-chief of Visegrad Insight and Res Publica Nowa, new
editor-in-chief of Eurozine
Benjamin Cunningham, Journalist covering Central and Eastern Europe for The
Economist, Time magazine and Visegrad Insight, among others
Katarzyna Szajewska, "New Europe 100" Project manager
Helga Dorner, Lecturer, CEU Center for Teaching and Learning
RSVP by March 19
Zsuzsanna Vegh ([email protected])