Holidays Homework class 11 - Indirapuram Public School

 You shall watch the Will Smith, Thandie Newton, Jaden Smith starring
movie “The Pursuits of Happiness” written by Steven Conrad, directed by
Gabriele Muccino and write a review of this movie in your own words.
 You shall watch the Julia Roberts starring movie “Mona Lisa Smile”
written by Lawrence Konner, Mark Rosenthal, directed by Mike Newell
and write a review of this movie in your own words.
 You shall watch the Pankaj Kapoor, Shreya Sharma, Deepak Dobriyal
starring movie “ The Blue Umbrella” adopted from the book- The Blue
Umbrella written by Ruskin Bond, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and write
a review of the movie in your own words.
1. Your review will consist of an attractive cover page which will be
as per the theme of the movie.
2. You will write the review in A4 size ruled sheet and submit it in a
separate folder.
3. The word-limit of the movie review is 1000 words.
4. Your review will display the summary of the movie, the purpose
of the movie, the main characters and the message it contains.
5. You can produce two or three dialogues of the movie in your
 To make a project on any topic as per the guidelines of CBSE. Hence
write a detailed report on the same.
 Prepare an Investigatory Project on any topic as per CBSE guidelines.
Note- No two students should submit identical project reports although topic
can be same.
Q.1 Investigatory project:
Investigatory projects are meant to be a pleasure-cum-work-cum-knowledge
gathering exercise and it is a type of experimental exercise performed with a
scientific attitude by the students. Some guidelines for the students :
1. Selection of topic:
For this, you need to work and read different chapters of your syllabus and
also consults scientific literature, magazines, newspapers, use search engines
of internet, etc. Then select the topic of your interest.
2. Planning of the project:
Collect all possible available information about the topic. Prepare a rough
outline of the experimental work of the project.
3. Experimentation for the project:
Plan and conduct the experimental work with precision so that you are sure
to get correct results.
Following points should be kept in mind while performing the experiments
for the project work.
 Collect data with honesty and utmost care.
 Record only your observations and data.
 Repeat the experiment several times and take average of the results of all the
 Compare your results with those available in the reference books.
 Discuss your results in the light of available information about the
project and draw out meaningful conclusion.
 Make use of histograms, graphs, photographs, diagrams , case studies to
support your observations and conclusions.
 Give a list of books, magazines/journals and internet sites you have
consulted during the course of your project.
 Acknowledge the guidance, help and assistance rendered by your
teachers, parents, neighbours and friends by expressing sincere
gratitude and thanks to them in the beginning.
4. How to write:
Students are required to get their project report typed on bond paper sheets
and to represent it in the best possible manner. The project report should
be written in the following sequence:
 Title / Aim – Name of the project.
 Introduction – Information collected from various sources related to
the topic.
 Requirements – Materials required for experimental work.
 Procedure – Write details of the experimental work you have
 Observations – Record your observations / data in the form of tables,
histograms, graphs, photographs, etc.
 Results / Conclusion – Give analysis of the data and compare your
results with those available in the literature and draw conclusions.
 References – Give the list of books, internet websites, magazines or
journals you have consulted, for the project work.
Q2. Assignments will be uploaded on Integral. Do all the assignments in
Biology copy.
 Worksheet will be uploaded on Integral web
1. Complete synopsis with first phase of code of your project.
2. Complete your practical file with all the new programs.
3. Revise all the chapters taught in class.
In the practical file write down on the following topics
(a) Athletics ( track and field event)
(b) Yoga ( 10 asana with benefits )
Prepare a synopsis of your project on any topic of your choice. it should contain
all the steps of SDLC process.
Prepare a project report on consumer awareness among households through
collection of primary data by designing a questionnaire.
Accountancy Student are required to Collect samples of 7 Source Documents and Write
brief note on each of them.
 Read every chapter thoroughly from NCERT.
 Make flash cards of every chapter.
 Learn answers of questions given in assignment.
 Read newspaper daily to know about contemporary world politics.
 Make your own notes related to chapter1 to 6.
CBSE has decided to introduce project work in history for class XI as a part of
regular studies in classroom, as project work gives students an opportunity to
develop higher cognitive skills, to inculcate a spirit of inquiry and research, to
develop a global perspective etc. Students have to work on any one topic of the
Topic 1 : Find out information about the history of human evolution, different
range of objects made by human beings such as tools, weapons, paintings,
sculpture ,engraving timeline of 5.6 mya to 10,000 BCE. (Theme 1)
Topic 2 : Information about the city life, temples, palaces, history of writing,
culture and agriculture of Mesopotamian civilization. (Theme 2 )
Topic 3 : Gather information about the condition of women and economic
expansion of the Roman Empire from 100 BCE to 1300 CE. Also mention its
geographical expansion. (Theme 3)
Topic 4 : Sufism and its legacy. (Theme 4 )
Topic 5: Genghis Khan and his contribution towards history. (Theme 5)
Topic 6 : Medieval European Society & contribution of church in the field of
education, music and architecture. (Theme 6)
Topic 7 : The origin of Industrial Revolution, important inventions & relative
advantages of Industrial Revolution. ( Theme 9)
Topic 8 : Did Japan’s policy of rapid industrialisation lead to wars with her
neighbours & destruction of environment. (Theme 11)
Instructions :
 The project must be done in groups of 3-4 students.
 The project work can culminate in the form of power point
presentation/exhibition / albums /files / paper presentation .
 Students can use primary sources includes newspaper cuttings,
photographs, film footage and recorded written /speeches.
 Submission of project in the first week of July.
1. Saksham sells his play station to his friend at a profit of Rs. 2,000. Will it be
considered as a business? State the feature of business which is being
highlighted in the given example.
2. “An activity can be an economic activity in one situation and non-economic in
another situation”. Do you agree? Give an example to justify the given
3. Which hindrance of commerce is highlighted in the following activities?
a. It removes the geographical separation between producers and
b. Warehousing facilitate holding of goods till they are required.
c. Advertising informs the consumers about the goods and services
available in the market.
d. Trade provides an organized market where buyers and sellers can
contact each other.
e. Banking and Financing Institutions provide necessary funds to carry on
business activities.
f. Insurance protects the goods in case of damage due to theft, fire,
accidents. 4. Tata Power is planting trees on roadside of several big cities. Name
the objective in which Tata Power is engaged.
5. “No business is risk free.” In the light of this statement explain the concept of
business risk and its causes.
6. Which type of business risk involves both the possibility of gain as well as the
possibility of loss?
7. Differentiate between Business and Profession.