April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

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Volume 5, Issue 4
April 2015
April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month
Take a minute to review first aid tips so you can care for your pet
should an emergency occur.
Pet First Aid Tips from the American Red Cross
To determine if your cat or dog is dehydrated, pull up on the skin
between the shoulder blades. It should spring right back; if it stays
tented this is a sign of dehydration.
Signs of pet poisoning include bleeding externally or internally,
dilated pupils, drooling or foaming at the mouth, seizures or other
abnormal mental state or behavior.
If your pet has a seizure, make sure it is in a safe place, but do not
restrain the animal. Keep your hands away from its mouth as your pet
may not know who you are during a seizure and could bite you.
Signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion include collapse; body
temperature of 104 degrees F or above; bloody diarrhea or vomiting;
wobbliness; excessive panting or difficulty breathing; increase heart
rate; mucous membranes very red; and increased salivation.
Pets bitten by other animals need vet attention to prevent the
wound (even if minor) from becoming infected and to check for internal wounds. Never break up a dogfight yourself because you could be
If your pet is bleeding, apply direct pressure using gauze over the
bleeding site. If blood soaks through, apply more gauze (do not removed soaked gauze) until you can reach a veterinary hospital.
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Pets for Adoption
Easton, 1 year old, neutered male Australian Shepherd. Easton is deaf,
but he doesn’t know he is handicapped. He is a bundle of energy and
loves to play with other dogs. A trip to the dog park where he can run
non-stop for an hour or more is the highlight of any day. He
loves people, kids, and other dogs. Easton weights about 50 pounds
and is still very much a puppy at
heart. He needs an experienced
owner who is familiar with the
aussie breed and their need to be
busy and stimulated. Easton is a
GREAT dog! He is house
trained and crate trained.
Hermoine, 12 year old(?) senior Toy
Poodle, female, about 3.5 pounds.
Hermoine was found as a stray. She
recently had an eye removed because
it was infected. She has cataracts in
the other eye and does not see well.
She also does not hear well. But, she
is a very sweet girl who loves to be
held and loved. She deserves a good
home where she can lived the remainder of her life in safety and comfort.
Dylan, 3 year old Lhaso mix.
Housebroken, crate trained, and
UTD on vaccinations. Dylan is
good with people and other dogs, but
doesn’t like cats. He must go to a
home with no children under the age
of 12.
Pets for Adoption
Beauty, 2 year old female long
haired brown tabby/torti. Beauty
was found as a stray. She’s very
friendly—great with people, but
does not like other cats. Dog
experience unknown. Beauty
wants to be loved on and petted.
Emo, 7 year old female. Declawed front and back. Emo and her
brother were surrendered because
their owner could no longer afford to
keep them. Emo loves to be held and
likes to sleep on the bed. She is
playful and well mannered. She is
not fond of dogs.
Bailey, 1 1/2 year old female brown
tabby. Bailey began life as a feral cat
and was trapped at a shopping center in
Smithfield. She is loving, sweet, and
playful. She might be shy at first but
will warm up quickly.
For more information on any of these pets, either call
757-357-4214 or email: [email protected]
(Phone messages are not checked everyday.)
Please check www.petfinder.com to see more pets that are
available through the IOW Humane Society.
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Pet First Aid App
More lifesaving information is available on the Red Cross Pet First Aid
App that helps dog and cat owners to provide emergency care until
veterinary assistance is available. The top five features of the American
Red Cross First Aid App are:
Step by Step instructions for 25 of the most common first aid
Pet profile for storing tag ID, photo, and medical information.
Early warning signs for when to contact a veterinarian.
Animal Hospital locator
How to include pets in emergency preparedness plans.
The Pet First Aid App can be found in the Apple App Store and the
Google Play Store for Android by searching for American Red Cross or
by going to redcross.org/mobileapps.
Please SPAY and NEUTER
PETA’s Mobile Spay and Neuter Van (the SNIP Van) provides lowcost neuter/spays and vaccinations. The SNIP van will be in
Smithfield the 3rd Thursday of the month at Tractor Supply
Company, 13500 Benns Church Blvd.
For a complete list of services and prices, and to download
admission forms, please visit PETA’s website:
$15 each for altered animals or
animals under 6 months
Dog: $100 (spay)
$80 (neuter)
Please note: Dogs and cats 6
months of age or older that have
not been spayed or neutered will
not be
vaccinated on the
SNIP van..
Appointments not necessary for
Hours for vaccinations:
10-11 AM
Vaccine hour may be cancelled
when temperature is above 87 or
below 40 degrees.
Animals older than 6 years 11
months or weighing more than
70 lbs. will not be spayed/
neutered on the SNIP van
Appointments required
for all spays/neuters. To
make an appointment, call
622-7382, option 3
Spring is here and it’s time once again for the Dander & Pollen fundraiser at Captain Chuck-a-Muck’s. Well behaved dogs are welcome and
treated to the Captain’s complimentary hush puppies (no onions). Hope
to see you there! For more info, see: www.captainchuck-a-mucks.com
SNIP Van schedule:
April 1 and 14: IOW Animal Shelter
April 15:
Great Valu, Wakefield
April 16:
Tractor Supply Company, Smithfield
See our adoptable
cats/kittens and
every week
Sunday 12-4
Jefferson Commons
Newport News
We will not be at Petco
Easter Sunday
Please join us for our First Annual
Dog Jog 5K, Fun Run, and PawFest. 
For more information, vendor and
sponsor applications, and for online
5k registration, visit our website:
5K Dog Jog, 9 AM
Kids Fun Run (11 and under) 10:30 AM
Agility and Flyball Demos
Raffle Tent
Petting Zoo and Pony Rides
Games and Activities
"The measure of achievement is not
winning awards. It’s doing something
that you appreciate, something you
believe is worthwhile."
"Find something you’re passionate
about and keep tremendously
interested in it."
~Julia Child
Hazel Ruff
Leah Dempsey (for Elvis)
Emma Hattemer*
VA Bob Fest
*A very special thank you to Emma, a 7
year old, who requested pet food donations
for her birthday in lieu of gifts!
Gimme Shelter
Horse and Hound
Petsmart Charities
IOW County FY14 Spay/Neuter Program Donation
The Humane Society holds meetings twice a month, on
second Mondays and fourth Wednesdays. Please come to
a meeting and learn more about us.
We don’t bite!
Apr 13
6 PM
Nike Park Senior Center
Apr 22
7 PM
IOW Rescue Squad, 13080 Great Springs
Road, Smithfield
May 11
6 PM
Nike Park Senior Center
May 27
7 PM
IOW Rescue Squad, 13080 Great Springs
Road, Smithfield
The IOW Humane Society is an all volunteer organization
that receives no government funding. We depend on
corporate and private donations to fund our work. We have
no office, no building and no salaries. Therefore, all money
collected goes directly to the care of animals in our county.
If you would like to make a donation, please send your tax
deductible contribution to:
Isle of Wight County Humane Society
PO Box 273
Smithfield, VA 23431
Or, donate on our website, using our Paypal Donate button.
You do not have to be a member of Paypal
to make a donation.
PH: (757)357-4214
FAX: (757)365-4207
email: [email protected]