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The Swedish Swimming Federation and SK Neptun Swim Club welcome swimmers to the
2015 Open-Masters-Swedish Short Course Championship Swim Meet at
Eriksdalsbadet (25m) on March 20-22, 2015.
Eriksdalsbadet, Stockholm
SK Neptun Swim Club and Swedish Swimming Federation
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Event dates & times:
Eligible Ages:
Age group Eligibility with their age on December 31, 2015.
Individual Classes Pre-master 20-24 year
A 25-29 years
B 30-34 years E 45-49 years
F 50-54 years
I 65-69 years
J 70-74 years
M 80-89 years N 90-94 years Relay classes
Pre-Masters 80-96 years
A 100-119 years B 120-159 years C 160-199 years D 200-239 years
E 240-279 years F 280-319 years G 320-359 years
Friday 20/3
Saturday 21/3
Saturday 21/3
Sunday 22/3
Warm up
C 35-39 years D 40-44 years
G 55-59 years H 60-64 years
K 75-79 years L 80-84 years
O 95-
50 and 100 meter distances are seeded according to specific age groups. Different age groups
may be seeded in the same heat. (For example: One age group in lanes 1-4 and another in lanes
5-8). Distances of 200m and higher are seeded by entry times only and not by age groups.
Seeding by time:
In the event of many participants in a particular event the Swedish Swim Federation reserves
the right to seed events shorter than 200m. Participants will be informed if this happens.
l In Sweden entries are to be entered into the OCTO entry system. Each event shall have
an entry time and all Swedish participants shall have an active license number in the OCTO
system. Participants outside of Sweden can send their entries and time according to the events
listed above.
l All communications about entries shall be performed by the swim coach of each represented
team. Individual entries will not be valid.
l Each team/person with an entry shall have a person in charge of their team present during
each day of the meet.
l Entries without times are not valid. Swedish swimmers without a license number will not be
able to participate.
l Entries shall be on SK Neptun’s desk no later than March 5, 2015 via
or email: [email protected]
l Entry fees will be charged by SK Neptun swim club.
Entry fees:
70 SEK for each individual start and 100 SEK for each relay start.
Late entries and fees:
Late entries can be entered up to 12:00 noon March 16, 2015. The price for each entry is double
the above amount.
Cancelling entries:
l If you need to cancel your entries on fridays event, that has to be done before friday 20th
12:00 AM. The easiest way is to email [email protected]
Regarding the events on saturday and sunday, cancellations has to bee done one hour before the
event take place. For exampel saturday, at the latest 8:00 AM and in the afternoon 14:00 PM.
l Cancellations made too late, will be charged 300 SEK per event. A “no-show” counts as a
late cancellation. This does not apply with a medical certificate from the official physician.
l Entry fees will not be refunded.
Other charges:
Entry fees, lunch during the meet and the Participant’s Party will be invoiced by SK Neptun.
Relay entries:
The names of swimmers participating in relay events shall be turned in 1 hour ahead of each
pass to the Swedish Swim Federation’s desk.
Medical assistance:
Medical assistance will be available during each day of the swim meet.
Masters SM points:
Points according to Masters swimming will be given. 7, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point to the six best
places in each event and age group provided there are 3 participants from at least 2 different
clubs starting in each event. In the case there is less than six participants the points are divided
up so that the last place swimmer gets 1 point and the first place swimmer gets 1 point more
that the second place swimmer. Points for relays are doubled. Points are given to relay events
with at least 2 relays participating from 2 different clubs.
l Medals will be given from 1st to 3rd place in each event and the Sprorrongs trophy will be given
to the club with most points in accordance to the rules from Swedish Swimming Federation point
l Ann and Glen’s trophy will also be given to best presentation for a male and female swimmer with
the highest “MASTERS FINA points”.
A memo (Document) about this event will be available on the Swedish Swimming’s webpage
approximately 5 weeks prior to the event.
Participants can take advantage of an offer from the Clarion Hotel located on Ringvägen in
close proximity to Eriksdalsbadet. Book your hotel room at the latest February 20th at There are only a certain amount of rooms so
don’t delay if you want a room. A breakfast buffet is included in the price.
Single room: 650 SEK including tax per person each night
Double room 1 person: 790 SEK including tax per person each night
Double room 2 persons: 950 SEK including tax per person each night
Extra bed: 250 SEK including tax per person each night
Payment is to the hotel directly.
In association with Clarion Hotel we are offering the following meal alternatives.
Friday evening March 20th the buffet is open from 19:30-22:00. Biff Stroganoff with a beverage + coffee and cake. 195 SEK/ each.
Lunch Saturday March 21st the buffet is open from 12:30-15:00. 145 SEK/ each.
Lunch Sunday March 22nd the buffet is open from 12:30-15:00. 145 SEK/ each.
Clubs will be invoiced for food vouchers purchased.
Participants party:
There will be a party for the swimmers Saturday evening at Clarion Hotel. The cost is 495 SEK
and includes dinner and 1 beverage coupon (beer, wine or alcohol free). There will be live music
after dinner for your enjoyment. Dinner will be an Italian buffet including coffee and cake after
dinner. The dinner and party will begin at 19:00.
l There is also the alternative to purchase tickets just to the party after dinner for 200 SEK
which will begin at 21:00.
l Tickets can be purchased through SK Neptun swim club via [email protected] This purchase can be done by each club. Notice that there are only a certain number of places at the
dinner and party after so purchase tickets in good time.
l Clubs will be invoiced for each ticket purchased.
Opening ceremony:
A short Opening Ceremony will start Saturday morning at 08:45.
More information:
Contact [email protected] for more information. Your can even leave your telephone number
at 468-556 966 93 and we will call you back as soon as we can.
Welcome to Swedish Open-Masters Short Course Championships 2015.
Order of events for Masters-SM
1 Friday – 17:00
2 Saturday – 09:00
3 Saturday – 15:00
4 Sunday– 10:00
Gren 1. 400m IM Women
Gren 5. 50m freestyle Women
Gren 14. 4x50m IM Mixed
Gren 25. 400m freestyle Women
Gren 2. 200m IM Men
Gren 6. 50m freestyle Men
Gren 15. 100m freestyle Women
Gren 26. 400m freestyle Men
Gren 3. 800m freestyle Women
Gren 7. 100m breaststr. Women
Gren 16. 100m freestyle Men
Gren 27. 50m breaststr. Women
Gren 4. 1500m freestyle Men
Gren 8. 100m breaststr. Men
Gren 17. 200m breaststr. Women
Gren 28. 50m breaststr. Men
Gren 9. 50m backstr. Women
Gren 18. 200m breaststr. Men
Gren 29. 100m backstr. Women
Gren 10. 50m backstr. Men
Gren 19. 100m IM Women
Gren 30. 100m backstr Men
Gren 11. 100m butterfly Women
Gren 20. 100m IM Men
Gren 31. 50m butterfly Women
Gren 12. 100m butterfly Men
Gren 21. 200m butterfly Women
Gren 32. 50m butterfly Men
Gren 13. 4x50m freestyle Mixed
Gren 22. 200m butterfly Men
Gren 33. 4x50m IM Women
Gren 23. 4x50m freestyle Women
Gren 34. 4x50m IM Men
Gren 24. 4x50m freestyle Men