James Taylor Anthology

James Taylor Anthology
This popular book contains 34 of James Taylor’s classic rock hits, dating back to the
70’s. The piano/vocal arrangements in this book include such songs as "Fire and
Rain", "Sweet Baby James", "Woh, Don’t You Know", and"Rainy Day Man".
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Songs included in this product:
Fire And Rain
Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Country Road
Sweet Baby James
Carolina In My Mind
Handy Man
Fool For You
Something In The Way She Moves
Lo And Behold
Night Owl
Nobody But You
One Man Parade
Anywhere Like Heaven
Oh Baby Don’t Loose Your Lip On Me
Sunny Skies
Little David
Don’t Talk Now
Chili Dog
New Tune
Rainy Day Man
Sunshine, Sunshine
Taking It In
Woh, Don’t You Know
Something’s Wrong
Suite For 20 G
The Blues Is Just A Bad Dream
Steam Roller
Brighten Your Day With My Day
Knocking Round The Zoo
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