You can have a look on the comments of our old Erasmus students

Kovacs Orsolya- Letai Kinga- Incze Reka
Greatings from Romania! We were Erasmus Exchange students in Diyarbakır in the fall
semester of 2014-2015. We will write you some helpful advices about Diyarbakır’s
-If you want to find good accomodation with funny and entertaining stuff, choose Konukevi 2
-Have your lunch in the dining hall only for 1 TL, because it is cheaper than a way by minibus
-For perfect trips the best choice is Erasmus Coordinator’s and Buddy’s Travel Agency
-You don’t need dictionary, because turkish people will help you in every situation
-The Best shop is Saray market, there you can find everything you need and if you are too
lazy, there is a rainy day or you have a lot of stuff, they can offer you free transport!
-Nefrology, Pediatrics, Neurology and Dermatology are just some of the interesting subjects
that you can learn in Medical Faculty of Dicle University
-Top 5 of turkish food: lahmacun, liver kebab, tavuk döner, dolma and kadayıf
-Don’t be afraid from dehydration, the minimum offer is 5 glass of tea/day
-The last but not the least if you want to dance, you can enter into a wedding party
All in all choose Diyarbakir and Dicle University because it will be you best semester of your
Angela Borgavan
Diyarbakir is a city full of surprises where you never get bored! It is a very good way to meet
new friendly people,to get in touch with a very rich food culture,music culture and of course
Turkish traditions. It might not be very famous but you wont be dissapointed! Good
experiences happen when you less expect!
- Cristea Ana Maria
For me comming to Turkey for Erasmus Programme first time meant going to a unknown way
and it meant a lot of courage to move for a definite period of time in another country .I was
very good surprised when I got here and I saw the warm people and the warm life .I made a
lot of good friends that maybe in Romania it's not possible in such a short time.The University
surprised me of course in a good way because it is so different than my University.All this
reasons and all the people from here induced me to come again and I am glad that I took this
chanse again.
Franko Evelin
For me this experience here it is something more that I was expected. People are
amazing,generous,helpful,which in our countries is very rare those days.we can improve
ourselfs as a human too.So this is the best part of being here . On the other hand even If the
people wouldn't be so nice still I would enjoy beiing here just because of the amazing turkish
Warda Ijaz
My name is Warda Ijaz. I came to Dicle University, Turkey as Mevlana exchange student
from COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan. I want to tell you that this exchange period
was the best time of my study life. The environment of the University is really nice and
comfortable. The teachers are so kind and friendly. I really feel like my home University. The
international office is very helping and supporting. They help me whenever I call them and
they solved my problems with the best of their effort. The City Diyarbakir is really amazing
city of Turkey. The people of Diyarbakir are very nice and friendly. Whenever I went out and
met with people they always show their love to me. I really enjoy here and I will never forget
this time period.
-Rida Asif
I had a very good experience through exchange is very good programme
through which we can go to other country and experience their life style and is also
good for education system so that we can compare the system from our home country.
Diyarbakir is very historical city. I like it because I wanted to know about history. I like their
people because they are very kind hearted and welcoming. I like their culture and food. Their
education system is also very easy and low burdened. The most beautiful thing is that their
people are very active and helping.
I enjoyed everything and I really wanted to come again and visit and all the historical places
that I have seen.