Contact Details: Manuel Hollmann:holly

Dear Intercrossers around the world!
After the highly successful tournaments frequently held in Germany we do not want to leave it with
just one chance to have fun here. Therefore, we proudly invite you to the first Westerwälder BasaltCup! Idyllic Landscapes, loads of fun and the sporting challenge of the best sport in the world
should lure you to the Westerwald. We’d like to set a starting point for a long time of sporting and
amicable get-togethers, officially registered in the FIIC European Cup. Biggest opportunity: we
have two big gyms at our disposal and it would thus be the only tournament with this kind of
equipment! Because size does matter ;)
So here’s the necessary data:
2 big (three-fold) gyms of Bad Marienberg’s schools
Kirburger Straße 5a
56470 Bad Marienberg
Rheinland-Pfalz/ Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
1) We’ll all sleep in one big room, so be sure to bring
a Ground Pad / Something similar and a Sleeping Bag!
2) For more convenience, you can pay extra for a room in the Youth Hostel
(28€/night/person) -> If wanted, please contact before the 30th of April!
Tournament Expenses:
1) Meals: 2x Breakfast, 2x Lunch, 1x Dinner
2) Accommodation (remember Ground Pad and Sleeping Bag!)
3) Drinks during the match days
4) … just to remind you: two big gyms!!!
Contact Details: Manuel Hollmann: [email protected]