Greyhound Growl Manchester Students Recognized for Art Cheerleading Tryouts

Greyhound Growl
Volume XXVII
Issue 7
Manchester Students Recognized for Art
Manchester High School participated in
the annual Southern State Community College
Log Cabin Fever High School Art Competition
this past February. Two winners came from
Manchester High School. Both of the winners
were tenth graders. The Best of School Award
went to Daniel Brinker and the Reserve Best of
School Award went to Avery Trotta. Both of the
boys have worked hard throughout the year.
Congratulations to both of these students for
their awards and hard work.
Haley Casey
Ohio Graduation Test
The week of March 12th-16th
sophomores will be took the OGT. They have
been studying very hard all school year to make
our school very proud like in previous years. We
want to take time to thank all the teachers that
have helped every student prepare for this test.
This is a very big test that every student needs
to try their very best on. The state requires for
our schools to have 75% of the students pass
each test. Last year, our sophomores made it in
the eighties and nineties in every subject.
March 2012
Cheerleading Tryouts
The week of March 19-23, MHS held
Varsity and Jr. High cheerleading tryouts. During
this week, anyone who wanted to tryout had to
attend practice Monday-Thursday, 5-7. During
this practice, everyone was required to learn a
cheer and a dance. The girls were watched
throughout tryout week and evaluated on many
different things: enthusiasm, spirit, and
attitude, just to name a few. This was also
added into their tryout sheet. On Friday, March
23, actual tryouts were held. Varsity kept a total
of twenty-two girls. It is a tradition here at MHS
for the girls who make varsity to go out to eat
as a team and this is the very first thing the girls
do as a team. The 2012-2013 Varsity
Cheerleaders are:
Taylor Himes – Captain
Tera Himes
Jalyn Redmon – Captain
Keisha Palmer
Alli Taylor
Sarah Ward
Whitney Bowling
Hannah Purdon
Lynnsey Applegate
Laramie Taylor
Tiffany Ricketts
Stephanie Hobbs
Brett Himes
Brooklyn Chaney
Faith Sutton
Morgan Johnson
Sierra Farley
Cassidy Spires
Haylee Adams
Kayleigh Robinson
McKayla Smith
Marissa Gulley
Jr. High also held their tryouts last
Friday and they ended up keeping seventeen of
the thirty-two girls that tried out.
Cassie Campbell
C.J. Hobbs
Xena Crummie
Kylie Walters
Kylie Lucas
Taylor Young
Miranda Schiltz
Kya Young
Shyanne Tucker
Katie Sandlin
Summer Grundy
Brooklyn Freeman
Hannah Grimes
Jai-lynn Hodge
Savannah Mack
McKinlee Grooms
Senior Standouts
Most Athletic- Dylan Ricketts & Haley Casey
Best Looking- Travis Combs & Danette Barnett
Most Talkative- Ian Gulley & Emily Thompson
Best Dressed- Dalton West & Marissa Polley
Most Changed- Tyler Young & Ashley Thatcher
Best Personality- Kyle Adams & Jeanna Tadlock
Best Hair- Dalton Walters & Caitlyn Thacker
Most Active in School- Malachi Evans & Ashley
Best Eyes- Dillon Raines & Brittany Butcher
Biggest Flirt- Dylan Ricketts & Christan Shively
Best Smile- Chase Rader & Chandler Rigdon
Best Car- Travis Gilkison & Amanda Morrison
Best Laugh- Chris Fite & Crista Ferguson
Most Popular- Travis Combs & Brianna Taylor
Best Sense of Humor- Daniel Alvarado & Tori
Most Outspoken- Anthony Moon & Meriah Kirk
Biggest Slacker- Dylan Branham & Micha Lewis
Most Likely To Succeed- Hunter Wells & Karissa
Most Dramatic-Dylan Cox & Angelica Frost
Most Unpredictable- Timmy Wagner & Tasha
Most Artistic- Kaiden Cox, Britny Stapleton, &
Ashlee Stonebreaker
Class Clown- Corey Lind & Brooke James
Best All Around- Dalton West & Brianna
Most Studious- Aaron Booker & Cheyenne
Most Accident Prone- Jeremiah Paul & Victoria
Most Musical- Zane Mingee & Kassidy Stricklett
Most Mischievous- Tyler Neely & Alexis Blanton
Most Bashful- Garyson Trotta & Sam Heller
Most Polite- Brandon Neal & LeAnna Littleton
Most Spirited- Brady Neu & Heather Francis
Most Unforgettable- Tyler Neely & Mikkie
Most Likely To Be Found In the Wrong Place at
the Wrong Time- Tyler Young & Tasha Clifford
Britny Stapleton
Students of the Month
McKayla Smith
sophomore born on January 21st, 1996. His
mom is Patty Groves, and his Chihuahua’s name
is Doofus. He isn’t involved in sports, but in his
free time he likes to skateboard and sleep. His
favorite senior is Dylan Ricketts. Cody’s favorite
food is pizza and his favorite drink is Gatorade.
Cody’s favorite teacher is Mr. Knauff, while his
favorite class is language arts. He would like to
end by saying, “Bye.”
Hunter Wells
Our first student of the month is Miss
Mckayla Smith. Her birthday is April 6, and she
is thirteen years old. She is an eighth grader
here at MHS. Mckayla’s favorite class is social
studies, and her favorite teacher is Mr. Mantell.
McKayla is involved in cheerleading and
volleyball. She enjoys hanging out with her
friends in her spare time. McKayla ‘s friends
include: Maddy T., Kayleigh R., Kayla W.,
Marissa G., Ali T., Cassidy S., Randi M., Montana
H., Amanda F., Natasha C., Morgan J., and
Bethany S. Her favorite TV show is Switched at
Birth, and her favorite movie is The Vow.
McKayla has two dogs. She is also single!
McKayla’s parents are Will & Amanda Smith.
Her favorite seniors are: Ian Gulley, Britny
Stapleton, Brianna Thornburg, and Emily
Thompson. She would like to end by saying,
“Peace Out.”
Cody Groves
Our second Student of the Month is Mr.
Cody Groves. He is a sixteen year old
Our last Student of the Month for
March is Mr. Hunter Wells. He was born on
April 3 and is seventeen years old. He is a senior
here at MHS. Hunter’s favorite teacher is Mr.
Gifford, and his favorite class is band. He enjoys
reading, playing video games, and playing chess
in his spare time. Hunter is our academic team
captain. His favorite food is sushi, his favorite
snack is Oreos, and he washes both down with
Venom. Hunter’s favorite movie is Young
Frankenstein while his favorite TV show is
Doctor Who. His favorite actor happens to be
David Tenant. Hunter’s friends consist of Daniel
Alvarado, Cheese, and Mason Jones. He is
happily taken by Brook Henley. His favorite
color is dark red. Hunt’s favorite underclassman
is Jacob Mathew Young, and he would like to
end by saying, “Allons y!”
that Lebron is overrated, but look at the things
he does for his fans!
Brianna Thornburg
Varsity Boys Basketball
On March 9 , 2012, the MHS Music
Department held their annual spring concert.
The Junior High sang “Blackbird” by John
Lennon and “Thunderstorm” by Roger Emerson.
Randi McFarland and Aliya Wells were both
soloists. The High School choir sang “King of
Anything” by Sara Bareilles, “I’m Not That Girl”
from Wicked and “Finale B” from Rent. Kassidy
Stricklett was also a soloist. A select group
performed “Love Psalm” by Darmon Meader.
Kassidy Stricklett and a special guest, Zach Day,
performed “Take it All” by Adele. Crista
Florence performed “Make You Feel My Love”
by Adele. Kassidy Stricklett also performed
“Bluebird” by Sara Bareilles. The music
department would like to thank everyone that
came and supported them that night. Don’t
forget that the play Legally Blonde will be
presented on May 10th, 11th, and 12th!
Chandler Rigdon
Surprise Homecoming
NBA star Lebron James helped surprise
a soldier’s family. While Lebron and his
teammates had a layover in Oklahoma for a fill
up, they all got off the plane and went to look in
the airport. They ran into a group of soldiers
and they wanted to get their picture taken with
the team. Lebron was willing to take his
picture, while the other teammates just sat
there. Lebron told them that they needed to get
up and take their picture, so they finally did.
While they had met these soldiers, they became
close to one soldier and he asked the team to
help him surprise his family. They got the group
photo put onto a hooded sweatshirt. People say
The boy’s basketball team ended their
season well. Their final record for league was
five wins and five losses. Overall, the team
ended with a winning record of nine wins and
six losses. This year marked the boy’s fifth
sectional title in a row and the third district title
in a row. For the sectional title, the boys
defeated the Fairfield Lions with a final score of
sixty-nine to sixty-five. After this game, they
took on Racine Southern at the Convocation
Center and came out on top, defeating the
Tornadoes with a score of sixty to severnty-five.
This made the boys continue on to the district
finals. At the district finals, the boys were able
to receive their third district title by beating the
Jeeps with a final score of fifty-four to fortyone. Unfortunately, the boys lost in the regional
semi-finals game to the Eastern Eagles. The
boys made Manchester High School proud this
year. Thanks for a great season!
Senior Profiles
Brandon Neal
Heather Francis
Brandon Neal is eighteen years of age
and is a senior here at MHS. His date of birth is
08/31/93. His favorite class is zoology, which is
taught by his favorite teacher, Mr. Crask.
Brandon enjoys hanging out with his friends.
Brandon does not play any sports at MHS. His
favorite food is roman noodles. He also likes to
snack on chips. His favorite drink is Nos.
Brandon’s favorite show is Wrath of the Titans.
He also enjoys watching Ridiculousness.
Brandon listens to rock music in his free time,
and his favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold.
Brandon is currently in a relationship. His
favorite color is blue. His favorite senior is
Britny Stapleton. Brandon would like to end by
saying, “Bye.”
Heather Francis is nineteen years of age
and in the twelfth grade here at MHS. January
17th, 1993 is Heather’s date of birth. Mrs. Harris
is Heather’s favorite teacher. Her hobbies
include hanging out with friends, texting and
playing her Wii. Heather does not play any
sports. Heather loves chowing down on pizza
and cotton candy, while drinking a Mt. Dew.
Her favorite movie is The Hunger Games and
her favorite show is Teen Mom. Her favorite
type of music is rock; Nickelback and Adele are
her favorite artists. Her friends are Amanda,
Sam, Tiffany, Rainelle, Haley, and a lot more.
Heather is currently single, so guys hit her up!
Her favorite color is pink. Heather’s favorite
senior is Travis Combs. Heather would like to
end by saying, “Peace out!”
Junior Profiles
Katrina Stonebreaker
Katrina Stonbreaker is a sixteen year
old junior here at MHS. She was born on
May 21st, 1995. She is currently taken.
Her favorite colors are green and
blue. Katrina’s favorite teacher is
Mr. Nelson. Her favorite class is
art. Katrina’s interests and
hobbies are reading and
drawing. She participates in
track for the Greyhounds.
She has tons of friends,
but some of them include:
Sundeen, Cheyenne Nelson,
Jessica Updyke, Tylor Saunders,
and Lil’ Jake. Her favorite TV show is
The Voice and her favorite movie is
Rockie Horror. She says her favorite
senior is anyone but her sister. Katrina
would like to end by saying, “Peace Out :p!”
Karissa Franklin
Karissa Franklin is a sixteen
year old junior here at MHS. She
was born on August 28th, 1995.
She is currently taken by
Brennan Hess. Her favorite
color is black. Karissa’s
favorite teacher is Mrs.
Lovejoy. Her favorite
class is art. Karissa’s
interests and hobbies
are taking pictures and
watching movies. She is
in both Senior Beta and
Ag. Science.
She has tons of
friends, but some of them
include: Kelsey, Keely, Jason,
Crista, Kari, and June. Her
favorite movie is Bridesmaids and
her favorite TV show is Big Bang Theory. Karissa
has a German Sheppard/black lab named
Annabelle. Her favorite senior is Chandler
Rigdon. Karissa would like to end by saying,
“Don’t do drugs!”
Haley Casey
Sophomore Profiles
Kayla Bennington
Mike Morgan
Our first sophomore is Miss Kayla
Bennington. Her birthday is
October 21, 1995. Kayla’s
favorite subject is math,
taught by her favorite
teacher Mr. Applegate.
Kayla is not involved in any
sports here at MHS, but her
favorite hobby is texting.
Kacey, Ashley, Sydney, and
Evan happen to be her
closest friends. Her favorite
TV show is Teen Mom. She
has one dog, and her
favorite color is orange.
Kayla is taken by Mr. Clay Myers. Her favorite
senior is Karissa Purdin. She would like to end
by saying, “Peace.”
Our second sophomore is BIG MIKE
Morgan. He is a sixteen
year old who was born
on August 22nd, 1995.
His favorite class is
history, taught by his
favorite teacher Mr.
Knauff. Big Mike plays
football here at MHS.
His hobbies include
sleeping and riding
favorite TV show is
Family Guy and his
favorite movie is Saving
Private Ryan. Mike has dogs as his pets, and he
is single. Mike’s favorite color is hot pink, who
would have thought that? Big Mike’s favorite
senior is Travis Combs. Mike would like to end
by saying, “I need me some ‘English’ : ).”
Britny Stapleton
Freshmen Profiles
Leevi Ayers
Brooke Butcher
Brooke Butcher is a ninth grade
student here at Manchester High School.
Her birthday is September 8, 1996, which
makes her fifteen years young. Brooke’s
favorite class this year is Algebra, but her
favorite teacher is Mrs. Lovejoy.
Here at MHS, Brooke is involved in
volleyball and softball. She has many
hobbies: playing sports, texting, Facebooking, and many more. Brooke’s friends
include: Brooklyn Chaney, Tera Himes,
Angel Rigdon, Hannah Purdon, Laramie
Taylor, Keisha Palmer, Tommy Denning, and
Noah Gaffin.
Brooke’s favorite TV show is Pretty
Little Liars, and her favorite movie is The
Last Song. She has a dog named Gizmo and
her favorite color is orange. Sorry
gentlemen, but Brooke is taken! Brooke
would like to end by saying, “Adios
Leevi Ayers is another ninth grade
student here at Manchester High School. He
is fourteen years old. His birthday is June
12, 1997. Leevi is involved in baseball here
at Manchester. His interests are hunting,
playing basketball, and playing baseball.
Leevi’s favorite teacher here at MHS
is Mr. Applegate and his favorite class is
gym. Leevi says his favorite color is purple,
and his favorite senior is Chase Rader. He
has two animals, a horse and a dog. If you
can’t find Leevi out and about, you could
possibly find him watching his favorite
movie Step Brothers.
This young man has many friends
here at MHS: Tommy Denning, Austin
Smith, Brandon Saunders, and Tyler
Brummett, just to name a few. Leevi is
currently single, so be on the lookout
Victoria Chaney
8th Grade Profiles
Asia Diggs
Asia Diggs is an 8th grade student here
at MHS. On January sixth,
Asia was brought into this
teacher is Mrs. Smalley,
and her favorite class is
language arts. Asia’s
friends include: Faye
Howard, David Green,
Allannah Oliverez, Drew
Garrison. Asia’s favorite
TV show is WOW WOW
WUBSY. Her favorite movie is Project X. She has
a dog and a couple ants. Asia is single, so pick
her up while you can. Her favorite senior is
Emily Thompson, and her favorite color is blue.
Asia would like to end by saying, “Forget them
other people imma ride for my friends.”
David Greene
David is a fourteen year old here at
MHS. He was born on
April 28th. His favorite
subject is language arts,
taught by Mrs. Smalley.
He plays basketball and
football for our Junior
skateboarding, basketball
and football. David’s
friends consist of Drew
Spires, John Horn, Asia
Diggs, Zack Littleton,
Randy Night, and C.J Back. David has fish as
pets. His favorite senior is none other than
Travis Combs. He is also single. He would like to
end by saying, “Love it…”
Seventh Grade Profiles
Cayden Nichols
Kasey Young
Cayden is a seventh grader here at
MHS. He blows his candles out on June 18,
making him twelve years old. His favorite
teacher this year is Mr. Mantell. His interests
include playing chess and video games. He plays
baseball. You could find Cayden eating tacos,
while drinking a Mountain Dew and watching
his favorite TV show NCIS. His favorite movie is
Tombstone. He likes any movie that involves his
favorite actor, Val Kilmer. He loves to jam out to
Just Jack. His friends here at MHS are: Cameron
Angel, Brandon O’Connel, Logan Little, Moses
Booker, Puff, Austin Redmon, and Justin
Aldridge. His favorite colors are both red and
black. He doesn’t know very many of the
seniors here, so he doesn’t have a favorite. He
would like to end by saying, “Good for you!”
Kasey Young is also a seventh grader
here at MHS. She was brought into this world
on June 6th, 1998. Her favorite class this year is
math. Her hobby is cheerleading. She currently
doesn’t play any sports here at Manchester
High. Her favorite snack is ice cream with hot
fries. Her favorite TV show is SpongeBob. She
enjoys listening to hip-hop, and her favorite
artist is Nicki Minaj. Her friends are Hollie Long
and Ashley Couch. She is currently single, so
boys scoop her up while you can! Her favorite
colors are pink, lime green, and bright orange.
Her favorite senior this year is Travis Combs.
She would like to end by saying, “That is Kasey
from Manchester”.
Chandler Rigdon
March 2012
T u esd a y
W ed n e sd a y
T h u rsd a y
F ri d a y
S at u rd a y
Su n d a y
Ryan Dryden
Stephanie Hobbs
Grant Blanton
Israel Booker
Randi McFarland
James Wilkins
Marie Tackett
Brett Himes
26 Tyler Hackney
Haylee Adams
Ricky Olivarez
Jimmie Stamper
Chandler Rigdon