Process Tracking for Today's Enterprise
CQMS TracX allows healthcare organizations to centralize, streamline and automate process management such as
incidents, investigations, correspondence and other activities. It's perfect for processes with complex,
cross-functional workflows.
Give your Compliance, Operations and Quality Management teams everything they need to mitigate risk, improve
quality of service, reduce errors and contain costs.
Track and structure critical incident-related data
Get insight into trends and behaviors and keep issues top-of-mind
Improve timeliness for handling issues by automating business processes
Your complete toolkit for process management
CQMS TracX provides your team – whether in Compliance, Operations, Quality Management or elsewhere – with
the tools they need to automate cross-functional business processes with complex workflows, collect structured
data and report on the trends and behaviors within your organization that are impacting compliance, quality and
Solutions by Process
Incident de�inition
Alerts &
Privacy Breach Management
Appeal & Grievances
Medicare Part C & D Reporting
& Metrics
Dynamic Form
EMTALA Compliance
Fraud, Waste & Abuse
HR Incident Management
Delegation Oversight
Regulatory Filings
Issue Recording,
Review & Close
Contract Management
CMS Five-Star Program
See everything CQMS TracX has to offer below.
Custom Forms
Build flexible custom forms to capture all the
data elements you need through the lifecycle of
any given business process.
Process Management Queue
See at a glance all the processes that need your
attention. Quickly see due dates and any
overdue issues.
Workflow Management
Powerful, configurable workflow tools allow you
to handle multi-phased business processes in a
single system. No more tracking pieces of a
single process in multiple spreadsheets or
ad-hoc databases.
Document Repository
Store documents related to an incident or event
in a single repository for fast, easy access to all
relevant information. Messy file servers and
directory structures are a thing of the past.
Custom Email Alerts
Set up customized, automated email alerts
based on specific events such as due dates,
incident creation, status changes and more. Say
goodbye to missed deadlines and surprise
Task Management
View all your tasks in one location and centralize
communications related to tasks and
incidents – no more sifting through email
inboxes to find what you need. Things won't fall
through the cracks anymore.
Granular Access Control
Manage inter-departmental business processes
seamlessly while controlling who has access to
view and manage phases of a workflow. You'll
also have a full audit trail for data changes.
Robust Reporting & Dashboards
Standard graphic dashboards and customizable
reporting tools allow you to slice and dice
incident data to get the answers you need.
Good riddance to time-consuming manual
Filing Management
Development and submission of recurring filings
can be a cumbersome and time-consuming
process. CQMS TracX allows you to schedule
filings for multiple agencies and manage the
collaboration and submission process from start
to finish.
CQMS TracX offers these features and many, many
more. If you're ready to improve business
processes, structure and centralize data, automate
paper processes, get rid of difficult-to-manage
tracking spreadsheets and ad-hoc databases and
streamline reporting then CQMS TracX is the system
you need.
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