Sir, Madam,
I am 22 - years old master’s level International Business student, currently living and studying in Marseille, France. Now I am writing this letter in order to apply for an
internship position in London. Furthermore, after this April I am going to be finished with my all of my courses, and as my Dual- Degree requirement, I am required to
start a minimum of 6- month internship starting in the summer or in the autumn. Since I am not going back to studying after the internship, I am happy to work as an
intern also for a longer period of time, or be considered to continue as an employee for the company. Moreover, while working in this position I would be
simultaneously writing my master’s thesis, in order of graduating by the end of 2015. I am a highly proactive, organized and innovative personality, and I think that my
ability to work effectively and energetically with diverse customers and in cross- cultural teams can be regarded as being one of my main strengths. That said I am
truly passionate about marketing, CRM and brand management, and I strongly believe that my education, international experience and personality will make me a
highly competitive candidate for positions related to these fields. In addition to that, despite my relatively young age, I have already gained a lot of experience in sales,
customer service and working in an administrative and international environment. Overall I am looking for a challenging paid internship opportunity for me to apply my
existing knowledge and skills, and to learn and develop my potential as a future marketing and branding specialist. I am a creative and self-driven personality, who is
capable of working effectively even in a hectic working environment.
In 2011 I started my studies in the University of Vaasa, faculty of economics in Finland, having management as my major and finance as my minor. Due to my highly
motivated attitude, I finished my Bachelor studies in the spring 2013, and in the autumn 2013 I got accepted to the International Business- master’s program. After
one year, having completed half of my master’s studies in Finland, I started my studies in the International Business Dual Degree- program in Kedge Business
School, and since the autumn 2014 I have been living in Marseille. That said, when graduating, I will be receiving my master’s degree from both University of Vaasa,
Finland and from Kedge Business School, France. My studies are focusing on both international marketing and management, and all of my courses are carried out
entirely in English, which is why today I can use professional English language fluently. Moreover, in addition to English and to my native language Finnish, I have
also a good level of knowledge in Swedish. French language I have been studying since high- school, and because I have now been living in France approximately
for 6 months, I am able to fluently communicate in French about everyday-life related topics and my goal is to intensively improve my French skills during this spring. I
am proficient in Microsoft Office and during the spring 2014 as a part of our Research Methodologies course, I also learnt to use the SPSS Statistic- software.
In addition to my marketing and management studies, in my Master’s program I have learned a lot about operating in an international working environment and about
working in cross-cultural teams. All of my classes have constituted of students representing different backgrounds and cultural heritages. This has enabled me to
discover and learn from other nationalities, which I think is a great asset, especially when operating in marketing, CRM and branding. I was also a part of Emporio
Armani Marseille and Kedge BS’s project, focusing on Social Media marketing and event organizing and the main goal of the project was to increase Emporio
Armani’s brand awareness among international students. In the project I was operating as our team’s project manager. My main responsibility was to make sure that
the deadlines were met, tasks were delegated and that our supervisor and Emporio Armani Marseille team were kept informed about our progress. In our project we
had a highly tight schedule and that is why it was important to manage the use of time effectively and to keep the team organized and focused. I really enjoyed
operating as a project manager, since I am not afraid of making strict decisions or taking the responsibility. I am ready to work hard and motivate others in my team, in
order of achieving the desired goals and in order of going beyond expectations. The project also taught me the importance of planning ahead, but also the importance
of always saving room for modifications, if the third party/customer changes their mind or adds new requirements, the strategy and plans must be effectively
changeable according to those wishes. I am a person who is always paying attention to detail and who is capable of taking on new tasks in a fast phase, and that is
why I truly enjoyed being a part of the coordination and execution of this kind of a brand project. This kind of creative work was also very suitable for me, because I
highly enjoy brainstorming and executing new, innovative and exciting ideas. That said after finishing our project, I received a letter of recommendation from Emporio
Armani, which you can find attached to the last page of this letter.
Taking into consideration my studies, international experience and my personal interests, internship position related to CRM, marketing or brand management would surely be suitable for me. I am a self- confident person, who possesses advanced social skills and due to that I consider myself as being both a strong individual- and
a team- worker. I am also a result- driven and highly analytical personality, and that is why in my working, I am able to analyse and exploit different sales reports,
market researches and competitive analyses, and I am capable of acting as a problem solver and working in an organized manner, even under pressure. I strive to
continuously improve my skills and to learn more, I am not afraid to challenge myself and I am always seeking to achieve the best possible outcomes. Overall, I am
sure that marketing and branding related intern position and working in London, which has been my dream for a long time, would certainly be an extremely exciting
and valuable experience when considering my overall development and future goals.
Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to your response.
Best Regards,
Nina Suokas,
[email protected]
French number: +33 781 26 07 94
Alternative number: +358 44 322 4466 (When outside of France)