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18th March 2015
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Did you know?
Supported Internships at
Weston College
Weston College is offering supported
internships with the aim of achieving paid
work for students on placements. So far, 2 of
the 8 participating students have secured
paid jobs.
From September 2015 the college will be
offering a new Supported Internship course
for students 16-24 years, who have learning
difficulties and/or disabilities.
Career of the future...
Construction Project
Starting salary: £27,000 per annum
Average salary:- £35,000 per annum
Gross weekly salary:- £672
Average hours:- 40 hours per week
Students will spend most of their time in the
work place but go into college for appropriate
classes. Some students will have continuous
support in the workplace, others will need
only a regular assessment of their progress.
Students most likely to benefit will have
already completed 1-2 years at Weston
For more information contact Lorna Gaines,
Transition to Employment, Foundation
Learning, Weston College, Tel: 01934
422713 x 2713
Employment Change? Increased future
What is hot in this
New construction methods such as off-site
manufacturing will bring new project
management challenges
Building Information Modelling and
Management (BIMM): a collaborative
approach whereby the whole design and
construction process can be
shared using a single electronic ‘model’ of the
Environmental issues creating new
For more information, visit
“I’ve made it into work!”
Jordan started at Weston College on our Extension Studies course in Foundation Learning. He progressed quickly onto a Level 2
Diploma in Performing Art. Jordan is currently on Aspirations based at Weston Bay and the Into Work programme for Foundation
Learning. This course is for learners who have an Autistic Spectrum Conditions and focuses on learners gaining independent skills
at home, socially and in the workplace. Jordan was clear that he wanted to work in a women’s fashion retail store. Staff at Weston
Bay helped Jordan created a letter of interest for work experience.
“At first I thought this would aid me in getting unpaid work experience but instead, though handing out my CV and preparing for
interview, I have gained a part-time paid job which will hopefully progress into a full-time job with continued support.”
Jordan was offered two interviews which he was supported to prepare for and attend. He was offered two jobs and was successfully
supported to accept the job at Select.
“Working at Select is brilliant, I am working for a total of 8 hours a week and recently I have been offered more hours. Select are
supportive and have an awareness of my Asperger’s. The staff are patient and understanding, repeating instructions and answering
any questions I have.”
, please contact Lorna on 01934 422713