Issue 09—13 June2014 From the Principal Team 2014 School Captains

School Captains
Issue 09—13 June2014
Michael Lo &
Sarah Fearn-Wannan
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From the Principal Team
Martin Baxter
Assistant Principal
Michael (trombone), Bronson (piano), Matt (trumpet), Zac (Saxophone), Olly (drums) and Ronan
(double Base) from Blackburn High School. Picture: Stuart Milligan Source: News Limited
Student Achievement
Please remember to
advise the relevant House
Assistant by 9:30am if
your child will be absent
from school
The talents of the students at Blackburn High School never cease to amaze me.
This is particularly evident in the recent successes and performances in the field of
music. With Blackburn High School’s stage band recognised as the best in the
country at the prestigious Generations of Jazz Music Festival in South Australia,
with many of the band members being singled out for individual awards and
recognition. The Symphony Orchestra playing in the Victorian Schools Music Festival and the Winter Concert of last week provide further clear evidence of these
continuing high standards. I am sure that the Blackburn Bands Concert on the
evening of Saturday June 14, involving the Concert and Symphonic Bands will
prove no exception.
Melba—8804 6407
Freeman—8804 6408
Hollows—8804 6409
Dunlop—8804 6410
Semester 2 Starts Monday 16 June, 2014
Music Dept: (Direct)
8804 6411
Year 12 Formal
Term Dates in 2014:
Next School Council
Meeting - Wednesday
Issue 9 - 13 June 2014
A reminder to parents/guardians and students that the whole school (Years 7 –
12) commences the second semester in the last two weeks of this term starting
on Monday 16 June.
To conclude and celebrate the mid-year, the School again held its annual Year 12
Formal on the night of Wednesday June 11. This year the Senior Social was held
at ‘The Manningham’. This VCE social event has been organised by a student committee in liaison with the Senior Social Events Coordinator, Ms Bronwyn Roach. All
of whom should be congratulated. A special thankyou must be extended to Caitlin
Jamieson for all her work in developing the various awards that the students received on the night.
The Year 12 Formal once again proved to be a highlight of the student calendar
and we have always been very proud of the exemplary conduct and presentation
of our students on this special occasion. All the staff and students thoroughly
enjoyed the evening!
Blackburn High School
Telephone: +613 8804 6464
60 Springfield Road, Blackburn Vic 3130
Facsimile: +613 8804 6499
Email: [email protected]
Freeman House News
Geoff Vezey
House Leader
Lion King - Signups
The Lion King rehearsals have started to take place. Good luck to all performers
and we hope that the rehearsals go as planned and that the Lion King is a great
Edwin Cornish
Good luck to all Freeman Year 11/12 students. We hope your participation
in the GAT goes smoothly.
House Flag
Thank you Ms. Chislett and Ms. Roach for their work on the Freeman
house flag. Let’s fly the Freeman Phoenix high with pride.
House Assistant
Denise Strahan
8804 6408
Page 2
13 June 2014
Written by Thomas Saar and Andy Lu
House Captain
Freeman House News
Geoff Vezey
House Leader
House Organisation
Congratulations to all students who have submitted work on time. The third cycle
of reports is published today. Take time to examine your report to reflect on what
classes you are achieving good grades in (and why), as well as areas to improve in.
Refer to your learning goals in your diary. Are you achieving these goals?
The Compass system allows us to closely examine student attendance. Freeman
staff and students have been examining the attendance data all year and comparing it to previous years. Overall Freeman students have improved their attendance
to school which I have praised them for. This is a high priority and students who
need to improve are being assisted. Would parents continue to help their son or
daughter to arrive at 8.30 am for a 8.40 am start. It is important to arrive early
(an not at 8.40 am) to get organised and to ensure they have a good start to the
Edwin Cornish
House Captain
Walk to the G’
Thank-you to all students and staff who participated in the ‘Walk to the G’ on the
31st of May. Freeman House support the Freeman Foundation on this walk. We had
the opportunity to meet students and staff from Palm Island who visit Melbourne
for one week during this time. Students from Palm Island are selected for the trip
through their attendance, attitude and achievement at school. They are rewarded
for their hard work.
House Assistant
Denise Strahan
8804 6408
Geoff Vezey
Page 3
13 June 2014
Mark Pasquali
House Leader
Well done to all the students who have signed up to
be part of our house musical “Happy Feet”.
Our first rehearsal took place yesterday and there
was lots of enthusiastic students. The rules of House
music mean that each house only has two weeks to
rehearse and perform their production.
After school rehearsal times are listed below and
permission forms available on compass for students
House Assistant
Kaye Sampson
8804 6409
Monday June 16
Tuesday June 17
Thursday June 19
Monday June 23
Tuesday June 24
Well done to Julian Harris who spoke at our last assembly about
his participation at the Stawell gift running carnival. Julian participated in a number of events at the famous Central Park track and
performed exceptionally well. Congratulations Julian on this great
The famous central
park track where
Julian ran
Our mentor groups will be undertaking a number of Pathways
activities over the next few weeks. This will lead up to the all
important selection of subjects for the more senior students.
The subject selection process will begin early in Term 3.
Page 4
Issue 9 - 13 June 2014
Congratulations to the following Hollows students who won
awards at the recent “Rich Tasks” project.
House Captain
Ned Clear
Best Multimedia presentation:
Luke Foulcher (Lasers)
HA Best presentation:
Flynn Nott (Rocket)
HA Runner Up:
Maya Hunter Clear (Perfume)
HB Best presentation:
Zach Hazeldine (Helicopter)
HB Runner Up:
Lotus Wintersea (Saddle)
Well done to all the students who participated.
Just a further reminder that the Blazer is to be the
outer garment at all times.
If students do not have their blazer for any reason
they must request a uniform pass from their
mentor teacher with a signed note explaining the
reason. We thank parents for their support in this
Farewell to Mr Holland who will be finishing with us this
week. Mr Holland has been the mentor teacher for H5 as
a short term replacement and has built a great rapport
with the students. We wish him all the best as he returns
to Great Britain later this year.
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Issue 9 - 13 June 2014
Mark Pasquali
House Leader
Ron Hansen
Acting House Leader
The last few weeks of school have been a frenzy of activity with exams. Staff have
been busy doing marking and preparing reports. Music students have been busy with
the winter concert last week.
Year 9 Music Technology Radio broadcasts at SYN radio have continued
with Allegra De Gleria Clark and Caitlyn Hurly doing a show this week. It
was no surprise that there was a segment about flautists (as both girls
play flute). It is nice to see Melba students having a high profile in the
community (at least 10 000 people listen to the different “Schools on
Air” shows each week).
House Assistant
Wendy Atkinson
8804 6407
The House Music competition is quite soon with Tanya Kononov, Jackie
Hu, and James Kearney starting off the rehearsals for the upcoming performance. This week rehearsals began and students of all abilities are
encouraged to come along and be a part of the performance on June 26 th
in the Gym. This is also a busy time for me personally as I end up getting heavily involved in organizing lights and sound for the performance.
Alpine school students – Year 9
Daniel Curwen, Lachlan Hives and Neve Anderson-Vague have been
at the School for Student Leadership all of this term. It will finish soon
with a presentation in late June. Recently they completed a second
overnight camping expedition as well as coping with the rigours of rain and mud.
They have some exciting ideas for their Community Learning Project and it will be
great to see them put this into practice when they come back to BHS.
– Victorian Champion in Rings
Over the long weekend, Matthew competed in the Victorian Gymnastics Championships through his club Bulleen Templestowe Youth Club (BTYC) in Level 7 Open. He
became the Victorian champion in Rings, winning gold with a score of 12.9 for this
apparatus. His team included Kynan and William Whitehead (from Freeman) and
two others not from BHS, won 1st place and is the champion team in Level 7 Open.
It was a tough two days of competition with 48 gymnasts from across the State.
Well done to Matthew and the other gymnasts who competed.
Page 7
Issue 9 - 13 June 2014
House Captain
Tanya Kononov
X Factor
(handmade item)
Issue 9 - 13 June 2014
Acting House Leader
Best Knowledge
Melba House Year 7
Rich Task Award Winners
Page 9
Ron Hansen
Visually Exciting Award
(eye catching
Claire Greve
Dunlop House Leader
“I have a conviction that it is only when we are put at full stretch that we can realise
our full potential’ Sir Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop.
House Assistant:
Thursday 19th June
Support the Weary Dunlop Appeal by buying badges, coming in free dress and helping
at and promoting the lunchtime BBQ.
All proceeds will benefit the Weary Dunlop Medical Research Foundation which endeavours to find a cure for cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer and more.
Rich Task
Congratulations to Cameron Twidale for
winning The Best Presenter for Oral Information.
Welcome Back
A big welcome back to Ms Greves who has
resumed her role as house leader after being away on long service leave.
Thank you to Mr Bate and Ms Jallais for all
their help and support whilst Ms Grieve
was away.
Liga Darzins
8804 6410
Year 7’s
Hope all of the year 7’s have had a good transition into high school and have enjoyed
being in Dunlop house.
House Captain:
James Zukiewicz
Page 8
Issue 01
7 February 2014
Maths News
Steve Thomson
Maths Coordinator
Student Teacher Visits
The Maths department has made itself available for a number of student
teacher visits.
Deakin University
Pre-service Teacher Visits
On two occasions Maths staff hosted up to 25 preservice teachers from Deakin University in a day.
They took great interest in BEEM which is our
year 7 problem solving flagship. They were also
keen to view the innovative teaching and learning
practices used to teach Maths in the High Achiever’s Program (HAP). In the mainstream classes
they enjoyed the way tasks were differentiated
and also the way students were grouped. The pre
-service student teachers provided a lot of positive feedback as did their convenor.
Patricia Kaoull In May, Georgia Pashias’ Year 8 classes were taught by a pre-service
teacher, Patricia Kaoulla, who is studying at La Trobe University. The students welcomed
Ms Kaoulla as their Mathematics teacher and responded enthusiastically to her teaching
style. The Year 8 Maths classes enjoyed the Congruency and Transformations work booklets she prepared as well as the chance to use a compass and protractor to construct triangles. Equally engaging was the work booklet covering Pythagoras’ Theorem that she
prepared for the Year 8 HAP Maths class.
A highlight for the Year 8FA Maths class was the celebrity heads game. Students had to
ask questions in an attempt to find out which
mathematics topic their hat displayed. The Year 10 Maths Methods
class responded positively, having fun and This year all of the year 10
learning maths.
classes were timetabled to run at the
Patricia also organised a scavenger hunt activsame time and in adjoining classrooms.
ity for the Year 8 HAP Maths class. Students
had to solve a question to reveal a hidden Amongst the many advantages it enables
message. This activity gave students a chance team teaching to occur, as the classes
to work and learn in teams. Student feedback can be collapsed together. It also allows
was again overwhelmingly positive with the for different student groupings and difactivity being compared to the Amazing Race. ferent activities to run. Over the last sevWe thank Patricia Kaoulla for her contributions eral months the classes were collapsed
whilst at Blackburn High School and wish her for two revision activities; one in preparation for a test and the other in preparaall the very best for her teaching career.
tion for an exam. Students
responded positively to
both a “Pinwheel” revision
activity on the topic of Linear Graphing and then to
a “Lucky Dip” activity in
preparation for the Common Test.
Open Night
There was a great display of interest from the public in the Blackburn High School Open night. Maths was no
exception with a large number of prospective students and their parents participating in the diverse range of
activities on offer in the room. Maths staff were on hand to provide expert opinion and advice and to answer
the raft of questions.
Page 9
Issue 01
7 February 2014
Jemima Bunn
Acting Director of Music
Music News
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Connect Program
A day of music making in the Blackburn High School Music Department brought forth visitors from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Woodwind Workshop with Wendy Clarke
Wendy presented some great ideas about intelligent practice using differing rhythmic groupings
Wendy demonstrated how these techniques could support musicians to develop more fluent technical skills.
Congratulations to Jess Coyle (clarinet), Jackie Hu (flute), Ethan Grooby (bassoon), Darren Lee (clarinet) for
their performances in the Masterclass.
String Workshop with Michelle Woods & Monica Curro
Michelle and Monica spoke of their musical backgrounds and their work with the MSO and other performing
ensembles. Together they workshopped with soloist Matthew Smith (violin) on a work by Telemann and the
Chamber String Orchestra.
Percussion Workshop with John Aracaro
It was wonderful to
have John Arcaro
bring his knowledge
into the percussion
studio, discussing
the hows and whys
of all things
percussion – auxiliary percussion, mallet
grips, playing techniques.
Page 10
Issue 09
13 June 2014
Jemima Bunn
Acting Director of Music
Music News
On Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th of May, a selection of 16 lucky music students spent two days taking part in
an intensive songwriting workshop as part of a APRA-AMCOS initiative titled ‘Song Makers’.
This experience was led by two very experienced musicians currently working in the music industry. Lior is a
Melbourne-based ARIA award winning songwriter who has toured with the WOMAD festival and Make Poverty
History concerts. He is well known for the 2005 song ‘This Old Love’. Lachlan Carrick is a producer, sound engineer and arranger who has collaborated with many artists on numerous live performances and recordings. Recently, he has toured with the artist Gotye.
Over the course of the two days, students split into groups of four and went through the process of picking a
theme, penning lyrics, deciding on a structure, and working out chords and melodies.
At first, the process was quite daunting- how do we write lyrics that are meaningful? Can we ever get around to
creating a catchy chorus? What harmonies work with these chords?
However, with the help of Lior and Lachlan, the songs started to take shape. The students really felt engaged
after hearing both musicians’ experiences in the process of songwriting.
At the end of the workshop, Lachlan set up a professional ‘studio’ where the students recorded each of their vocal and instrumental parts. Students are now awaiting their engineered demo tracks to be sent from APRA.
Students who took part: Julie An, Leigh Beattie, Allegra De Gleria Clark, Kate Fyander, Susanna Hill, Gemma
Hooper, Caitlin Hurly, Che Ioannou-Booth, Emma Jeffery, Tanny Law, Sam McKay, Quynh Nguyen, Eliana Parratt, Bridie Ronalds-Greatbatch, Benji Sametz, Jayden Younger
What a great experience for all involved.
A fabulous night was had by all! See next newsletter for article and photos.
Dates to look out for:
Wind Band Fest with Symphonic Band and Concert Band – Saturday 14 June
MSO Workshop for Brass – Wednesday 18 June (in the previous Newsletter this date was wrong)
Jazz Ensembles @ Victorian School Music Festival – 23 – 25 July – details to come
Music Camp – 3 – 6 August – Junior, Concert & Symphonic Band, String and Symphony Orchestras
Concert Bands @ Victorian School Music Festival – 11 – 22 August – details to come
Page 11
Issue 09
13 June 2014
Chaplaincy Program
Megan Thompson
Entertainment Books for sale… the Chaplaincy Committee is
currently selling Entertainment Books as a fundraiser. Books are
$65 for over $2,000 value of vouchers at a range of retailers, including fine dining restaurants, fast food outlets, entertainment
venues including Hoyts, and accommodation options many others.
Vouchers are either for two for the price of one offers or a percentage value off a final bill. Many families will find that they only need to use 4 or 5 vouchers to well and truly recoup the $65
If you would like to look at what is on offer in the Entertainment
Book, a copy is available in the reception area at school for you
to look through. Orders need to be completed on the order form
sent out with our appeal letters, or there are order forms available at the school office. Books can also be purchased online and
as a phone app for smart phones. 20% of sales will be returned
to the Committee as fundraising.
The Chaplaincy Committee meet every second Wednesday
evening of the month during term times. Meetings are always
open so that anyone can attend. We are always happy to have
new members join the committee. Please phone me at the
school if you would like further information.
Second Hand Uniforms and text books are sold each week
through the shop on the ground floor western end of the multi
storey building at school. The shop is open on Tuesday mornings
from 8.15am till 8.45am. We are in urgent need of skirts and
spray jackets at the moment. Donations of uniform can be left at
the shop on Tuesday mornings, or at anytime at the General Office.
Remember that you are able to sell blazers through the shop with
a 20% commission going to the Chaplaincy Committee. We are
in urgent need of small size blazers if you have one in the house
that is no longer needed.
"Chaplaincy at BHS is partially supported by the Federal Government's National School Chaplaincy and
Student Welfare Program".
Page 14
Issue 01
7 February 2014
Alan Keeble
LOTE Coordinator
Je voudrais une crêpe au chocolat, s’il vous plaît.
In May Monieur Robert made his annual visit to our school for the traditional
crêpe day. Students took the opportunity to practise their French when ordering the crêpes, some double-dipping!
School News
Friends Of Music
Thank you to all the volunteers who assisted with the Friends of Music’s contribution to the
winter concert, and to all the families who supported our fundraising efforts.
Performing Arts Festival
The House Performing Arts Festival is on Thursday 26th June, commencing at 7.00 pm.
Admission will be $5.00 per adult, and children will be free of charge.
Friends of Music will be selling sausages, vegie burgers and cold drinks from 5.30 to 6.45 pm.
Hot drinks, cold drinks and biscuits will be available to purchase during the interval.
Page 13
Issue 01
7 February 2014
School News
News from the Vegie Garden
Thanks to a group of willing parents and students the BHS Vegie Garden was set up
in March this year. It was planted by members of the Environment Group, and the
produce is now being used by the Food Tech students. Current crops include silverbeet, lettuce, rocket, mustard, onions, spinach, broad beans, peas, garlic, carrots,
beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and a range of herbs.
Would you like to be involved?
To keep the vegie garden producing, I come once a fortnight to weed, feed, sow
new crops, etc. Any parents or students are welcome to join me. If you are an
interested parent, please email [email protected] and I will be in
touch. Students can be involved by coming to the vegie garden at lunchtime on the
dates below.
This term: Wed 18 June 12.30pm – 2.30pm
Next term: Every second Wednesday: 16 July, 30 July, 13 August, 27 August, 10
September, Time: 12.30pm – 2.30pm
Just a reminder the next School Working Bees are scheduled for Sunday 24 August, and Sunday 26 October. Anyone in the School community is welcome to attend.
Carolyn Nette
Facilities sub-committee
Page 14
Issue 09
13 June 2014
School News
The year 12 Formal
Page 15
Issue 01
7 February 2014
Community Notices
Melba House “Toiletries” drive.
In 2014, Blackburn High School is continuing to build its partnership with the Eastern Emergency Relief Network. Melba House – named after the late Dame Nellie Melba – is following in the
footsteps of our namesake and helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves.
After a successful “food” drive in 2012, and a “toiletries” drive in 2013, we are again aiming to
get the whole school community involved in collecting emergency relief items which can be distributed to those in need. The collection will happen from Monday, 19 th May until Friday,
8thAugust when Melba House will hold their free dress day and also raise some much needed
money to donate to the Eastern Emergency Relief Network as well.
Some common toiletry items you can donate.
Tooth Paste
Tooth Brushes
Soap and Liquid soap
Shaving foam
Ladies sanitary products
Front & Top loader laundry powder
Dishwashing liquid
Toilet paper
Any donations of the above items will be gratefully received at the Melba House office until Friday 8th August. There will also be a box outside the front office, and boxes in each of the other
houses. Let’s work together to see how many boxes we can fill. Just as Dame Nellie Melba did,
we want to make a difference, and give to those who are in desperate need.
Community Notices
The school is publishing the above community notices because they may interest some students or community members, but the school is unable to endorse or recommend any
of these advertisements
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Issue 08
30 May 2014
School Calendar June-July 2014
Year 10 Work Experience
Yr 12 Formal
Semester II
Eastern Zone
Cross Country
Back to school
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Issue 9 - 13 June 2014