Media-agnostic Inventory Access

Media-agnostic Inventory Access
The BrightRoll DSP gives you complete transparency and control over
your ad buys
The BrightRoll DSP is media-agnostic, which gives advertisers access to the largest supply of high-quality
programmatic video advertising through the leading supply-side platforms, open marketplaces, exchanges and
private marketplaces. We work across these inventory sources to reach your target consumers in the most efficient
way possible, as well as give you full control over supply sources and inventory in a completely transparent way.
Access to inventory
Open marketplaces
BrightRoll DSP is directly integrated with all leading
supply sources to bring you access to more than 80
billion monthly impressions across devices.
Private marketplaces
BrightRoll DSP enables you to onboard premium,
pre-negotiated video ad inventory to efficiently manage
open and private inventory in one central location.
Complete transparency and control
The BrightRoll DSP interface lets you choose your preferred sources of inventory. To ensure your success, our
programmatic algorithms optimize campaigns to achieve your KPIs, all within your inventory preferences.
Choose supply sources
Select preferred supply sources in
the DSP interface.
Optimize to key metrics
Algorithms find the most efficient
inventory to meet KPIs.
Transparent reporting
See the sites that ads ran on and
price paid.
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