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Opinions on trimester switch mixed
by Miriam Hammes
There has been much talk
throughout Pocatello High School
on the subject of trimesters. This
change from semesters to trimesters has been difficult for not only
the students of PHS, but also for
the teachers.
They have longer class
periods to teach but less overall
time now that their semester has
been split in half. Some teachers Rude
are very happy about the change
for they have more class time to do projects/labs and their
students are also less likely to become sick of the class because they’re not forced to go for a whole twelve weeks. “It’s nice having the extra time for labs, but still
goes by way too fast. I feel like I always need to catch up. I
had to cut out many of the fun things in my curriculum that
help kids remember.” Says science teacher
Eric Rude.
There are many pros and cons to the
new schedule. Teachers like Derk Mitton
are not fans for the new trimester schedule:
“You’re rushed in terms of the number of weeks to get through things.” Says
Mitton. He teachers many AP classes which
are the main types of classes that are suffering from the trimesters.
What is the reason for the change
to trimesters? Well after the state of Idaho
raised the amount of science and math cred- Devine
its students must have to graduate, District 25
looked into different schedules such as the block schedule
and the trimester schedule because elective classes would
be completely eliminated if the district stayed with semesters.
According to the Director of Secondary education, Bob Devine, the district chose the trimester schedule
because it would work out the best for 98 percent of high
Dayley: Trimesters needed
by Terraka Garner
“Unless the state changes the graduation requirements, I
think we need trimesters,” states school counselor Chrys Dayley.
“We need them so it is possible for
everyone to meet those requirements.”
Dayley can get frustrated with
trimesters at times, but she is positive
they are needed to keep everything
organized and in order.
It is hard to fit as many classes
in without semesters, and teachers of
elective classes such as Newspaper,
Choir, Autotech, and other 3 trimester
long classes are experiencing vexation
because they can’t keep their students.
“It’s not my favorite; they have
added a lot of extra work and time that Dayley
we have to work on grades” proclaims
Pam Glenn, school registrar. “With the
master schedules we have to pay very close attention to details.”
“I think we could have earned the correct amount of
credits with semesters, students may have to take online classes, or
we could offer more early morning classes. We could have made it
work,” says Glenn.
Both Dayley and Glenn agree on the fact that the workload
has increased quite a bit with trimesters. They have had complaints
from a multitude of staff members. It is supposed to give the students
more opportunities for electives and credits.
Valentine wins
by Brittany Purkett
Elections are final; the
2010-2011 student body class
president is Jacob Valentine.
Enthused about being the new
student body president Valentine
wants to make students proud
to go to Pocatello High School.
He wants to restore the pride at
Pocatello and make school more
fun and more successful.
Valentine says it feels
good to win and can’t wait till
next year.
“This year really motivated me for
next year. ”
—Aaron Otterstein
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school students. The other two percent are
the AP students who still have their classes
are still all year long. The trimesters allow
students to get credit without giving up electives.
Trimesters At-A-Glance
* Students can take more electives.
* Homework loads are lighter.
* More time for comprehensive instruction
and strategies.
* If a student fails a class they have plenty of
time to retake it and still graduate.
* Teaching strategies may not change from a straight lecture format.
* Three master schedules need to be developed each year.
* AP students still have a difficult, if not more so, schedule
to deal with.
More on Trimesters, pg 3
It’s the pie of the tiger, its the thrill of... earthquake relief.
It was fun (sort of) for teachers Becky Boegel and Lee Ralphs as they helped raise money
for Haitian earthquake relief during a lunchtime pie-toss recently.
Bands to be playing at venues
by Karlee Lindsay
Staying home and looking for something to
do this Spring Break? Going to a concert is a great
way to get out!
Over Spring Break, various bands are playing
at Pocatello’s own venue, The Icon. Starting at 6:30
p.m., Kill Paradise is playing with the band Stereos, on
March 19. Wednesday, March 24th, blessthefall and
Greeley Estates will be performing. On the following
day, the 25th, From First To Last, also featuring Eyes
Set To Kill, Black Veil Brides, and Confide will be
playing. The Icon is located at 1235 North Main Street.
If your still in the mood for a good concert
‘Brain’ team
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after Spring Break, there are plenty that you can attend.
On March 3, Drop Dead Gorgeous will be playing
with Motionless In White, and Sky Eats Airplane, at
the The Icon. Job For A Cowboy and White Chapel are
playing May 9, also at the Icon.
If you don’t mind the traveling, there are
quite a few of great bands to see, at various venues, in
Utah. For those who enjoy The Cab and Hey Monday,
they perform with Every Avenue and Nevershoutnever
on April 5, at The Venue.
Owl City is playing on April 12 at the Saltair.
Also playing at the Saltair is the band HIM, on April
Spring Break
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Wrestlers Roll
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Uganda presentation planned
by Caitlyn Chandler
What are some ways
T h e
that Pocatello High School
man who is
Students can get involved
in cultures and communities
children through
around us? A good way to start
is awareness. The Invisible
Children Foundation wants
to show a viewing for us,
out in the Lord’s
the Pocatello High Students
Resistance Army
to grow our awareness of
(LRA) which is
Uganda’s situation.
the organization
to help the people
the A Ugandan boy, above benefits from the
of Uganda. Kony
Foundation is in the process Invisible Children Foundation
decided to adopt
of being planned.
the violent ways
for their future and their
Invisible community. This movement is of the war. Kony and his army
Children Foundation is a seeking to end this conflict for struck Uganda by abducting
program that takes a step on this innocent community by 30,000 children to join his
humanitarianism, in making seeking to provide them with army and displace over 1.6
a better life and world for the schools, bring them home million people since the
Ugandan Community. What from the war, educate future rebellion began.
the foundation focuses on are leaders, and provide them
The United States
long term goals that enable the with jobs.
wasn’t fully aware of the
children to take responsibility
The current situation situation of Uganda until
in Uganda consists of a 23- about a couple of months
year war, and not only do ago. The Invisible Children
the children have to suffer Foundation posed a bill to the
and endure the war, but they Senate to apprehend Kony,
have to live in fear of being and hopefully stop the war.
kidnapped and turned into At this point only half of the
child soldiers. Many of these Senators have signed the
children are orphans and have bill, and the other half say no
to walk five to ten miles a because it doesn’t concern the
night just to sleep in a safe United States.
Haywire Robotics team
Haywire Robotics team
sends Conestego to S.L.C.
by Morgan Nalley
Conestego is the name of the robot that the Haywire robotics
team, the team for School District 25, is taking to the First Robotics
Regional Competition in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The team of 35 members is going to be attending this
competition March 18-20. The team named their 150 pound soccerplaying robot Conestego because it looks like a wagon. If the team
wins regionals, they will be able to attend the national competition in
Atlanta during April.
The team has been building their robot since the beginning
of January after school for several days and sometimes all day
on Saturdays. They have worked very hard on preparing for this
competition and are very excited to attend the regional competition.
The team works well together and “we have fun” said Chris
Williams Haywire robotics team member. The team had to raise
money to be able to go to regionals. The team sold potato bar tickets,
held an auction, and were mentors at the robotic summer camp
helping out with the younger participants.
Opinions vary on effectiveness of trimesters
by Sierra Clayson
Poky is nearing the end of the
year and it is yet to be decided whether
or not the change to trimesters was a
good idea. Upon being asked, much
of the staff expressed mixed feelings
toward the installment of trimesters.
Many of them felt that trimesters forced
them to teach too much material in non
sufficient amount of time.
“Trimesters slam and jam the
curriculum into a short amount of time.
I question the depth of learning with
trimesters,” said speech teacher Wendy
English teacher Lisa Holzer
described trimester in one word, “fragmented.”
Another complaint about
trimesters is that they put too much
pressure on the students. “Trimesters put to much pressure
on the kids; they move too fast, and
don’t allow the kids to grasp the basic
concepts in class,” said social studies
teacher Raejean Cates.
In semesters students are
allowed more time to learn and
understand the material, many teachers
said. Also it’s
much easier to
fall behind in
the students and
staff of Poky be
able to adjust?
English teacher
Dr. Heidi Lyons’ comment on the
subject was the following, “ I don’t
think we have enough time for the
material and not enough time with the
students, but I guess we can make it
Since a change back to
semesters is not very probable it seems
as though Poky will have to grasp to the
hope that trimesters will become easier
as time goes on.
increased about one third.
But as for kids it’s hard to get back on track if you don’t pay attention in the first couple
weeks so that it gets you behind and is very hard to get back. “So personally I like trimesters
cause I like change not to be bored,” concludes Naftz.
As for the student point of views, Brittany Hottel, a junior here at Pocatello High says
she likes semesters better.
“(time)Goes by really fast, but it’s hard to get caught up when you are in sports like
if you have to miss class for a game, ” Housel said. Even though she thinks we get a lot more
done in class, the day seems so much longer than it used to be. Hottel thinks some classes are
harder than others because some teachers like to lecture all class and students can’t really get
assignments done in class so they often have homework.
Sex offenders around Poky High
by Sierra Clayson
Students and faculty at Pocatello High
School have probably heard of Chelsea King,
the seventeen year old who went missing while
jogging on Thursday, Feb. 25.
The police arrested John Albert Gardner,
a sex offender, after finding evidence linking
him to Chelsea’s disappearance. A body that was
found buried near Lake Hodges, CA. on March 2
is believed to be that of Chelsea King, although
positive identification has not yet been made. Thinking about these kinds of incidents
is scary. Human beings as a whole like to think
that they’re invincible and nothing can harm
them. Pocatello is a small town, and in it many
feel safe and secure, but people shouldn’t get too
Not many individuals know that there are
28 registered sex offenders within half a mile of
by Brittany Purkett
Do the trimesters do better or worse for staff and students?
Of course everyone is going to have their own opinion on
whether or not they like them or not.
“I like the longer classes,” says drama teacher Kaileen Harris.
Harris says that teaching the drama classes are a lot nicer and
easier but for the speech class she teaches it is very difficult to
teach. She doesn’t like the fact that we have to cram so much
into such a short period, not in the class time but in the time as
long as the semesters were gave us more days to teach. Even
though the day goes by faster we don’t get as much done as we
would wish that we could get done. So she thinks that she like the
semesters better than the trimesters.
Business teacher Rhonda Naftz agrees with the new trimesters.
“I like the fact that you get to switch classes so they don’t get
bored,” she said. She also likes the change and the fact that PHS
students get to have a lot more classes offered and get a greater
variety of things to choose from. Although she agrees and likes
the new trimesters it’s a lot harder on her; she said that her work has
Pocatello High School; six of those 28 live within
one-thousand feet.
The closest sex offender is .16 miles
away from the school. According to Idaho laws,
sex offenders cannot be within five hundred feet
of a school, but they can live right outside of those
Five hundred feet is not even an eighth
mile away, so there’s defiantly reason to be wary.
The offenses of the sex offenders living near the
school include: forcible sexual abuse, lewd conduct
with a minor,statutory rape in the first degree, and
sexual abuse of a child under sixteen.
Information on sex offenders is a matter
of public record. Many of the offenders have
committed multiple offenses. Students are asked
to remain alert, because carelessness can lead to
PHS Academic team out smarts the rest
by Bridger Adkison
Pocatello High School’s Academic
Team competed at the INL Regional Scholastic
Tournament March. 2. There they competed against
8 other schools and went up directly against five
of those schools, beating four of them. Their four
wins led them to take 3rd place overall and qualified
them for the State Scholastic Bowl to be held on
Mar. 16-17 in Boise.
The Scholastic competitions consist of
three types of questions per heat. First the teams are
given a Toss-up question that either team of five can
answer for 10 points. If given an incorrect answer,
then the team loses five points and gives the other
team a free chance to answer. If correct, the same
team is given a Bonus question worth 5 points and
no chance of a penalty. Then halfway through the
heat, the Lightning Round begins, where each team
gets 60 seconds to answer as many questions as
possible for 5 points each.
PHS’s main team consisted of Leader
John “Hadji” Lackey, Kory Christensen, Nathaniel
“Badger” English, Patrick Kennedy, Bridger
Adkison, Kayll Heath, Tim Alger, Doug Walker,
Brian Hiltbrandt, and Amanda Clark. Lackey was
also awarded the Most Valuable Player award at the
INL Scholastic Regionals.
One of the team’s favorite moments was
English’s last second answer, “endocarp,” in one
round, giving them just enough points to win.
by Morgan Nalley
Great fun was about Boise March 11-13.
There were 19 Business Professionals of America
students from PHS attending state competition.
PHS had great success at state, with
bringing back The Professional Cup trophy.
Thats not the only accomplishment PHS brought
back, senior Nate Stradinger took 3rd place in his
individual event, Human Resource Management.
Taking 3rd place qualifies Nate to be able to attend
Nationals in Anaheim, California.
The BPA students had a lot of fun hanging
out and competing around the Boise State campus.
There were over one thousand people from across
the state that attended this competition. Many hours
of hard work and travel payed off for some BPA
BPA is a great club to get involved in
because it gives you skills for your future life.
Business is throughout the whole entire world and
business skills are used in every day life. To get
involved in this club contact Rhonda Naftz, the PHS
Business Professionals of America club advisor.
Pocatello BPA students succeed at state tournament
Graduation bar raised
by Morgan Nalley
Freshmen and
sophomores have a lot of
work to do before they
can graduate. The classes
of 2012 and 2013 have to
complete a senior project
to receive their diplomas.
“At first it is Aki
overwhelming, but in
the end, it should be easy,” said
freshman Kirsten Aki.
The freshmen of School
District 25 have a lot of new
requirements so that they can
graduate from high school. The
class of 2013 has to earn 53
credits where anyone graduating
before the year of 2013 only
has to earn 46. The switch from
semesters to trimesters has made
it possible for the graduating class
of 2013 and after to accomplish
getting 53 credits.
Not only freshmen
of this year have to complete
a senior project to graduate,
but so do sophomores.
For the senior project,
the students must go
out and do some sort
of community service
and then a presentation,
propagating the effects of
said community service.
There are some new
classes that Freshmen are
now required to take. Freshman
Success is a class that prepares
students to be successful in the
future. Not all believe
that it should be a required class,
“Only those who it will
benefit should have to take it,”
said Aki.
The other class that is
required for Freshmen to take is
Global Perspectives. This class
gets students to start looking at
what is going on in the world
around them. Students should be
readied for the future so they can
Spring Break in the
po-kay corral
Folks find fun, fabulous freedom
Stay safe over
spring break
by Amanda Saxton
Spring break is the time of year that
thousands of college students flock to seaside
resorts in the hopes of parties and fun. Although
it may seem like nothing but fun and games,
these spring break hot spots can lead to harmful
The majority of spring breakers get
involved with drinking and doing drugs, which
can have deadly consequences. Cancun, Mexico
is a very popular resort, mainly due to the 18 yearold legal drinking age. While it may be legal, the
excessive amounts of drunken students have led to
numerous deaths due to car or bus accidents, binge
drinking, and acts of stupidity. Many students
have reported getting separated from their group
of friends soon after arriving, and are lucky if
worse does not happen.
So, if one is traveling this spring break,
keep in mind the possible dangers and take
precautionary measures to keep safe.
A Pocatello break A-OK
by Carly Joerger
Spring is the time when
the snow begins to melt, and so
does the student’s motivation.
The sun beckons us to leave our
studies and join the warm air for
an entire week of celebration.
This celebration is welcomed
with open arms, but in the back
of everyone’s minds we know
that it is just mother nature’s way
of teasing us.
Giving us this taste of
summer vacation is almost cruel.
Pocatello’s weather patterns have
consistently showed this. The
bi-polar weather simply cannot
decide whether it will be sunny
and clear, or a blizzard. So what
is the best way to spend your
spring break if it is either raining
or shining?
Well, if you aren’t going
to be spending a whole nine days
in Hawaii, then you need to be
prepared for any type of spring
break weather that Pocatello
could grace you with. Whether
the sun is shining and the birds
are singing, or even walking by a
window freezes you to the bone,
get outside.
Pocatello is surrounded
by beautiful mountains full of
adventure. When the sun comes
out o for a bike ride up City
by Peter Eckert
third. But despite Bontrager’s failure to be ranked third in a
Students revel in the time where they, in fact, nonexistent organization, she does posses some legitfulness
are nothing of the sort. I am obviously speaking of non- in the endeavor commonly referred to as surfing. Who knew
instructional time. And while most students enjoy their growing up with her mother in Florida would’ve created such
time after school, it is the extended periods of scholarship a person. And no, legitfulness is not a word.
that students most commonly feel free
in. And with the Earth in its current
position on its journey around Sol,
students are beginning to set their eyes
on spring break.
Spring break: a time when
college students wake up unexpectedly
in Mexico or some other drunken
nonsense like that, but all that fun
is not reserved to those who attend
higher education institutions. Many
of our very own students are looking
foreword to excitement filled spring
Mary Bontrager is a Pocatello
High student who will be going to
Florida for spring break. Because
no one from PHS has “EVER” gone
to Florida for spring break before Some will see views like this during spring break. Overview of Poky.
we (and by “we” I mean the various
epistemologies of the individual writer of this article) decided But I’ve been digressing. Turns out Florida is not the only
to make special mark of this novel spring break vacation.
place Pocatello students are traveling to. Several of our
Bontrager says she and her younger brother will students are traveling to Anaheim for the national dance
be flying to Florida to visit their mother. They’ll spend the competition. That’s some serious legitfulness at dancing for
week in a beach house where Bontrager plans on walking the you. What, you still don’t think legitfulness is a good word?
beach, attending teen clubs, and surfing! Turns out Bontrager In order to prove their legitfulness, the dance team had to
is ranked third in the International Women’s Surfing send in a video of their routine.
Association for Girls who live on the Inland Continental Finally, our student body presents a third option for
United States. Well actually that organization doesn’t exist celebrating spring break. Keelie Shokes, and many others,
… BUT, I’m one hundred percent sure that she would will be traveling no where for spring break. Go Podunkatello!
rank third in that organization if it did exist. Well, unless While in Pocatello Shokes plans on shopping and hanging
she was ranked first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, with friends.
eighth, ninth, tenth, or really any other ranking besides
Creek, play Frisbee in a
park, walk around the Edson
Fichter trail with your dog.
Or take your neighbors dog
even. All of the outdoor
activities awaiting you will
add some spice to your
vacation, and improve your
health through this cold and
flu season. You probably
won’t get a tan, but maybe
you will add some color to
your face and your life.
On the other hand,
if the weather turns cold
and snowy don’t have pity
Spring break allows some to travel to paradise
for yourself. That is a waste
of time. There are still things you
can do. Go to Barrie’s Ski and
Sports and rent skis, a snowboard,
snowshoes, cross country skis, or
even a sled. Take advantage of
the snow-go play in it. ISU also
has ice skates for rent which you
can attempt to use on the rink by
Arctic Circle. Search the couches
for pennies to save for a movie,
or bowling. Whatever you decide
to do, do not waste your time
doing nothing. You deserve to
make the most of your Spring
Break. So get outside this Spring
Break whatever the weather is,
and don’t worry about me; I’ll be
soaking up the sun in Hawaii.
The beauty of spring colors shows in this flower
Lots of laughs fill the
air, spring break fun
by Peter A. Eckert
Spring break is a time when students
laugh often and laugh hard. Just as the Earth
begins to awaken from her long winter
slumber, students’ spirits begin to awaken and
the frolicking atmosphere of spring begins to
become apparent.
The week-long spring break is a
teaser to most students: a brief taste of the ever
enjoyable summer innocence. Yet that teaser is
one that students love and cherish, but what if
that week could be utilized to bring the full taste
of summer even sooner?
Some wonder what it would be like to
skip spring break and end the school year a week
earlier, thus bringing the monolithic summer
into students’ lives that much earlier. And while
I’m all for bringing summer sooner (trust me: I
graduated early. By the time you began reading
this article, I was already enjoying my spring
break and summer break rolled into one), I
wonder how difficult it would be just to skip
that week.
During the spring semester, schools
generally have far fewer days off. This means
that right when Senioritis or some lack of
motivation really starts to kick in, students
would be forced to deal with these issues with
out any sort of week-long respite.
Because days off only become fewer
and farther between, I would prefer we keep the
spring break, but that’s just my opinion.
PHS wrestling team gives a group effort at State
by Brittany Munsee
All of our other wrestlers also did
The Holt Arena was a great
very well. Matt Okelberry, Emilio-Reyes
place to be on Feb. 26-27, The 2010 Idaho
Archuleta, Taylor Higbee, Roman Barela,
State Wrestling Championships flooded
Nick Anderson, Eddie Millward, Tyler
the arena with wrestlers and fans from
Praska, Dylan Brigham, Carson Robbins,
the furthest
Sean McClellan, Darneal Stephens, and
reaches of
Jase Wilson made it to state.
the Gem
Coach Todd Praska was one of the main
S t a t e .
sources for encouragement and support
for the wrestlers. He is very dedicated to
who didn’t go to cheer on our boys
the whole team, and during the two days
definitely missed out on something
in which state was going on, he was seen
encouraging, prepping, coaching, and
Despite our small number of
cheering on every wrestler in each of their
wrestlers this year, we ranked 3rd in the
4A standings with a score of 148.00.
The Poky wrestling team is
Columbia got 1st with 227.50 and
more like a family than any other team
Blackfoot got 2nd with 181.00.
I’ve seen. Between each match, down on
Trevor Rupp and Wes Howard,
the floor, one could witness true heartfelt
the dynamic duo who have been dubbed
support. Many wrestlers would teach each
“legit,” had the last wrestling matches of
other new skills and techniques, practice
their high school career. I was up close
for preparation, and give each other pep
to both of those matches before, during,
talks to get them going before each match.
The jolly third placers celebrate their success with a team photograph.
and after, and they were very emotional
Anyone who missed it should go
and significant matches for these two
I know I certainly will, whether
Howard while they saw him wrestle. They were all
wrestlers. The two buddies celebrated after their final obviously very impressed by him. The main things I heard or not I am to write articles on it. It’s an experience like no
victories with teary hugs and many congrats coming from were that he is “solid,” “all muscle,” and “a beast.”
other, and helps you to realize the skill it really does take
peers, family, and friends.
I was extremely surprised to find that there to be a wrestler.
Trevor Rupp is a two-time undefeated state weren’t many students from Poky there to support our
Good job wrestlers, you did great. All of the hard
champion, and watching him wrestle was incredible. wrestlers. This resulted in a very small amount of cheering work you did to get to state has been paid off in full. To
He has great technique and knows how to work over an for our wrestlers, and I think they would have done much our Seniors, we will miss you. To next year’s incoming
opponent with a skill and ease that people don’t see often. better if they would have had more support.
wrestlers: you have some very large shoes to fill. Good
I heard several other wrestlers discussing Wes
Runners take their mark at the Simplot Games in Holt Arena. Many members of Poky’s
Boy’s defending state champion track team were at the meet, along with the best high school
athletes from across the nation.
Spring sports are here after winter
by Sander Hadley
However long the winter is, spring
will always come right after. I am not quite
sure who said that but it is always true. Same
goes for spring sports. Tennis, golf, track,
baseball and softball seasons are just starting
Boys Basketball has re-building year
by Morgan Nalley
basketball team had a
tough season with a record
of only 1 win to 21 loses.
Even though it was a tough
season, “The boys competed
hard throughout the whole
season,” said Varsity Coach
The team could
have improved by, “Taking
it a little more seriously”
said team member Aaron
Otterstein; and Ralphs said
“The team could have improved by winning
more games.”
The team had many close games
but never seemed to be able
to take the win.
The team never gave up and
tried hard the whole season
to play their best. The season
may have been hard but the
boys still had fun together.
“This year really motivated
me for next year.” Said
Otterstein. Next years team
will be very young but it will
have some great talent. If the
team works hard they will
do great. Next years team
is expected to compete and
have a great fun season.
There are quite a few members
returning to the teams this year. For example
the defending state champion boys track team
only lost a couple. With the sophomore class
being the best athletes in the school things are
looking up for the next couple of years.
Rushton well-rounded, intelligent
by Terraka Garner
Brionna Rushton is a
very intelligent and devoted
learner, as well as a friend. She
loves just being her true self.
Her favorite movie
is Avatar because she loves
lots of action and fighting.
Purple or dark blue, just
calming colors, are usually her
favorites. She likes the song
“White Flag” by Dido, and she
looks for messages within the
lyrics of the song. Despite this,
she claims she doesn’t “really
have a favorite song,” and
that she’s “not really a music
“You can’t let your
imagination grow unless you
let it loose,” quoted Rushton.
She likes that quote because
it explains that one has to be
open minded.
Rushton is a fourteen
year-old Freshman just waiting
for next year when she will be
a Sophomore. She is now in
Soundsations choir. She will be
moving on to Senior Choir next
year and hopes to join Gate City
Choir. She says “I am definitely
a tomboy, I don’t like the girly
make up and attire.”
Her knowledge shows
even when she states her most
enjoyed classes. She likes
Math, Science, and Spanish the
best because “they make you
think, and I’m a thinker.”
She likes to play video
games, read, and occasionally
go for a jog. Last but not least,
she loves it here at Pocatello
High because “Everyone shows
loyalty to the school in one way
or another. Poky rocks, and I
have no regrets about coming to
2010 Idaho Dance Festival twirls into Palace
by Sierra Clayson
Last Saturday the 2010 Idaho Dance Festival
took place in the Palace.
Various dancers from DSDS, TSOD, Infinity,
and even Pocatello High Schools Indianettes performed.
Carly Joerger also performed a solo dance in the festival.
All of the dancers did an amazing job, and
the costumes were spectacular. The types of dancing
included interpretive, jazz, hip hop, ballet, and more.
The first section of the festival was dedicated to solo
performances. After the solos there was a brief intermission,
during which various toddlers came out on the floor and
did an improv dance to “Fergalicious.” After that the team
dances followed.
Rogers sets various goals
by Terraka Garner
“There will always be another tomorrow” sings
Amanda Rogers, Freshman. She writes her own songs
and occasionally
presents them to
her classes.
“I love
and my goal
is to sing the
national anthem
sometime in the
future,” expressed
S h e
loves the movie
Matilda. She says,
“it’s always been
my favorite from
when I was little.
Matilda empowered me to build a personality.” Rogers
loves any book that “has a guy who notices a girl, who
is really different and becomes her friend.” She likes
comedy, romance, or adventure novels. Her hobbies are
playing soccer, because of the power of the game, and
writing songs about everyday occurrences in life to put
to the guitar.
One reason she loves Pocatello High is because
of the Poky pride. “Everyone at Poky completely decks
out during spirit week and knows how to have fun. We’re
all a big family. It’s good to know that I’m in a place
where everyone belongs somewhere.”
by Brittany Munsee with special supervisory
consultation from the acclaimed
starologistical researcher Rønåld Whïsněr.
Capricorn: December 22 - January 19
Taurus: April 21 – May 20
Virgo: August 23 - September 22
All the do-not-pass-go situations
you’ve had to deal with for the past several weeks
(maybe years) are about to be resolved! But be
careful not to make plans too fast or you’ll get
a tummy-ache and possibly some hiccups.
Everyone falls at your feet, even though you may
not realize it, you are very good looking. Enjoy
the freedom you deserve, you’ve earned it!
Theme song: “Cherry Pie” by Warrant.
Today is a day that will be chock-full of
adventures! You will be up to your ears in stuff
you have to do, so make sure that you get it all
done well ;) you sly dog, you. Stazzle the rizzrazzle this weekend and flirt it up with that hottie
in your math class you’ve had your eye on. If you
have a bf/gf, get your sweetie somethin’ special!
It’s about time you two started cuddling up more.
Theme song: “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix.
Wait before making a GINORMOUS
decision! This could affect you and everyone
around you. Money is also a big issue lately.
You’ve been spending way too much there bud!
Try to keep a chain wrapped tight around that
wallet of yours or you’re gonna go broke. Go
exercise! It’ll cheer you up and tone up those abs
of yours.
Theme song: “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.
Aquarius: January 20 - February 18
Gemini: May 21 - June 20
Libra: September 23 - October 22
Life has been a bit whacky lately, especially
with how many people want your attention. If you keep
talking you’ll run your mouth clear the heck off your
face! Do not fall apart like a little girl though. No one
likes a sissy. It’ll all be chill beans from here on out if
you just stick out your chest and strut your stuff. Try to
keep your mind on more interesting things, like the fact
that your hygiene has improved since last year.
Theme song: “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” by B.O.C.
Relationship problems have been a major
drag for you lately man. Whether it be a romantic,
work, family, or friendship -type of relationship, it’s
been havin’ issues. It’s time for both of you to just let
it go! It’s not as important as you previously thought,
I promise. Your dog/cat has been pretty shaggy lately.
It’s getting warmer so take em to the groomers! Fluffy
is turnin into a sweat-ball.
Theme song: “Tears Don’t Fall” by Bullet for My
Pisces: February 19 - March 20
Cancer: June 21 - July 22
Scorpio: October 23 - November 21
Just go crazy this month. You’ve
been behaving yourself way too much! You’re
supposed to be the fish right? Go for a swim
somewhere, splash around and try not to freak out
the neighbor lady. Her poor little eyes have just
seen too much to bear.
Theme song: “Situations” by Escape the Fate.
Your people skills are leaving much
wanted lately. Seriously. You need to realize that
your problems aren’t always the MOST important
things in the world. The Earth does not revolve
around you. Go watch a good movie, I hear there
are a lot of good ones out lately.
Theme song: “Stronger” by Kanye West.
Unlike the snobby Cancer, you
apparently have been a people-pleaser lately.
Kudos. However, make sure you aren’t being a
complete push-over. We can all see the footprints
that have been stamped on your face more clearly
than the ones on Scooby-Doo. Go for what you
want before someone else takes it right out from
under you.
Theme song: “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly.
Aries: March 21- April 20
Leo: July 23 - August 22
Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21
You are way too hyper lately. Tone it
down and chillax to some good muzak and go
for a stroll in the park. Take advantage if a day of
miraculously nice weather comes up soon.
Theme song: “Kickstart My Heart” by Motley
You want something (or someone, wink
wink) sooo badly! If you want it you gotta go for
it stud; but make sure you go about your business
wisely. Making the wrong move or saying the
wrong thing will cost you a lot. Ya gots ta deal
with this stuff in da right way bro, or ya gonna go
crazeh with the nonsense of it all.
Theme song: “Radio Free Europe” by R.E.M.
Not everyone vents out their frustrations
to you because they want your opinion. Sometimes
it’s just good to let it out! So don’t impede your
ideals on those who don’t want them. Just chill
and enjoy the sun outside. Go party with some
friends tonight and have some fun for once you
silly goose!
Theme song: “Pork and Beans” by Weezer.
Do what you want today. You might not be
movin’ around much on the outside, but the gears in that
good ole noggin are spinnin’ like crazy! Get the move on
a new project or interest if you feel like it. Or, if you’re
feeling lazy, just sleep in a little, or possibly take a nap
after 5th hour. The world is your oyster, so do what you
will. You’ve been workin hard, keeping your grades up.
Why not?
Theme song: “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent.
Aida comes to Poky High, is very well recieved
The cast of Aida puts on a miraculous performance.
by Bridger Adkison
Generally speaking, I am not a fan of high school
musicals for the simple fact that very few people in high
school are talented enough to be able to sing, dance, and
act well. That being said, Act One’s Aida completely blew
all my expectations out of the water and was an immensely
entertaining show.
Aida, written by Linda Woolverton, Robert Falls,
and David Henry Hwang, with music by Elton John, is
about a Nubian princess, Aida, played by Kelsey PalmerHidalgo, who is captured by Egyptians and then forced to
work as a slave. Of course, much of the show’s focus is also
on Aida’s captors: an Egyptian military captain, played by
Bryson Smellie, and the Egyptian princess, played by Sierra
The play was also teeming with other classic tropes,
e.g. poisoning the Pharoah and the power-hungry lancer,
making it a very absorbing plot to follow and watch unfold.
The acting throughout the play was fairly excellent
and enrapturing, making the audience captivated. However, I
found two specific actors to be especially enamoring: PalmerHidalgo and Smellie’s performances were impeccable and
without them, the show wouldn’t have been nearly as real or
What really made the play, though, were the musical
numbers and how much energy everyone, from the chorus to
the lead singer, put into each song. A personal favorite of
mine, “My Strongest Suit,” had everyone up and dancing
in a very high energy atmosphere, with the lead dancers
executing impressive maneuvers, the lights in synch with the
background music, and Clayson belting out a magnificent
That being said, though excellent, the play was not
perfect. I noticed a few songs that seemed like the singers
were a bit out of key, as well as a few chorus members who
had a slight lack of rhythm. I also found a couple minor
roles to be a little less than believable. Act two felt a little bit
too fast-paced withal. Overall, though, these did not detract
from the play in any significant way.
I found Aida to be an excellent show, well worth
much more than the 4 dollars I paid to see it. Congratulations
to all of Act One. From the light or costume crew, to the lead
roles, they should all be very proud for putting on such an
extraordinary and enthralling show, as well as completely
changing my opinion and raising my expectations for high
school musicals.
‘Sport’ status for cheerleading, dance team debated
by Brittany Purkett
Cheerleading: Who honestly
doesn’t think cheerleading is a sport?
In my opinion it is a sport by all
means. Maybe people would say the dance
and cheer teams are jthere ust to entertain,
well yes we are, but we also work our
hardest to be the best.
So why are cheer and dance a
sport? We start our days at 4:30 in the
morning. We practice two to three times a
week, we work out and we compete against
the other schools just like all the others
sports at our school. Cheer and dance take
so much commitment and dedication you
don’t even know. We sweat, we cry, we
have hard times and we have fun times.
There are injuries and there are times that
some want to quit. We lose girls and have
to get over it and keep going; there isn’t
any stopping to dance or cheer. We are
always going never stopping; most of you
students can’t say you play a sport year
round. Cheerleaders and dancers can say
we go year round, because we do.
I’m pretty sure none of you can
say you can toss girls high up in the air.
Yeah well we can; we can jump high. You
don’t know how hard this sport is to be the
best we wanna be. Were not there just to
be in the uniform, we are there because
we love the sport, we love to perform for
everyone at our school.
We are there to help our players
win. We are there to get them in the best
mood, to encourage them while playing
there sport.
Okay, for the record we do
cheers so that the crowd gets involved and
helps our team to a victory. The players
have always told us to be
louder. That’s what we
cheerleaders are there for;
to get the crowd involved
and help us be loud.
The football players are always
telling us to be louder are they not? Well
see we’re there to help and to get them to
have fun in their game and win. And for
the record we do pay attention during the
games. If we aren’t paying attention and
talking, we get in trouble by our coach; ask
any cheerleader we do get into trouble if we
are not focused enough.
For example the dance team goes
to nationals every year and they place first
or second. Who can honestly say that the
football or basketball teams go to nationals
and place first or second? I’m not trying to
be mean, I’m just putting my opinion out
there! We all have our sports that we play
and we love and ours is cheer and dance. So
my and probably all the dancers and other
cheerleaders’ opinion is that we need to be
recognized as a sport.
Cheering and Dance is a sport!
by Sander Hadley
Is cheerleading a sport? Are
you kidding me? I have respect for them
showing up out of their slumber in the
early morning hours to practice their
routines, but seriously, is it a sport? My
opinion is no.
Sure the girls may be
athletes, but cheerleading
is not a sport. Pocatello
High Cheer Coach Shari
Bradley even said so.
“Sure we could be recognized as a sport,
but then we couldn’t practice yearround.,” she said.
Don’t get me wrong; I respect
the girls of the squad. At the same time,
the constant, high-pitched screaming at
the basketball games coming from right
in front of the front row is quite agitating
when it comes down to it. The crowd
participates on only a couple of cheers
that the cheerleaders perform. Most of
the “defense” chants at the football and
basketball games come from the student
which leads the cheerleaders to follow
A big problem with the
cheerleaders that I have is them not
paying attention during basketball games.
I understand that their backs are turned
during the game, but when someone on
OUR TEAM is shooting, you do not do the
Abuse is a serious issue for many women
by Terraka Garner
Someone goes to a bar, gets drunk; next thing you
know that person is at home being brutally beaten by their socalled significant other. He/she hurts them so badly that they
pass out.
When she awakens she feels her head being banged
into a wall, just waiting for more cuts and bruises to come.
Then she gets punched in the eye and remains still for fear of
worse things happening.
She worries that her family members will see her.
After about twenty bruises, two black eyes, grasp marks on her
neck and cuts on her face, she escapes, crawling out the front
door. Her caring neighbor has seen this before, and once again
calls 911.
I have recently been faced with a difficult situation
almost exactly how I described it. My mom’s really good friend
has been atrociously beaten by her husband. She has been lying
about it for quite a few years, using the typical excuses of “I ran
into something,” or “I fell down the stairs,” etc.
After this recent incident, she decided it was too much
to deal with and started to worry about her children’s safety.
Her husband got arrested, but about a day later, he was bailed
out. This woman talked to my mom about it, saying that
the abuse has been going on for three years, although we
suspect longer because he had just gotten out of jail when the
three- year long beatings began. Another disgusting fact is that
he was beating her while she was pregnant with her now two
year-old son.
I hate how there is such a thing as bail. If someone
commits a crime, they should have to serve the time. I wish her
husband could get his butt kicked; I wish there was some way
to let him see how badly it hurts, both physically and mentally.
This woman is now scared for her life; he has been following
her to friends’ houses. She is trying to find a way to hide, not
just for her safety, but for her young children as well.
I’m sure there are teenagers at this high school being
beaten at home who know what I mean when I say one is
basically helpless. I dream of a time when everyone gets along,
but since that is impossible, I have a desire to try and help
people in abusive situations.
Women who are in abusive situations can get help
by calling Women Advocates at 251-4357 or by going to
their local police department and talking to the victim witness
funky chicken! I don’t care what the score
is, but when foul shouts make or break a
game, you do not create distractions for
the players.
The halftime cheer to pump
up the teams are done when they are in
the LOCKER ROOM. They can’t hear
you. Look I can’t lift and flip up a girl
in perfect sync with the next group. That
stuff requires athleticism, same goes for
tumbling. But the sideline cheers don’t do
much. I look at cheerleading more as
tradition now. The dance they do during
the assembly and after the game when
the fight song is a cool tradition that
I really respect. Cheerleading is more
choreography than sport. The dance team
gives me the chills when they snap the
arrow at the end of the dance. The dancers
aren’t athletes either for the same reason.
I do respect both groups and
enjoy the tradition and culture that they
both create the full Pocatello High School
experience, but they are not a sport. Agree
or disagree with me, this is just my
opinion. Call me ignorant, uneducated,
well-educated, god, right, wrong, or just
stupid. Let the hate begin! If you strongly
agree or disagree, please write a letter
to the editor and submit to advisor Rick
Davis in room #226.
“Party with some
SUPER hot babes!”
“Somewhere over the
Cody Davis
Autunm Fenwick
BrittanyPurkett &
Morgan Nalley
“Great weather, a little bit
of farming, and a little bit
of play!”
Lee Ralphs
“Going to Greece to
meet my family!”
Alex Kordopatis
“Give to some
animal charities!”
Tiffany Eurasquin
‘What’s your ideal
spring break?’
“A beach with lots of
hot guys & hang with
friends & not having
Kortni Wheatley
“Going and chilling on
a beach somewhere,
looking at the sunset!”
Lyndi Belnap
“ Going to Maui and
swimming with sea
Colten McClure