Disabling or changing Pop-Up Blocker settings to view APA

Disabling or changing Pop-Up Blocker settings to view APA
induction modules
I get the following screen when I log in and it states a pop-up blocker has been detected.
What do I do?
The induction module require pop-ups blockers to be disabled to be able to view this program.
Follow the simple instructions provide below.
Once you have turned off the pop-up blockers click on the ‘Re-test’ button. If you have
successfully allowed pop-ups for the APA induction module and you will be able to continue to the
next screen.
How to change your browser’s pop-up blocker settings
Step 1 - Identify the browser you are using
The easiest way to determine what browser you are using is to look for the logos.
Commonly used browsers are:
Internet Explorer
Step 2 – Turn off the pop-up blocker for your browser
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Step 3 – Still can’t see the content?
You may need to also change the pop-blocker setting on your browser toolbar. Click on
the relevant browser toolbar below for instructions:
Google Toolbar
Yahoo Toolbar
Internet Explorer
Step 1 - Click on Tools and a drop down
menu will appear. The Tools option is often
represented by a cog
in IE9 & IE10
Step 2 – Then select Internet Options.
Step 3 – Then click on the tab labeled
Step 4 – Click on Settings next to Turn on
Pop-up Blocker.
Step 5 –Add induction.apa.com.au as allowed
sites to have pop-ups.
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Google Chrome
Step 1 – Go to the Settings
menu in the upper right of the
browser window, at the
bottom, click on Show
Advanced Settings
Step 2 – Under the privacy
section, click on the Content
settings box.
Step 3 – Click the Manage
exceptions box to allow popups for http://induction.apa.com.au
Mozilla Firefox
Step 1 - Click the orange
‘Firefox’ tab in the top lefthand corner.
Step 2 – Click Options and
then Options again.
Step 3 – Click on the
Content tab and then the
Exceptions icon.
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Step 4 – Enter
induction.apa.com.au then
click on the Allow button, and
then the Close button.
Step 1 - From the Safari
menu, make sure Block PopUp Windows is unchecked.
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Taskbars can also contain Pop-up Blockers that you will need to disable.
Google Toolbar
These are examples of a Google Toolbar
Step 1 - Click on the More icon then select Pop-up Blocker.
Step 2 – Click on Always allow pop-ups from ‘induction.apa.com.au’.
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Yahoo Toolbar
The Yahoo Toolbar includes pop-up blocking. This is an example Yahoo Toolbar.
The following icon is the Pop-Up Blocker:
To disable Pop-Up Blocking:
1. Click on the Down arrow in the icon to bring up a menu:
2. Uncheck the Enable Pop-Up Blocker option.
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