This guide highlights the benefits of our Select Client

Providing superior service—to all our
clients—is a priority at T. Rowe Price.
At the same time, we recognize that as
investors’ assets grow, their service needs
may increase as well. That’s why we
created Select Client Services.
Composed of several service levels,
Select Client Services provides a suite
of complimentary benefits; exclusive
resources and services; and fast, responsive
assistance for investors with a minimum
amount of assets invested with our firm:
Preferred Services begins at $100,000;
Personal Services at $250,000; and
Enhanced Personal Services at $1,000,000.
n Online: Visit us at to get the
convenience of managing your account online plus
investment guidance that’s ready whenever you
need it. We make it easy to choose mutual funds,
prepare for retirement, save for college, and more.
These services are free to everyone and are a great
way to determine if you’re on target to meet your
goals. We use the latest technology to secure our
website, so you can have peace of mind every time
you go online.
n By Phone: Call us directly at 1-800-537-1098 for
personalized assistance with your account.
n In Person: Visit any of our Investor Centers
throughout the United States to meet with a
T. Rowe Price Investment Counselor in a relaxed
setting. We offer personalized explanations of
our products and services, and we can make
recommendations to help you rebalance your
portfolio to better meet your goals.
Since 1937, T. Rowe Price has practiced and refined
an investment approach that has weathered more than
a few financial storms. And we remain steadfast in
our commitment to time-tested, risk-aware investing
principles that are designed to create long-term value
for our clients. We take an independent, long-term
approach to investment management that starts
with our extensive in-house research capabilities.
In addition, we work hard to hold costs down so that
more of your investment can be put to work for you.
Call 1-800-537-1098
Call us or visit our website to request a prospectus
or summary prospectus; each includes investment
objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other
information that you should read and consider
carefully before investing.
n Transferring Assets: We offer assistance to you,
making it simple and easy to move assets held
elsewhere to T. Rowe Price, so you can take even
greater advantage of our investment expertise.
There’s no charge, and we can handle most of the
paperwork for you.
n Consolidating Assets: T. Rowe Price wants to
save you time and give you more control over
your investments. You’ll receive one concise
statement that covers all your retirement and
taxable accounts, so you’ll have a clearer picture
of your entire portfolio.
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referred Services
F or investors with $100,000 or more in assets
with T. Rowe Price, we automatically offer these
complimentary services, benefits, and more:
n Priority Access to Service Associates—
A dedicated toll-free telephone number puts you
directly in touch with our experienced Service
Associates who are ready to assist you with mutual
fund transactions, questions concerning your
account, and inquiries regarding T. Rowe Price
mutual funds and services.
n Exclusive Online Benefits—Through the Preferred
Services website, you have access to complimentary
online resources to help you manage your investments
and stay well informed. These online benefits include:
•M’s Premium Membership2—
This complimentary subscription (a $199/year
value) entitles you to full Premium privileges on
• Independent Research and News—Explore,
evaluate, and track investments using the enhanced
stock screener and charting options within the
Premium News section.
n Portfolio Summary Report—Our online Portfolio
Summary Report provides an in-depth look at your
assets by examining how well your T. Rowe Price
funds are allocated.
n Fee Waivers and Discounts—Through our Brokerage3
services, you can trade stocks online for as little as $9.95,4
with online option trades available for $9.95 plus $1.00 per contract.5 We waive a number of fees for Preferred
Services clients, such as the account service fee and the
annual Brokerage maintenance fee.
n Investment Insights—To keep track of current financial
and investment developments, we provide timely
communications to tap into our expertise with Take
Note. Our popular investment publication addresses
a variety of issues for investors with substantial assets
by clarifying tax strategies, estate planning, and other
relevant investment topics.
n First Notice of New Products and Services—Receive
first notice of new fund launches, investment options,
portfolio management tools, and innovative services.
Personal Services
F or investors with $250,000 or more in assets
with T. Rowe Price, we automatically offer all the
Preferred Services benefits, as well as the
following privileges:
n Direct Access to the Personal Services Team—You’ll
receive personalized attention from a select team of
Client Managers dedicated to serving your investment
needs. Our Client Managers work with you to address
your long-term financial goals, as well as:
• Review and answer questions about your account
• Serve as your single point of contact for all
T. Rowe Price mutual fund and retirement
• Suggest appropriate T. Rowe Price products
and services
• Provide a timely response to investment planning
and financial matters
n PersonalSolutions—Accomplishing complex, or
even sensitive, investment objectives is now simpler.
You will work one-on-one with a Client Manager
who will oversee the entire process of completing
important transactions for you, including filling out
paperwork; contacting investment institutions, if
necessary; and providing you with status updates to
give you peace of mind. We also assist you, through
completion, with any of the following:
• Rolling over retirement accounts
• Transferring assets from other institutions
• Changing account ownership or registrations
Enhanced Personal Services
F or investors with $1,000,000 or more in assets1
with T. Rowe Price, we offer all the benefits from
our Preferred and Personal Services programs, as
well as the following benefits:
n Direct Access to the Enhanced Personal Services
Team—You will receive priority access to our most
qualified team of Client Managers who are dedicated
to providing helpful guidance for your overall
financial plan. Our investment professionals will:
• Serve as your primary contact for all T. Rowe
Price mutual fund and retirement transactions
• Suggest appropriate T. Rowe Price products and
• Provide a timely response to investment planning
and financial matters
• Work closely with you to streamline your
investing process
n Full Access to The Wall Street Journal Online 2—
This complimentary subscription (a $348/year value)
allows you to log in 24/7 to one of the most trusted
sources for business news and get an edge on the
stories and extensive stock listings of the day.
n T. Rowe Price Advisory Planning Services6—
We invite you to take advantage of a professional
portfolio evaluation from our team of experts
and let them provide a second opinion on your
investment plan at no charge. Our advice depends
on your goals and time horizon, whether you
are in the process of saving for retirement,
managing your retirement income, or evaluating
your investment portfolio. We can provide
you with an in-depth review of your current
investment plan and provide you with expert
solutions to help you meet your long-term
investment and retirement goals. All Advisory
Planning Services fees (a $250 value) are waived
for Enhanced Personal Services clients.
Advisory Planning Services
Targeted advice for each stage of your financial life
In today’s fast-paced world, you need a long-term
investment plan that accurately reflects your goals
and time horizon. T. Rowe Price Advisory Planning
Services6 can provide you with an in-depth review of
your current investment plan and expert solutions
to help you meet your long-term investment and
retirement goals. This comprehensive review can
also include your current investments outside
T. Rowe Price.
We’ve built an experienced team of CERTIFIED
FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioners, Advisory
Counselors, Advisory Client Managers, and Service
Associates to provide you with personalized solutions
you can trust. Because our team members are salaried
experts, and not commissioned salespeople, they can
provide objective advice with one-on-one assistance
that focuses on your most important financial goals.
All fees associated with the T. Rowe Price Advisory
Planning Services are waived (a $250 value) for
investors with $500,000 or more in assets7 with
T. Rowe Price or reimbursed for investors bringing
at least $100,000 in new assets to the firm. We invite
all other investors to take full advantage of our
complimentary guidance services.
To learn more about putting our financial
expertise to work for you, please visit
Private Asset Management
Expert tax-efficient portfolio management
and investment counseling
Through our Private Asset Management group,
T. Rowe Price currently manages more than $5 billion
in separately managed portfolios for organizations
and affluent individuals. Our clients have the
opportunity to work closely with highly experienced
Portfolio Managers to create an investment plan
aligned with their goals while enjoying ongoing,
discretionary investment management.
Working with the Private Asset Management
group, you will benefit from customized portfolios,
a tax-sensitive investment approach, and access to a
dedicated Portfolio Manager.
To learn more about T. Rowe Price’s Private
Asset Management services or to open an
account,* please visit
Or, if you prefer, e-mail us directly at
[email protected]
*The minimum investment for this service is $3 million per portfolio.
Qualifying investments consist of T. Rowe Price mutual fund, Brokerage
account, variable annuity, and T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan
accounts that are directly owned, trust accounts for which you are a
trustee, and UTMA/UGMA, T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan, and
Education Savings Accounts for which you are a custodian. Assets held in
a 401(k) plan, Maryland College Investment Plan, or University of Alaska
College Savings Plan accounts also are eligible if you have a qualifying
investment. Assets held in estate or corporate accounts are excluded.
Your qualifying investment assets may be recognized with those of other
eligible members of your household toward collective qualification for
Select Client Services programs.
Morningstar®,,®, and Morningstar
Mutual Funds are trademarks of Morningstar, Inc. The Wall Street
Journal® and The Wall Street Journal OnlineSM are trademarks and service
marks of Dow Jones.
Brokerage accounts are offered by T. Rowe Price Investment Services,
Inc., member FINRA/SIPC.
$9.95 per trade for online stock trades. Customers who do not qualify are
eligible for our competitive rate of $19.95 per trade for online stock trades.
Visit for
a full description of Select Client
Services benefits and qualifications.
We’re here to help.
Customers who do not qualify for our Select Client Services Program are
eligible for the rate of $19.95 for online option trades, plus $1.00
per contract.
Services are offered through T. Rowe Price Advisory Services, Inc., a
federally registered investment adviser. T. Rowe Price Advisory Services
and T. Rowe Price Investment Services are affiliated companies.
Assets held in estate, corporate, and 401(k) accounts and 529 plans are
excluded from the fee waiver criteria.