Maternity Fact sheet- Where to get help with feeding your baby

Maternity Fact sheetWhere to get help with feeding your baby
AHS Antenatal Classes
Armadale health service offers free parent education to all 1st time mothers.
Feeding choices are discussed at these sessions to help you make an informed
decision about how you will feed your baby. Antenatal classes help new parents
become more confident in feeding and caring for their newborn baby.
After baby arrives
Whilst you are in hospital the midwives will support you to feed your baby. Once
you go home the Midwives will continue to visit for the first few days and offer you
support and advice on feeding your baby.
The Australian Breastfeeding Association
The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) is Australia's largest
breastfeeding information and Support service. The Australian Breastfeeding
Association runs the National Breastfeeding Helpline 1800 mum 2 mum (1800
686 268) which is available 24/7 any time, day or night.
The ABA also offers a range of other services including, breast pump hire, local
support groups and classes for mothers-to-be who intend to breastfeed their
More information can be found at the ABA website
AHS Lactation Clinic
Armadale Health Service has a Lactation Clinic available to assist mothers to
overcome breastfeeding difficulties in the first few weeks following the birth of
your baby. Appointments are also available to pregnant mothers who may be
concerned about breastfeeding or who have had previously had difficulties
breastfeeding, please ask a midwife or phone 9391 1050 for an appointment.
Community Lactation Clinics
You can self refer to the following community lactation clinics.
Kelmscott and Maddington Child Health Centres, for an appointment call
0404 822 655
Manning Child Health Centre, an appointment call 0424 505 472
Fremantle Cockburn Districts Community Lactation Clinics, for an
appointment call 9337 2528 (Child Health Nurse referral only)
Rockingham Early Intervention Centre, for an appointment call 9528 0800
Cloverdale Child Health Centre, for an appointment call 9277 5701
Willeton Child Health Centre, for an appointment call 9332 6363
The Breastfeeding Centre of WA
The centre offers a state-wide telephone counselling service for health
professionals and women experiencing breastfeeding problems.
Phone: (08) 9340 1844
Breastfeeding Centre of WA appointments are also available for mothers and
babies who attended King Edward Memorial Hospital for their pregnancy and
birth. More breastfeeding information can be found on the King Edward Memorial
Hospital website.
Drugs and Breastfeeding
The Obstetric Drug Information Service at the Women and Newborn Health
Service can provide further information on the use of drugs in breastfeeding
mothers. The service operates from 8:30am to 5:00pm on weekdays and can be
contacted on telephone (08) 9340 2723, or on their website at:
Lactation Consultants who work in private practice
The College of lactation Consultants of WA has a contact list of lactation
consultants who work in private practice. The list can be found at
Breast feeding specialist GP Dr Marnie Rowan (Glenforest): 08 9298 8555
Tongue tie specialist clinic Subiaco (Referral only): 08 9382 2627
Other Resources
Child Health Centres
National breastfeeding information - Department of Health and Aging
healthdirect Pregnancy, Birth & Baby website and helpline
Free Call: 1800 882 436
Healthdirect Australia: 1800 022 222
Women and Newborn Health Library at KEMH
(08) 9340 1100
[email protected]
Raising Children Network
Women’s Health Centres in WA (08) 9300 1566
First Issued: 2013, Revisions: none, Version: October 2013, Revision Due: October 2015, Compiled by: L Connolly RM IBCLC;
Endorsed by: Women’s Health review committee, Title: Maternity Fact sheet- Formula Feeding.