IRCA Application for Contractor Membership

IRCA Application for Contractor Membership
Please complete and return to:
Indiana Roofing Contractors Association
910 N. Highland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(O) 317-635-2928 (F) 317-685-8876 (C) 317-439-4169(E) [email protected]
Company name
Street address
P.O. Box
Email address
Authorized representative
General information:
Percentage of work performed:
Please check type of work performed:
 Steep-slope roofing
 Low-slope roofing
Title/Primary Job
% Commercial
 Metal roofing
 Shingle Slate/ Tile  Other _________________
D&B (D-U-N-S) number, if applicable:
Referred by, (required):
Members of what other roofing associations (Please list):
Are you (or one of your employees) interested in volunteering to participate on an IRCA committee or task force?
 Yes, please contact me.  No, not at this time.
Annual Membership Dues
IRCA membership dues are based on your company’s annual sales volume for all roofing, sheet-metal, waterproofing and roof deck work.
Sales volume selections and figures are strictly for IRCA sole use and will not be released or published. Please check the appropriate
Less than $1 million
$1 - $5 million
$5 - $10 million
$10 - $20 million
More than $20 million
Method of Payment
Annual Dues
 Check (Payable to the Indiana Roofing Contractors Association)
 VISA  MasterCard  American Express ( )
Thank you for applying for membership!. Your application will be reviewed by our board of directors. Questions? Please call the
IRCA (317) 439-4169
IRCA Member Pledge
• Provide customers proof of a permanent place of business, including
street address, telephone number, tax identification number and
where appropriate, a business license
• Exhibit professionalism, quality workmanship and readily offer customer references
• Provide liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage for each roofing job
• Identify the roofing manufacturers with whom my company has
licensed or approved applicator agreements
• Commit to worker education and safety training, including
compliance with OSHA regulations
• Provide detailed written proposals, descriptions of the work to be
performed, start and completion dates in addition to payment policies
and procedures
• Honor contracts to the best of my company’s ability
• Provide properly maintained and clean job site
• Stand behind my company’s work, offering warranties and/or
guaranties, where appropriate
• Make recommendations to customers about increasing energy efficiency
As an IRCA member contractor, my company pledges to honor the
above business practices.