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206 Manhattan Terrace, Dumont, NJ,
[email protected]
Imraaz Rally
B.S in Computer Science
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ
GPA: 3.6 - Spring 2016
Technical Skills
C, C++ (favorite)
Python, HTML, PHP, C#, Swift, Visual Basic
Applications / Tools Visual Studio, XCode, Bloodshed DEV C++, EMACS, Adobe Photoshop
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux
MVC, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Software / Web Development Projects
N x N Sliding Puzzle (Artificial Intelligence)
A sliding puzzle challenges a player to slide tiles in order to attain an end-configuration.
Developed a C program that implements depth-first, breadth-first, and heuristic search strategies to
solve the puzzle.
Transaction Cost Analysis Summery
Developed a web-interface using HTML, PHP, and Ajax that retrieves data from a MySQL database based
on user filters (min stock price, max price, start date…etc.)
The Script performs calculations and analysis and displays formatted information onto browser.
Multi-Core Programming
Developed a C program in Linux environment that calculate dot-products using multiple machines (cores)
Used SPMD (Single Program Multiple Data) technique.
Program that recognizes a context-free language
Designed a Pushdown Automaton that recognizes a Context-free language
Developed a C++ program that implements the Pushdown Automaton
Web Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
 Installed and customized Wordpress installation and various themes, plugins, forms, and modifications.
 Designed banners, icons, and advertisements using Adobe Photoshop.
 Responsible for the creative process of writing keyword rich web content and performing on-page and
off-page SEO Audit.
 Improved rankings in major search engines with targeted keywords appearing 1 st page.
 Managed multiple social media profiles, business listing services, and pay-per-click ad campaigns.