Summer / Fall 2014 Parish Newsletter

Summer / Fall 2014 Parish Newsletter
Many of the priests and lay
people tell me how much they
appreciate our parish for all that
you do. Is that not a miracle?
Continue to experience miracles
and make miracles happen in the
lives of others.
A Message from Fr. Bala:
My dear brothers and sisters,
Have you ever experienced God
working miracles in your life?
If yes, thank God and expect
more. If no, then read this
article carefully and you will have
one or more soon. After reading
and reflecting on St. John’s
Gospel of the Miracle of Loaves &
Fishes (John 6:5-13) I decided to
share some of my thoughts with
People came to Jesus: “When
Jesus looked up and saw a great
crowd coming toward him,” Jn 6:5
The crowd did not expect him to
feed them. They came to listen.
That was the cause of the
Our coming together as one
family of Jesus itself is a miracle,
where everyone is cared for by
its members as Jesus cared for
the crowds. When we come in
his name and participate in the
lives of people through different
ministries, people experience
miracles through us.
Jesus has a plan for you. “for
he already had in mind what he
was going to do.” Jn 6:6 If he
sees you coming to him, he has
a plan ready for you and wants
to execute it. But if you do not
go to him, the plan cannot be
executed. He needs your
cooperation. Remember that the
plan he has for you is not an
ordinary plan, but a great one.
It is so great that it is impossible
for you to comprehend.
I was asking Jesus for our parish
and always he reminds me of a
Spiritual growth in the life of the
parish: Forming everyone as
Disciples and Apostles.
Let us make September as “the
month of faith enrichment.” I
expect each one of us to attend
one of the scheduled sessions. I
know that you will give your full
support to make it a successful
and fruitful month for all.
New ministries: We have much
to do in the following fields and I
need your help to lead these
1. Visits to the home bound.
2. Divorce care for the children.
3. Care for the children
(Children’s group).
4. Foreign mission trips: To
enable Haiti, Honduras or any
country to expand and be
witnesses to others as the
sign of our Catholic faith.
5. Pilgrimages to Holy places to
learn about and deepen our
Discouragement is the work
of the devil. “It would take
more than half a year’s wages to
buy enough bread for each one
to have a bite!” Jn 6:7 Look at
Philip’s response to Jesus
request. When we want to take
up some responsibilities or
challenges the devil will
discourage us through our
friends and family.
Continued on Page 2.
Fr. Tran ........................................... 3
Discipleship ..................................... 4
Worship & Spirituality ....................... 5
Building & Grounds .......................... 9
Education & Formation.....................10
Youth Ministry ................................14
Evangelization ................................16
Parish & Family Life .........................18
Social Action ..................................19
Hispanic Ministry.............................20
Statue of St. Philip ..........................21
Knights of Columbus .......................22
Men’s Club .....................................23
Women of St. Philip .........................23
Administration & Finance .................24
St. Philip Bookstore .........................26
Photos ...........................................27
If you are inspired, then it is
the work of God. Begin and
God will make his plan in you
Many of you have taken up
different ministries. Your
ministries are marvelous.
I cannot thank you enough.
Continue and those who are
thinking of joining have a
wonderful opportunity.
Have an eye: “Here is a boy
with five small barley loaves
and two small fish, but how far
will they go among so many?”
Jn 6:5 Like that boy, even if we
have little to give or contribute,
God will multiply it. One of my
longings in this direction is our
sister parish in Haiti, St. John
For the Youth: You can teach
children English, computers,
games, form youth groups,
share your spiritual gifts, share
how to make their dreams
come true and much more.
For the Adults: If you are a
handyman, know how to build
houses, are a teacher, a nurse,
a crafts person etc. you have
much to give to the people.
Let us equip them with
know-how. They do not need
us to go and work since many
are jobless but if we provide
the material and teach them
the skills, then they would be
less dependent on us. I would
like to expand our ministry in
Haiti by having groups go there
at different times of the year
and build rapport.
God has given us this parish
and our few talents and efforts
can be a great gain for them.
Have you five loaves and two
fish to share?
(Continued from Page one.)
Jesus wants us to be
comfortable. “There was
plenty of grass in that place,
and they sat down.” Jn 6:10 No
matter what is your situation
or who you are, Jesus is
thinking of you. He has a
beautiful place ready for you,
a place of prosperity and joy.
He wants you to be
comfortable. Just believe it
and it will be yours.
We have been blessed with
much and he asks us to share
those blessings with others. All
of us have something to share
big or small. In six years I
never felt let down by you. I
have such confidence that you
will always step up to the
occasion and you always do.
Remember how many
wonderful programs we have
had. You are always generous.
Therefore, I want to
appreciate you and request you
to pay attention to one more
area of your involvement in the
When we come for Mass, how
we interact with others is
essential. People may come as
strangers into the church but
we must send them home as
friends. This can be done by
all by being a little more
Many people are hurt or in
need of our time and service.
Can we get engaged with an
existing ministry or start a new
one? Can we give at least one
hour a week to others to make
their lives a little better or
more comfortable?
Jesus multiplies: “Jesus then
took the five loaves, gave
thanks, and distributed to
those who were seated as
much as they wanted. He did
the same with the fish.” Jn 6:11
That is the power of Jesus. He
can do it in your life too.
I often thank God for every one
of you. Whenever I ask you for
something you have never
refused. My joy is always
multiplied by you. People say
“Father you have a magic
power. You ask and you get in
abundance.” I do not have
enough words to explain my
gratitude to you. I know that I
can count on you.
God of abundance:
“When they had all had enough
to eat, he said to his disciples,
‘Gather the pieces that are left
over. Let nothing be wasted.’
So they gathered them and
filled twelve baskets with the
pieces of the five barley loaves
left over by those who had
eaten.” Jn 6:13
Jesus does not give just what
we need but gives us more
than we need. If we realize it
then we will be always joyful
and generous. Jesus never
wants us to waste anything
rather He wants us to share
with others generously.
Therefore, let us share, let us
care, let us be witnesses to our
faith and let us make miracles
Using Incense during Liturgy
Part 1 - Father Tran
There are many questions
about using the incense in the
Liturgy: When do we use it?
How is incense used? What
does its use symbolize? It’s
use goes back to the ancient
times. Let us explore it’s
theological and ancient history
meaning before answering
those questions.
The purpose of incensing and
the symbolism of the smokes
is that of purification and
In the Old Testament, the Lord
commanded Moses to build an
altar specially dedicated to
offering incense to worship
Him. The Book of Exodus says:
“For burning incense you shall
make an altar of acacia wood,
with a square surface, a cubit
long, a cubit wide, and two
cubits high, with horns that
are of one piece with it. On it
Aaron shall burn fragrant
incense. Morning after
morning, when he prepares
the lamps, and again in the
evening twilight, when he
lights the lamps, he shall burn
incense. Throughout your
generations this shall be the
regular incense offering before
the LORD.” (Ex 30:1-2, 7-8)
Incense is placed on burnt
offerings at the altar as a
memorial of sacrifice.
“A sweet-smelling oblation to
the LORD.” (Lev 2:2) Later, in
the temple of Jerusalem on the
day of atonement: “he shall
take a censer full of glowing
embers from the altar before
the LORD, as well as a double
handful of finely ground
fragrant incense, and bringing
them inside the veil, there
before the LORD he shall put
incense on the fire, so that a
cloud of incense may
shield the cover that
is over the covenant,
else he will die.”
(Lev 16:12-13)
In Israel, people
burned incense for
people, objects and
places dedicated to
the worship of God. All
participated. “Listen to me,
my faithful children: open up
your petals, like roses planted
near running waters; Send up
the sweet odor of incense,
break forth in blossoms like
the lily. Raise your voices in a
chorus of praise; bless the
Lord for all his works!”
(Sirach 39: 13-14)
The symbolic meaning appears
in the New Testament when
Matthew describes the
devotion to the Child Jesus by
the Magi, the three kings. “On
entering the house they saw
the child with Mary his mother.
They prostrated themselves
and did him homage. Then
they opened their treasures
and offered him gifts of gold,
frankincense, and myrrh.”
St. Paul’s the letter to the
Corinthians and the Ephesians
says: “I urge you therefore,
brothers, by the mercies of
God, to offer your bodies as
a living sacrifice, holy and
pleasing to God, your spiritual
worship.” (Rom 12:1) “And
live in love, as Christ loved us
and handed himself over for us
as a sacrificial offering to God
for a fragrant aroma.”
(Eph 5:2)
The theological significance of
incense is acknowledged also.
Psalm 141 verse 2 says
incense is a sign to express
reverence and to pray to God.
“Let my prayer be incense
before you; My uplifted hands
an evening offering.”
And we see the use of incense
in our Christian liturgy,
especially that of the Eastern
Through rituals we worship
and connect to the Almighty
God. Rituals express our
worship of God in physical
symbols, signs and gestures.
The mellow aroma of incense,
the folding of hands, bowing
the head . . Through them we
are able to feel and ponder the
mysteries we are celebrating.
Theologically incense is a
special sign of sacrifice as was
burnt offerings in the Old
Testament. In burning incense
and using incense like a
precious object we dedicate
worship to God. The incense
smoke fragrance reminds us of
the sacrificial offering Jesus
made. This meaning is fully
evident in the ritual content
offering at the Holy Sacrifice of
the Mass.
In the next Newsletter: The
Use of Incense in the Liturgy
of the Mass.
“. . seek and you shall find” Matthew 7:7
Being a disciple of Jesus calls us to be a good steward of the gifts God has given us, especially our time and talent.
The first step in being a good steward is to recognize our gifts/talents; not always an easy task. St. Philip has
responded to this by making available to all parishioners a ‘Gifts Discernment’ survey on our website. Completing
the survey will help one quantify interests, talents/gifts and then potentially determine what specific ministries are a
good fit.
For more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinators at: [email protected]
Discipleship Council
Joe Amelang
Lori Bedock
Barry Bontemps
John Carswell
Israel Cordoro
Dorothy Faggello
Carol Guthrie
Tom & Nancy Jantz
Carol McNally
Allison Revetta
Sue Stacey
Paul & Gloria Saint Jacques
George & Ellen Marie Tutaj
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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Parish Council
Worship & Spirituality
Building & Grounds
Education & Formation
Parish & Family Life
Social Action
Hispanic Ministry
Knights of Columbus
Men's Club
Women of St. Philip
Administration & Finance
Patricia Thompson
Edme Mendez
Stokey Bourque
Melissa Roselli
David Brooks
Jackie Ellis
Tom Mason
Miguel Valadez
Ana Anaya
Debbie Crean
Ronald Kempf
Craig Henderson
Sharon Wilson
Mike Ren
[email protected]
[email protected]
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[email protected]
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[email protected]
[email protected]
“Father, I am seeking: I am hesitant and uncertain, but will you, O God,
watch over each step of mine and guide me.” ~St. Augustine
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Arts & Environment
Children’s Liturgy of the Word
Prayer Chain
Parish Council Representative:
Liturgical Ministries
Altar Servers
Extra Ordinary Ministers of
Serra Club
Music Ministries
5:30pm Saturday Night Mass
8:30am Sunday Mass Choir
11:00am Sunday Mass Choir
5:00pm Sunday Mass Choir
Children’s Choir
Resurrection Choir
Edme Mendez ● (615)624-3320 ● [email protected]
First Friday 24-Hour Eucharistic Adoration
24-hour Eucharistic Adoration is
held on the First Friday of the
month in the Old 1871 Church
beginning after the 9:00am Mass
until Saturday’s 8:45am
In adoration, a monstrance is
placed on the altar with the large
consecrated Eucharistic Host
exposed inside a glass enclosure
known as a “luna”.
We are invited into an intimate
relationship with Jesus Christ. He
is most present in the Eucharist,
where He waits for us, inviting us
to spend time with Him. In the
silence of adoration, the Lord may
speak to us, assuring us of His
love for us and His presence in our
lives. Other times He remains
silent. In those times, we simply
stay with Him and place our lives
in His hand. Come and spend
time with the Lord.
First Friday of each month
in the Old Church:
Exposition of the
Blessed Sacrament &
Divine Mercy Chaplet
(Adoration continues)
Exposition of the
Blessed Sacrament and
Adoration continues
though the night
Saturday morning:
Please stop by at the
Adoration table during the
Ministry Fair to learn more.
The Blessed Sacrament should
not be left unattended so we
are in need of guardians to
commit to a regular half hour
or hour watch and prayer.
Please consider signing up by
choosing a time slot on the
schedule located in the
Narthex of the Main Church
and foyer of the Old Church.
We also have a substitute list
if you prefer this.
Children’s Liturgy of the Word - Grades 1-4
Children’s Liturgy of the
Word gives children in
grades 1-4 an
opportunity to hear the
Sunday readings on a level
they can understand.
No registration is required.
Adult volunteers are needed to lead worship with the
Children’s Liturgy of the Word is not lectionary-based
catechesis, liturgical catechesis or a substitute for our
religious education classes.
When children hear the scriptures in a language they
can understand, they feel included and are more able
to share their responses with the family after liturgy.
On Sunday mornings, Father calls the children forward,
speaks to them briefly, blesses them and they then
process to the Old Church.
Children can join the students at the front of the
Church when they are invited forward or they can join
the students as they process to the Original 1871
Become a Liturgical Minister
Volunteers Needed for the Weekend Masses
The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of the Second
Vatican council emphasizes that participation in the
Liturgy (the celebration of the Mass) is the right and
duty of all the baptized. Most of us participate at Mass
as “ministers of the pew.” We actively support each
other in communal prayer, song, and in the many
wordless signs, postures and actions that help us pray
as a community.
Masses at St Philip also require between 17 and
26 members each weekend to perform special
roles in service to the rest of the assembly.
Extra-ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC)
distribute the Body and Blood of Christ during
Communion. The table below compares the current
number of EMHC volunteers with the number needed
to allow a minister to serve at only one weekend Mass
per month.
Mass Time
# Needed
5:30 Sat.
8:30 Sun.
11:00 Sun.
5:00 Sun.
There are similar shortages in other ministries. For
5:30pm Saturday Mass
 15 Altar Servers needed per month—have 3
 20 Hospitality Ministers needed—have 13
 10 Lectors needed—have 6
5:00pm Sunday Mass
6 adult Hospitality Minister—have 1
15 Altar Servers—have 3
Can you help? If you feel unworthy to perform a
special ministry, remember that this is true for
everyone. Training is provided. Assignments are
tailored to your schedule.
Participation in the Mass means that there are times
when you are expected to be more than “ministers of
the pew.” Depending on your talents, there is a time
for you to step up and minister to others as an EMHC,
Lector, Usher, Greeter, Choir member, Musician or
Altar Server.
Please prayerfully consider the opportunity to serve
the worshipping community of St Philip this year in one
of these ministries. Learn more and sign up at the
Liturgical Ministries table at the Ministry Fair, or on the
Liturgical Ministries page on the parish website.
For more information contact Tom Galantowicz at (615)969-3404 or via email at [email protected]
Current Liturgical Ministers:
Let us know if you wish to continue to serve...
Please communicate your intention to continue serving in your
ministry by:
Signing in at the Liturgical Ministry table at the Ministry Fair
Send an e-mail to [email protected]
All continuing ministers must attend a Formation Session and an
Update Session specific to each ministry. New ministers will
attend Formation and Training Sessions. These will be offered
several times during August & September.
Check the bulletin for scheduled times.
Sing in a St Philip Choir
We invite you to join them, any of our choirs,
5:30pm Saturday Night Mass
8:30am Sunday Mass Choir
11:00am Sunday Mass Choir
5:00pm Sunday Mass Choir
Children’s Choir
Resurrection Choir
on either a seasonal or regular basis, to experience to joy of praising God
together in song. Men and women from high school to senior citizen are
welcome. Members come with a broad range of experience. Ability to carry
a tune is the basic requirement.
Music Ministry Songfest
Sunday, August 24
Join with choir members from all the weekend Masses
for an afternoon of song & prayer mixed with food &
fellowship. We’ll learn new music and introduce a new
mass setting that all the groups will use over the coming
We will begin with lunch in the Activities Center
immediately following the 11:00am mass.
RSVP to the parish office or e-mail Tom Galantowicz at
[email protected]
The Choir Relocation
A few months ago, Fr Bala agreed to temporarily
relocate the choirs and instrumentalists to a dedicated
space behind the pews on the north side of the Main
Church. This gave us an opportunity to see if the
anticipated improvements would be a positive
contribution to the experience of the celebration of the
The relocation stared out as an experiment, but due to
the overwhelmingly positive response by everyone, we
will make this a permanent change. As we complete
the relocation, we are also addressing the overall
church sound system to remove localized (acoustically)
dead spots and produce a more natural spoken and
musical sound.
Here’s what we found:
 The congregation hears the choir better because
they are on risers with better mic-ing.
 Singers can hear each other better, aided by the
sound reflected off the wall behind them and the
curvature of the risers.
 Because of the factors above, they naturally make
a more balanced, better blended and more
intelligible sound. Thus they are more effective in
leading you, the assembly, in sung prayer at Mass.
 As a side benefit, the congestion on that side of the
altar during communion has been greatly reduced.
These changes are being made as part of a continuing
effort to enable everyone to participate fully and
actively in listening to the Word of God and praising
him in word and song.
Serra Club of Williamson County
 Affirming the vocations
The Serra Club is an
international organization
of Catholic women
and men whose main
objectives are:
of our priests and
religious by thanking
them for saying “yes” to
God’s call, by saying the
Serran Prayer for Perseverance of Vocations,
and by including them in
our family activities.
 To foster, promote,
and affirm vocations
to the priesthood and
religious life.
 To assist its’ members
to respond to God’s call to
holiness in their own lives.
Serra’s goals are accomplished
through prayer centered activities
 Participating in Eucharistic
Adoration and offering special
prayers for seminarians, priests,
and religious. Saying the Serran
prayer for vocations daily, offering a Mass for vocations monthly
on a specific day through the 31
Club and encouraging family
prayer for vocations with the
Vocation cup.
The Serra Club of Williamson
County has members from all of
the parishes in the county. We
meet the first Thursday of the
month at 6:00pm for a potluck
dinner. A guest speaker, follows
dinner. Meetings are also held on
the third Thursday of the month,
after the 9:00am Mass, at St.
Philip with coffee and a program.
When Serran members gather
together for prayer, a meal and
conversation we grow in faith.
For more information contact
Jim Smith at (615)595-8339 or
[email protected]
Cursillo: An Opportunity to Experience Christ
An informational Wine and Cheese Social will be held in the Activity Center
on Saturday, August 16th following the 5:30pm evening Vigil Mass.
We invite all interested in enriching their faith through a Cursillo Weekend.
For those who have attended a Weekend, come and connect with other
Cursillistas here at St. Philip.
Please contact Holly Moore for more information or to RSVP at
(615)719-1784 or
FALL 2014 Weekends
September 18-21, 2014
Men's English Weekend
September 25-28, 2014
Women's English Weekend
2 al 5 de Octubre, del 2014
Cursillo Hispano para hombres
9 al 12 de Octubre, del 2014
Cursillo Hispano para mujeres
SPRING 2015 Weekends
February 5-8, 2015
Men's English Weekend
February 12-15, 2015
Women's English Weekend
Weekends are held at
Camp Marymount in Fairview.
Los Fines de semana se celebrant
en el campamento de Marymount
en Fairview.
Parish Council Representative:
Stokey Bourque ● (615)202-9550 ● [email protected]
Our Buildings and Grounds Ministry assists the Parish
in the management, maintenance and improvement of
all Parish internal and external facilities and properties
to create and maintain a comfortable, functional and
secure environment for all Parishioners and Ministries
to flourish and grow.
We have had a busy and successful past few months!
The Spring Grounds Clean Up Day was hard work, yet
so much fun. Just over 25 parishioners over a 4 hour
period placed 25 yards of mulch, pulled weeds,
trimmed branches, raked leaves and didn't stop until it
was all done! All who participated left with a sense of
fulfilment knowing we had beautified our church
grounds. A big thank you to all who participated!
The placement of the statue of Saint Philip and
handicap accessibility renovation of the Old Church
took over a year to plan and design. Many factors had
to be taken into consideration including historical
preservation requirements, disability access
requirements, diocesan requirements, etc. On May 4,
2014 Bishop Choby celebrated Mass and afterward
blessed our statue of St. Philip!
Two weeks later, on May 20, our Parish was recognized
for excellence by the Heritage Foundation of Franklin &
Williamson County for preservation efforts to maintain
the integrity of architectural heritage in downtown
The Baptismal Font was in need of repair due to leaks,
This challenge, with many individual disciplines
involved, was successfully completed in June.
A huge thank you to all involved!
Stay tuned, more and exciting ways to get involved
with Buildings and Grounds are coming. Whether you
are a builder, a handy person or just have general
interest, we have opportunities for you to serve. The
time commitment is based on your individual desire to
participate. There are short term specific projects that
have a definitive beginning and end and longer projects where involvement could be a few months. We
would love to have you!
If you have any interest in helping with our buildings
and grounds, no matter how big or small, please
contact me. Thank you for your interest. I look
forward to serving and working with all of you.
Stokey Bourque
[email protected]
Adult Bible Study
Baptismal Preparation Class
Engaged Couples Retreat
Learning Center
Lessons in Scripture
Library Ministry
Religious Education/Faith
Totus Tuus/Vacation Bible School
Faith Formation for Adults
Parish Council Representative:
Melissa Rosselli ● (615)472-1080 ● [email protected]
The Church continues the mission of Jesus, to bring about God's kingdom.
This one mission is ever being accomplished through three ministries: Word, Worship and
Service. Every form of catechesis is a participation in the ministry of the Word and
therefore a participation in the mission of Jesus and the Church.
Adult Bible Study
This group is open to all adults in the parish. We meet year-round on
Thursday evenings to prayerfully read and discuss Holy Scripture. The books
of Scripture we read are agreed upon by the participants, and facilitated by
the leader. We will occasionally watch a video on the life of a Saint or a
Catholic documentary. All you have to bring is your bible . . . if you don't
have one, we'll loan you one!
"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in
your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer."
Psalm 19
Baptismal Preparation Class
This class prepares parents for the baptism of their child. It is required
before a baptism can be held at St. Philip. Upcoming class dates are:
August 3
October 12
December 7
September 14
November 9
Faith Formation for Adults
The Adult Faith Formation class is open to all adults of the parish and is
based on the premise that - upon being Confirmed - we do not stop growing
in the Catholic faith or pursuing holiness. The overarching goal of the class
is to lead people closer to God through prayer and greater knowledge of the
Catholic faith. This is accomplished by exploring both traditional elements of
the Catholic faith and contemporary Church teachings. We also discuss
current events as they relate to the Catholic Church. The result is a deeper
connection with God and the universal Church and a fuller living of our
Catholic lives. The class meets from 9:30am to 10:50am (between Masses),
Sunday mornings from September through May. Childcare is provided.
Beginning August 17 we will present “Mary, A Biblical Walk with the Blessed
Mother,” an eight-part study by Dr. Edward Sri. You will learn how she
works in our lives today, drawing us ever closer to her Divine Son. Seeing
Mary in this way will change you forever.
For more information contact:
Allison Revetta
[email protected]
Dorothy Faggello
[email protected]
Are you interested in growing and sharing your faith?
Visit the Ministry Fair and find out more about Faith Formation groups at St. Philip.
Learnng Center
St. Philip Learning Center encompasses both a morning preschool ministry
and a one day a week enrichment program. Our morning preschool ministry
runs September through May, Monday-Friday, 8:45-11:40am for children
ages 3-6. Our Enrichment program meets one day a week on Thursday
mornings for children ages 3-6 (Level 1) and our 6-9 year old program
(Level 2 Homeschool Enrichment) meets on Tuesday and Thursday
mornings. Our programs use the Montessori Method of education and
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. St. Philip Learning Center programs
fulfill the Faith Formation requirement for these children, and additional CGS
atrium sessions are not needed.
Our students enjoy learning in a peaceful, nurturing environment.
For more information or to schedule a tour of our facilities call
Karen Williams or Brooke Coyle at (615)550-2844
or email: [email protected]
or visit our website:
Lessons in Scripture
“What Does the Mass have to do with the Bible?”
Wednesday evenings beginning August 20th for 6 weeks.
Learn the Old Testament roots of the Mass.
Learn how the earliest Christians celebrated Mass.
See how the Mass brings heaven down to earth & draws us up to Heaven
Family Dinner and Childcare is provided.
2014 – 2015 Saint Philip Catholic Church
Aug 17, 2014 — First Day of Faith Formation
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Michaela Miller
[email protected]
Youth Ministry Coordinator of Catechesis
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is our Faith Formation program for children 3 –12 years
of age. Level 1 (ages 3-6), Level 2 (ages 6-9 years) and Level 3 (9-12 years) sessions are
multi-age groups. Your child must be 3 years old by Aug 15 and potty trained to attend.
Please choose one session time.
Atrium session times: Sun 9:30-10:45 or 3:30-4:45, Wed 4:45-6:00 or 6:15-7:30
If your child attends the Learning Center (Preschool or Enrichment Days), your child will receive his/her
Good Shepherd sessions during that time and will not need to attend a separate atrium session.
Michaela Miller
615.596.7183 [email protected]
Youth Ministry Coordinator of Catechesis
Edge is our youth ministry and catechesis umbrella for middle schoolers.
Faith Formation for 6th graders (11-12 year olds) is offered as part of our CGS program in the Level 3
atriums. Atrium session times: Sun 9:30-10:45 or 3:30-4:45, Wed 4:45-6:00
Edge also meets weekly, for 6-8th graders, on Wednesdays from 6-8:15pm. These sessions include dinner,
Catholic lessons with passionate worship and high energy activity for a night of faith, fun, and formation.
Confirmation Preparation is a 2 year process at St. Philip. All middle school students must complete both
years of Confirmation preparation at St. Philip, regardless of their grade. Confirmation 1 and Confirmation
2 students are asked to attend weekly Faith Formation sessions on Sunday at 9:30am or 3:30pm. In addition
to these sessions, both Confirmation 1 and 2 parents and students are required to attend monthly Sunday
evening sessions. During these sessions, Confirmation 1 students and parents explore the beauty of Theology
of the Body for Middle Schoolers,; Confirmation 2 students and parents delve into the Sacrament of
Confirmation and what it means to be Catholic. Both Confirmation 1 and 2 students will have retreat and
service requirements to complete.
Michaela Miller
615.596.7183 [email protected]
Youth Ministry Coordinator of Catechesis
Connect is our youth ministry and Catechesis umbrella for 9-12th graders.
Regular meetings take place every Wednesday and Sunday evening from 6-8:15pm. Dinner is provided both
evenings followed by a night that revolves around Catholic lessons while incorporating high energy activities
and games. High School students are welcome to come on just Sundays, just Wednesdays, or both Sundays
and Wednesdays. Those 9th graders who may be attending Confirmation 2 are still welcome to join us for
Connect in addition to their Sacrament preparation.
Kroger Cares Cards
The Kroger Cares fundraising program gives 4% back to St. Philip Youth Ministry Programs
(Edge & Connect) every time money is loaded onto the St. Philip Kroger Cares gift card. The card can be
purchased from St. Philip at the Youth & CCD office
How it Works:
 Costs $5 and comes with $5 pre-loaded; is reloadable
 Add money at the counter/register before check-out
 Use it to buy anything at Kroger, even gas & gift cards to other stores!
 DO NOT leave the card empty for 90 days or it will expire
Coordinator: Mary Grindstaff ● (615)550-2837 ● [email protected]
Religious Education for ages 3 through 12 years.
Classes offered Sunday morning between the Masses, Sunday afternoon,
Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday evening.
In 2010, we started Catechesis of the
Good Shepherd (CGS) with our 3 year
old students. We have now extended
the CGS faith formation program to our
12 year olds. There are several different
atrium session times offered to families.
The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is
a Montessori-based religious education
formation for children. It seeks to create
and facilitate a sacred, “hands-on” space
for children called an atrium, in which
both the children and their catechists
can hear, ponder, and celebrate the
most essential mysteries of the Christian
faith as revealed in the Scriptures and
the Liturgy. Originally developed in
Rome by Sofia Cavalleti and Gianna
Gobbi over fifty years ago, the
catechesis continues to spread through
the world and is used with adaptations
in various Christian denominations.
Two important elements of the program
are a prepared environment and a
trained catechist whose sources are
Scripture and Liturgy. The prepared
environment utilizes child size models of
various items used in the Church’s
orship such as the altar, priest’s
vestments, liturgical colors, etc. The
environment also contains materials
relating to the proclamation of the faith
such as the parables Jesus taught and
truths he spoke as well as materials on
the prophecies, geography of Israel and
Jerusalem, and the life of Christ. The
materials are hands-on/manipulatives
for use by the child. The older children
study the History of the Kingdom of God
which lays out the Plan of God through a
The catechist gives presentations to the
children using the materials. These
materials are chosen to convey the
essentials of the faith development. The
children are then invited to internalize
and respond to the presentations by
working with the materials themselves.
The catechist presents and lets the
children ponder on the presentations as
they grow in a deeper understanding of
Catechists in the program are certified
by the National Association of the
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. We
are currently in need of enthusiastic
individuals to train in the Level I
program. For information contact
Mary Grindstaff @
[email protected]
or Michaela Miller @
[email protected]
Cub Scouts
Cub Scout Pack 1871 is a part of St. Philip Boy Scout Troop 1871 meeting
every other Monday in the Activities Center. Our boys have been working on
growing our pack and earning their grade level badges. One of our activities
was to sponsor a Lenten Pancake Supper to raise money for our Pack Flag
and to send some of the boys to summer camp. Boys ages 7 to 10 years are
invited to join us in the fall to help our pack grow! For information on joining
the St. Philip Cub Scouts contact Jenny Lutkins at [email protected]
Look for our Cub Scouts in uniform at the Ministry Fair!
Michaela Miller
Youth Ministry
Coordinator of Catechesis
Edge is our youth ministry and
catechesis umbrella for
6-8th graders. Our weekly
youth group meetings take
place on Wednesdays from
6-8:15pm. These sessions
include dinner, Catholic lessons
with passionate worship and
high energy activity for a night
of faith, fun, and formation.
Come build your faith and
develop lasting friendships!
Fall Kick-off
August 17
Connect is our youth ministry
and catechesis umbrella for
9-12th graders. Regular
meetings take place every
Wednesday and Sunday
evening from 6-8:15pm.
Dinner is provided both
evenings followed by a night
that revolves around Catholic
lessons while incorporating
high energy activities and
games. High School students
are welcome to come on just
Sundays, just Wednesdays,
or both Sundays and
Wednesdays. Connect
combines fellowship with
scripture study, Theology and
life application lessons to
help our teens be life long
Participants in Edge and Connect are encouraged to
participate in the Liturgy especially, but not only, at
the 5:00pm Mass on Sundays, as Altar Servers,
Ministers of Hospitality, in the Youth Choir,
Eucharistic Ministers (once Confirmed) and Lectors.
The youth are also asked to share their faith as
catechists and aides in the younger students CCD
Office: (615)550-2838
Cell: (615)596-7183
Email: [email protected]
Having good adult
volunteers in our
youth ministry
makes all the
Please prayerfully
consider giving
your time & talent
to the youth
of St. Philip
Visit our Website:
Register for Edge and Connect, stay up to date with
the latest info, get permission slips, register for
events and more, under the youth tab on our
Youth are no different than adults; the more active
and involved they are in the parish, the more they
want to grow their relationship with the Lord and
have a better understanding of the Faith.
Check us out on:
St Philip Youth
Connect & Edge Retreats
September 12-14
October 17-19
November 21-23
December 12-14
January 9-11
Jan 30 -Feb 1
February 20-22
March 27-29
All retreats will be
held at Camp
Are you new to our youth
group and want to get to
know other teens?
Retreats are a great way
to get to build friendships!
Middle School Retreats
This fall, Confirmation
class of 2015 will have a day retreat
at St. Philip on September 6th. This
mandatory retreat will give the
Confirmation students a chance to
grow in their faith and build lasting
Catholic relationships.
Break at the Lake
This retreat is open to all 7-9th
graders but is mandatory for the
Confirmation class of 2016. Break
at the Lake is November 1st.
High School Retreat
The Connect retreat is September
19-21 at Gasper Rivers. This
weekend will consist of faith filled
fun such as hiking, bonfires,
s’mores, ropes courses, community
prayer, and more! The cost will be
$30 and permission slips can be
found online.
Retreat Dates
Sept. 6 — Confirmation Retreat
2nd year students
Sept. 19 -21—Connect Retreat
Nov. 1 —Break at the Lake
Feb. 28 - March 1 — Youth 2000
Catholic Faith Conferences
Couples for Christ
Ministers of Care
Parish Council Representative:
Neighborhood Groups
RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation for
That Man Is You
Welcoming Committee
Women’s Faith Sharing Fellowship
Young Adult Ministry
David Brooks ● (615)791-9205 ● [email protected]
Catholic Faith Conferences
Inspirational Conferences with Excellent Speakers, Mass with Bishop Choby,
Adoration, Confession, Rosary, Exhibitors, Fellowship, & More !!
Saturday March 7, 2015
Saturday April 18, 2015
Saturday June 27, 2015
of Faith
A Date to Strengthen
Come Be Blessed
Support, Encouragement, Strength
For Men
Blessings, Inspiration, Uplifting
For Women
Strengthen, Renew, Celebrate
For Married Couples
Koinonia is the Greek word that St. Paul used to describe the vital union of the faithful of Jesus Christ. It means
fellowship, communion, participation. Today Koinonia refers to a movement that provides adults the opportunity
through retreat:
* to encounter Jesus Christ through the experience of community.
* to share the Gospel message of Christ’s life, death and resurrection
* to respond to Christ’s invitation to join with Him in deeper communion.
* to respond to the challenge of living each day according to God’s will.
The weekend retreat allows each person to hear Christ’s call and to experience a spiritual shifting or renewal or
change in his/her life. It also offers the challenge and support to live each day according to God’s will.
The weekend consists of talks, discussions, liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations and experiences of hope.
Held annually in July at St. Philip, the retreat, begins at 5:00pm Friday and ends on Sunday at 5:00pm.
You return to your own home each night. All meals are provided.
Contact Carol Brown @ [email protected] or (615) 790-7359 for more information.
The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
Inquiry Sessions Begin Monday, September 8th
What is the RCIA?
It’s the Rite of Christian Initiation
of Adults—a process for welcoming
adult newcomers (inquirers) into
the Roman Catholic Church.
The RCIA is a
community journey that leads to
a transformation of mind and spirit.
Guided by the gospel and by the
examples set by church members,
newcomers can find their place in
the community of believers.
A personal journey in which
church members re-examine their
own relationship with God. The
enthusiastic and joyous response
of newcomers to the discovery of
Christ in their lives can spark
renewed faith in the lives of
other members.
How does a person become
Catholic? What is the first step?
Inquiry meetings begin on Monday,
September 8th, at 6:30pm.
Anyone not of the Catholic faith
who is interested in learning more
about our faith is invited and
encouraged to attend.
Are you an adult Catholic
who has not been confirmed?
These classes are appropriate for
you as well! Please stop by and
talk to us during the Ministry Fair
on August 9& 10 if you or someone
you know would like to be invited
to the RCIA meetings.
You can help someone with a
turning point in their life. Come
join the RCIA Ministry and share
your faith with others.
You don’t have to know all the
answers, just be there to help them
deepen their understanding of our
faith and let them know they don’t
have to walk alone.
There are many different roles to
be filled in assisting newcomers on
their spiritual journey. These
people have special duties in
welcoming newcomers; sponsors,
godparents, catechists, hospitality,
mystagogia (the year after),
Precatechumenate (inquiry
sessions), communication.
Easter 2014
I am interested in more information about RCIA!
Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City, Zip Code: _________________________________________________________________
Phone Number with area code: ____________________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________________________________
Drop-off form at, or mail to the Parish Office, or drop into the Sunday.
Bereavement Ministry
Business Ministry
Parish Council Representative:
Catholic Divorce Care
Foster & Adoption Support
Seniors + Friends
Jackie Ellis ● (615)791-1903 ● [email protected]
Seniors + Friends
The Seniors PLUS Friends Ministry is
dedicated to providing "Events for
Adults”. Events can be spiritual, social
or civic in nature. Receive information
about our events via email. Email
[email protected] or call
Paul Saint-Jacques at (615)305-6633.
"Events for Adults of All Ages"
Fall Schedule
August 12—11:00am
Battle of Franklin-150th Anniversary Program & lunch
August 18—6:30pm
Trivia Night & Pot Luck Dinner
September 9—11:00am
Royal Oaks YMCA Performance & Lunch
September 12—11:00am
Dutch Treat Lunch & Tour at Belle Meade Plantation.
September 23—6:30pm
Dutch Treat Dinner at Puckett’s 4th Ave.
October 14—11:00am
Brightstone Performance & Lunch.
October 28—11:00am
Dutch Treat Lunch
Tuesday Morning
Men's Bible Study
is held at 6:30am Tuesday mornings
at Panera Bread in Cool Springs.
New participants always welcome.
2014 Men’s Off-Campus Retreat
Saturday, October 18,2014 9:00am-4:00pm
2014 Do You Want to Know?
This series will exploring the Tennessee
Legal Handbook for Seniors
Planning a Funeral at St. Philip
—What are the options?
Monday evenings beginning September 29
November 12—9:00am to 1:30pm
Day of Reflection Mini-Retreat with Fr. Bala
New 12-Week Session Begins Monday, September 8th
GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most
difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. Join us on Mondays at
6:30pm for a 12-week scripturally based program. Each session consists of a DVD presentation on grief
and recovery, support group discussion and a personal workbook. Each session discusses a different
aspect associated with grief and is beneficial in and of itself.
For more information please contact Dave Bilger at (615)479-9504.
Loaves and Fishes
Parish Council Representative:
Meals on Wheels
Safe Haven
Respect Life
Tom Mason ● (615)791-8596 ● [email protected]
Jesus gave us two commandments: Love God with all of your heart
and all of your soul, and Love your neighbor as yourself.
As a Catholic community, St. Philip has a rich tradition of showing our
love for our neighbors by extending ourselves into our local community
in many ways. From the Christmas basket program run by the Men’s
Club, to serving meals at Loaves & Fishes, delivering Meals on Wheels,
or through donations to GraceWorks, we make a difference in the lives
of those we serve. Each time that we go out, we represent St. Philip
and our faith in action.
The goal for the Social Action Committee is to increase awareness of
the outreach activities that St. Philip members are doing within the
community. The committee would like to get a better understanding
of the many ways that members of St. Philip are involved in the
community. If you are involved or volunteer in any non-profit
organizations or any other community related groups, we would like to
know how you are helping others. Also if you participate in events
such as walks or “fun runs”, we would also like to know about them as
well. Perhaps we can recruit others to join you.
Stop by the Social Action table during the ministry fair
and let us know how you are helping others.
“Be doers of the word and not just hearers only”
James 1:22
Loaves and Fishes
Community Meals for the Hungry
The number of families that cannot make ends
meet each month is increasing, as is the number of
homeless individuals who travel through, and stay
in Nashville. For the past 25 years, Loaves and
Fishes, a community-wide effort enlisting the help
of 23 volunteer groups representing many
denominations, schools and associations remains
committed to serving the growing needs of the
hungry in Nashville.
The Loaves and Fishes Ministry provides St. Philip
parishioners a monthly opportunity to prepare and
serve meals to the poor and homeless at Holy
Name Church in Nashville. This is a wonderful
opportunity to serve with an instant gratification
kind of giving. Where else can you prepare food
and hand it to God's hungry people every month!
Safe Haven is the only shelter-tohousing program in Middle Tennessee
that accepts entire homeless families
and keeps them together. By providing
comprehensive services Safe Haven
empowers families to achieve lasting
St. Philip volunteers provide dinner for
25-30 residents every third Sunday of
the month for the residents. Two
families coordinate the menu & cooking,
deliver & serve the food, interact with
the residents and collect the leftovers to
be used for lunches
Our schedule has openings yet for 2014!
To become part of this this beautiful
ministry please sign up at Find Safe
Haven by using [email protected]
as creator’s email in the search engine.
For more information contact Mary Pat
Payne at (615)947-6736 or via email:
[email protected]
Parish Council Representative:
Miguel Valadez ● (615)496-4264 ● [email protected]
Parish Council Representative:
Ana Anaya ● (615)791-8724
Father Louis Rojas
Hispanic Ministry of Nashville
(615) 848-4338
Chorus / Coros
Sundays/Domingos—Carlos Gonzalez
(615) 207-3827
Thursdays/Jueves—Pablo Dominguez
(615) 519-4100
CCD / Catequesis
Elena Arredondo (615) 473-3954
Roberto Camacho (615) 482-3928
Baptisms / Bautismos
Ana Anaya (615) 512-9613
Ana Bougrat (615) 719-6893
Charismatic Renewal/
Renovacion Carismatica
Maria Perez (“Xochitl”)
(615) 485-7520
Communion to the Sick/
Comunion a Los Enfermos
Ignacio Caro (615) 794-6047
La mission del Ministerio Hispano
The mission of the Hispanic
es servir las necesidades
Ministry is to serve the spiritual,
espirituales, de oracion, y
worship and religious education
educacion religiosa a la
needs of the community in its
comunidad en su propio idioma.
own language.
Algunos grupos se han formado
have been formed and grown
y crecido con exito durante estos
with success over the years.
Several groups
Catecismo / CCD
August—May for over 250 children ages 6-16
Blessed with approximately 40 teachers,
including assistants
Sacrament preparation
Altar Servers
RCIA (adults who have not received one or any
of the sacraments)
Parejas / Couples
(“CAMINANDO CON JESUS”) A recently formed group focuses on
strengthening relationships through prayer and activities to help grow
their love for each other and God.
Our most colorful celebration of the year!!!
Nuestra Sra. De Guadalupe—Our Lady of Guadalupe
Officially December 12 but celebrated the Sunday closest to
the 12th with a special Mass and a colorful festival afterwards
with a play, music, food and folk dancers.
This year’s celebration will be December 7.
Premarital Preparation/
Preparacion Premarital
Miguel y Georgina Valadez
(615) 497-3998
Young Adults / Adultos Jovenes
Brenda Romero (615) 428-6377
Ari Saucedo (615) 479-4779
Couples / Parejas
Javier y Maru Hernandez
(706) 263-5815
Altar Servers / Monaguillos
Carmen Sanchez (615) 829-0416
Quinceaneras / XV
Silvia Banales (615) 635-4703
One of our most vibrant groups which has grown in number and
involvement. Aside from the year round weekly program, they
have been responsible for organizing crews to keep our buildings
and church looking great!
Family Life
Provides preparation to parents on the occasion of the baptism of their
children, teenagers who will or will not have a XV celebration, and
engaged couples and to keep God in their life.
Young adults 18 years and older
They focus on worshiping and prayer but also participate in social and
community activities. This group provides an opportunity to feel at
home whether married, single, with or without children.
Statue of St. Philip:
Hispanic Community Sees Statue as Link to Immigrant Journey
The newly-installed statue of Saint Philip in front of the
old church reflects the difficult journey that all
immigrants take to come to the US, says Ana Anaya,
an active member of the Hispanic community at
St. Philip.
“Fr. Bala approached a small group of people about
getting a statue of St. Philip for the church,” Anaya
said. “He gave the specifications and the Hispanic
community started raising money.”
Purchased at a cost of $3,000, the statue was carved
of Cantera stone quarried in Degollado, Jalisco, Mexico,
a town known for its fountains and statues. But
transporting it was looking to be costly because of its
weight and size.
First, the statue was shipped to San Antonio, Texas,
where it sat awaiting shipment to Franklin.
Fortunately, a St. Philip parishioner’s friend in Nashville
who owns a trucking company heard about the
dilemma and offered to send it to Franklin on a truck
—for free.
The statue arrived, but could not yet be erected. Its
installation was tied to the improved access project for
the Original Church. The project required working with
the city to comply with city rules and regulations for all
changes and installations because we are in the
Franklin Historic District. The statue sat crated at the
office entrance for about a year.
Finally, in May, the statue was erected in its place of
honor on Main Street in front of the old church, and
then dedicated by Bishop David Choby on May 4 after
the 11:00am Mass.
“When Bishop Choby was blessing the statue, I
realized it was such a long journey to get it here. It
reminds us of what immigrants go through to arrive at
what we now call home. The immigrant journey—
culture shock, language barrier, rules and regulations—
it’s a hard road.”
Many members of our Hispanic Ministry at St. Philip
came from the same place the statue came from. “The
statue reminds of us what our churches back home
look like,” said Anaya. “It looks so beautiful!”
Parish Council Representative:
Photography Ministry
Debbie Crean ● (615)790-9199 ● [email protected]
What is communication?
Is it both verbal and
non-verbal interaction?
Spreading messages of Faith, community and sharing
information requires communal interaction, contact
with each other. This Ministry is in need of Volunteers,
out-of-the-box-thinkers , action oriented folks!
Your ideas and participation are needed and most
The Communications Ministry is many things to many
different people. Media, advertising, announcements,
public relations, news, sometimes… just plain words
shared with each other across a table.
Do you think communications change meanings or
require alternative methods of delivery when Church
The Communications Ministry strives to deliver
messages of faith and opportunities to find a meaning,
a welcoming common chord, to extend an invitation to
join a Christ centered community, as an attachment to
our need to find a place with God.
Contact Debbie Crean at [email protected]
Email Subject line: Communication Ministry
Or via text message to (615)476-0800
Parish Council Representative:
Ron Kempf ● (615)794-0631 ● [email protected]
The Knights of Columbus is the
world's largest Catholic fraternal
service organization. Founded in the
United States in 1882, it is named in
honor of Christopher Columbus. There
are more than 1.8 million members
in 14,000 councils, with nearly 200
councils on college campuses.
Knights are Catholic men, 18 years of
age and older, who are committed to
making their community a better
place, while supporting their Church.
Being a Knight is more than
camaraderie; it is being involved with
your community; it is supporting your
local Catholic Church, while enhancing
your own faith; it is about protecting
and enhancing your family life.
Parish Council Representative:
Craig Henderson ● (615)404-2120 ● [email protected]
The Men’s Club will host its Annual Pancake Breakfast after the 8:30am and
11:00am Masses on Sunday, August 3rd.
After a summer hiatus, the Club will have a general membership meeting on
Sunday, September 7th at 6:30pm in the Activity Center. All adult men of
St. Philip are welcome to attend the meeting. For more information, email
[email protected]
Meals with Love
Parish Council Representative:
Single Women of St. Philip
Sharon Wilson ● (615)794-3398 ● [email protected]
The Women of St. Philip are women of faith who desire
to be of service to our Lord and the Church. We gather
for projects to help others in our church and community.
The Women of St. Philip:
Meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month for fellowship
at Pinkerton Park or service within the parish.
Organize and plan the annual Breakfast with Santa.
Sort the toys donated during Christmas Basket Week
Support Second Harvest Food Bank’s BackPack
Program, which helps meet the needs of hungry
children by providing them with a pack of nutritious
and easy-to-prepare food to take home on weekends
and school vacations. We deliver food each week to
children at Liberty Elementary School. Donations
from our King Cake sales and Salad & Soup Nights
help to offset the cost of the food we purchase.
Help support Meals with Love and Loaves & Fishes
Support one another through friendship and prayer.
We provide a great opportunity to form friendships with
other women in the parish and to enrich the spiritual
lives of one another. In so doing, we strengthen our
community, parish and ultimately our Church.
For more information contact
Sharon Wilson: (615) 794-3398
Melissa Ladd: (615) 395-4868
Katherine Ehrhard: (678) 642-4145
Or email: [email protected]
Meals With Love
Calling all cooks in the parish (both men and women)!
The Meals With Love ministry provides Father Bala and
Father Tran with a home cooked meal twice a week.
You do not have to be a gourmet chef. The Fathers
greatly appreciate this generous deed. If you are
placed on the schedule, all that is required is one meal
for Father Bala and Father Tran one day approximately
every eight months.
Take this opportunity to show your admiration for
Father Bala and Father Tran, their dedication to Christ
and to His Church and your appreciation for the
dedication they have in shepherding us individually.
To be added to the schedule or taken off, please
contact Joelle Polisky at (615) 595-6968 or via
email to: [email protected]
Parish Council Representative:
Mike Ren ● (615)604-3140 ● [email protected]
From the Parish Finance Board
2014 was another successful year for our
Parish. Your generous support has enabled us
to expand our ministry activities, to continue
to help those in need and to improve our
campus to make it more accessible to all
We will enter 2015 well positioned to achieve
St. Philip Church’s Mission of enhancing the
lives of our members through celebration of
the sacraments and community based
liturgical, educational and social programs.
St. Philip has made significant strides
• Spent nearly 60% of our budget helping
youth and supporting charity.
• Supported the Catholic Women of Faith
Conference, the Catholic Men of Faith
Conference and the Youth 2000 Conference.
• Expanded our international horizons
• Invested in better sound systems.
• Enhanced building security.
Financial Overview
• 2014 Revenue was up 12% vs. 2013.
However, we are still almost 5% under our
weekly goal of $30,000.
• Total Expenses were at budget.
• We received a one-time donation from the
Cheek family for $591,000. We have placed
this money in savings to use for future
projects to provide for the long-term
improvements to our heavily-used Parish
• Our budget in 2015 will reflect a small
surplus. We will continue to:
o Be good stewards of your kind
donations while continuing to meet our
Church’s Mission.
o Deepen our culture of evangelization
and service.
o Jamaica mission trip
o Supported vocations in Africa & education
in India
o Bought a diesel generator at our sister
Parish in Haiti to make their Parishioners
more self-sufficient
• The Statue of St. Philip now has a home.
• Added handicap access to the Old Church,
making it accessible to all.
August 9th & 10th
Ministry Fair: Commit your time, share
your talents to help others, even if it’s only
a few hours during the year.
October 26:
2015 Budget Report and
2015 Pledge Commitment begins
 Upgraded our kitchen facilities and made
necessary repairs to our baptismal font.
Finance Board
Teri Gordon
Thomas Moore
Mike Ren
Carlo Serraiocco
Jim Sokol
Declan Weir
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Questions? Stop by the Finance and Administration Booth at the Ministry Fair.
A member of the group will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
St. Philip Bookstore
Your Resource for:
Catholic bibles, books, prayer cards, jewelry, rosaries, medals, CDs, DVDs,
crosses, crucifixes and more
St. Philip t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts & hats
Gift ideas and cards for the Sacraments: Baptisms, First Communion,
Confirmation, Weddings
Books and activities for children, tweens and teens
Gifts and greeting cards for all occasions including birthdays, anniversaries
and ordinations
Special orders for books, jewelry and gifts from our catalogs
Gift certificates available for any amount
Bookstore Hours
Sunday to Friday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm
First Saturday of the month before and after 5:30 pm Mass
First Sunday of the month from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
Located near the Parish Offices off 2nd South Avenue
U .S . P O S TA G E
113 Second Ave South
Franklin, TN 37064
Phone: (615)794-8588
Fax: (615)794-3083
[email protected]
F R A N K LI N , T E N N E S S E E
P E R M IT N O . 1 2 2
Here's your opportunity to find
your perfect fit. Visit the
Ministry Fair, be welcomed by
fellow parishioners and find out
more about the ministries at St.
Philip - there are over 60 of
them! Discover the purpose of
each ministry, what volunteers
can do and how to get involved
and make a difference. Find a
niche for yourself in one or more.
Each of these ministries exists as
a small sub-set of the larger
community. Becoming involved
in a ministries is the fastest way
to begin to feel "at home" in the
Saturday, August 9th &
Sunday, August 10th
It is part of God's plan for us to
discover and use our gifts to
share His love with others.
There is a ministry and service
opportunity for everyone; if it
doesn't exist, we encourage you
to pray about it and consider
starting your own ministry.