Change Management Forum 2015

Change Management Forum 2015
Tuesday 12 May 2015, 09:00 – 15:30
This year, Implement
Consulting Group has invited
J. Stewart Black, Professor
of Global Leadership and
Strategy at IMD, to share his
perspectives and insights on
how to lead successful change.
We have designed a programme
where you will:
•Be inspired by J. Stewart Black
who is one of the leading capacities
within change management
•Be introduced to tools and frame­
works on how to lead strategic
change to ensure the desired impact
•Learn about trends in organisational
change and company trans­for­ma­
tions in Nordic companies
•Meet peers facing similar challenges
with change as yourself
Organisational change efforts still fail
two-thirds of the time despite years
of research and work with change
management. To help overcome these
figures we have invited Professor
J. Stewart Black to share his per­spec­
tives on how to overcome the barriers
that prevent change. In his view,
these are: failure to see, failure to
move and failure to finish.
J. Stewart Black will talk about his
book “It Starts with One: Changing
Individuals Changes Organizations”
and provide research-based yet
very practical guides on how to lead
strategic change initiatives. Addition­
ally, we will share new perspectives
on what works in Nordic change
initiatives based on our ongoing work
with Nordic companies and a large
study across the Nordic countries in
2014 and 2015. These insights will
be presented using both research
and live company cases.
We hope to see you for a day full of
inspiration and insights on how to
lead change with impact.
Participant target group
The event is addressing senior level
management leading strategic change,
HR directors, change managers
and heads of strategy or business
development. You will get a unique
opportunity to interact directly with
J. Stewart Black and discuss his
latest thinking, but also to engage in
dialogue with peers facing the same
change challenges as yourself.
J. Stewart Black
Professor at IMD on Leadership
and Strategy and has also served
at INSEAD and University of
Michigan. He is author of 15 books
and over 100 articles, including
the book “It Starts with One”. As
a keynote speaker, consultant,
researcher and author, he has
worked with a variety of organi­
sations globally on formulating
and implementing successful
strategies based on cutting-edge
research and practice.
Change Management Forum 2015
Tuesday 12 May 2015, 09:00 – 15:30
Introduction at the tables
Tuesday 12 May 2015
09:00 – 15:30
(breakfast at 08:30)
Presentation of current trends in working with change in the Nordics
It starts with one – Overview
Changing individuals changes organisations
J. Stewart Black, Professor at IMD
Re-orientation of SKAT
Transforming SKAT Jesper Rønnow Simonsen, CEO at SKAT
utting the customer at the centre – a cultural transformation
Thomas Mitchell, Head of Personal Banking Denmark at Danske Bank
It starts with one – Tools for assessment and diagnose
Changing individuals changes organisations
J. Stewart Black, Professor at IMD
Vesterbrogade 4A
1620 København V
Free of charge
If you have any questions about
the event, please contact:
Thomas Bundgaard Møldrup
+45 2926 3225
[email protected]
Closing dialogues at the table/QA
Goodbye or stay for a snack
Michael Steffensen
+45 2338 0045
[email protected]