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Don't Become a
Boiled Frog in
Adam Mawdesley
Global Partnerships – Braintree
Becoming a Boiled Frog?
The premise is that if a frog is placed in boiling
water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold
water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive
the danger and will be cooked to death.
Payment - Table Stakes
5 9’s+ uptime
Global provider
Have the trust of merchants & consumers
Multi-currency presentment
Fraud filters / tools for merchants
Clean & easy code that can be maintained or upgraded easily
Choice of relevant payment methods
PCI DSS Level 1 Certified.
Redundant Data centers.
24x7 monitoring and on-call engineers.
Payments are changing - Choice
Why Payments Matter?
• Increase conversion
• Innovation is changing industry
• Map to changing consumer preferences &
avoid losing sales
• Make it as easy to purchase as possible
• Ensure you have the trust of consumers
Payment Method
Mobile is Booming
PayPal reported total mobile volume was
up 52 percent during the holiday shopping
season’s “kick-off” weekend, with the
biggest increase –
62 percent – seen on Black Friday
Mobile Conversion is not!
• Mobile conversion less than desktop
• Mobile abandonment higher than
• You spend time & money bringing
customers to your site so make it as
easy to purchase once they are on
your site - regardless of device used
• 72% of sales are mobile
Tips to increase mobile payment conversion
Simplicity – keep the customer in mind
Don’t have long / complicated checkouts – reduce form filling
Make payments as easy as possible for an ‘Uber’ like experience
Vault / tokenize cards for easy repeat purchase
Offer PayPal to take advantage of 162M consumers & reduce checkout
– Express Checkout for mobile web
– OneTouch for apps
Card tokenization
Easy repeat purchase,
Make payments disappear
Store your customers' payment information
securely in a vault
• Makes servicing clients easy - pre-orders,
additional orders, refunds, etc…
• Tokenize multiple payment types – not just
credit cards
• Let’s you Focus on what you do well:
– Building great sites & providing great brand &
consumer experiences
Payments are evolving
Mobile commerce is booming so make mobile payments easier
Meet Consumer preferences
Make payments easy for consumers e.g. vault, OneTouch
• Braintree & PayPal offer technology to help
– Magento extension
– Direct integration with SDK’s
– Core integration coming
• Come talk to us at booth 515