The Up Center Opens New Retail Bookstore March 23

The Up Center Opens New Retail Bookstore March 23
Up Center Books to provide social and economic impact to Norfolk community
WHAT: The Up Center will launch the opening of Up Center Books’ new retail bookstore during a
Ribbon Cutting and Open House. Up Center Books, formerly Spotlight Books, is a non-profit
social enterprise business that provides on-the-job training to very low income individuals with
significant barriers to employment. Since 2004, Up Center Books operated solely as a non-profit
internet book selling business. As of March 23, it adds a retail component where the general
public can purchase books in-store, and at the same time, its employees can acquire valuable
customer service skills.
WHY: Up Center Books provides a pathway out of poverty for homeless and very low income adults. In
addition to creating jobs, the bookstore maximizes the utilization of Norfolk real estate by
relocating to a formerly vacant 10,392-square foot property. The bookstore also focuses on the
needs of Norfolk’s neighborhoods through education. Program participants learn about money
management, housing stability, addiction recovery maintenance and family violence prevention
and treatment, which are skills that help strengthen the family unit.
WHO: Ribbon Cutting and Open House participants include The Up Center’s Board of Directors,
employees and stakeholders. The following people will be onsite and available for interviews:
Ed Welp, President & CEO of The Up Center
Andria McClellan, Board Chairman of The Up Center
Lindsay Jackson, Program Manager, Up Center Books
Juanita Rivera, Supervisor, Up Center Books - Former Up Center Books client and graduate
WHEN: Wednesday, March 23, 2011. The ribbon cutting begins at 4 p.m. The open house, including
tours of the bookstore and warehouse, immediately follows.
WHERE: Up Center Books
1011 W. 25th Street
Norfolk, VA 23517
(757) 623-1119
About The Up Center
The Up Center helps children and families; people with disabilities; and, adults in crisis. For more than
125 years, the agency has responded to the needs of our community’s most vulnerable citizens. For more
information, visit or call 757-622-7017.